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Leading SEO agency since 2012Optimize 360 can help you increase your visibility of your website.

Our mission:

    • In-depth analysis of your site and your competitors
    • Tailor-made SEO strategy for relevant keywords
    • Optimising content, structure and tags
    • Constant monitoring of performance and adaptation to algorithms

Concrete results:

    • Significant increase in organic traffic
    • Improved search engine positioning
    • Increased awareness and conversions

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Optimize 360: Your SEO partner for sustainable success.



Optimize 360 SEO Agency
Optimize 360 SEO Agency
SEO Agency

Leading SEO agency since 2012Optimize 360 can help you increase your visibility of your website.

Our mission:

    • In-depth analysis of your site and your competitors
    • Tailor-made SEO strategy for relevant keywords
    • Optimising content, structure and tags
    • Constant monitoring of performance and adaptation to algorithms

Concrete results:

    • Significant increase in organic traffic
    • Improved search engine positioning
    • Increased awareness and conversions

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Optimize 360: Your SEO partner for sustainable success.




What is an SEO Agency?

An SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) agency with expertise in natural referencing will optimise your website to propel it to the top of the results of search engines such as Google, so as to bring you qualified, long-term natural traffic and potential customers. 

In other words, its aim is to improve the visibility and positioning of your site in order to increase its qualified organic traffic and generate leads and conversions.

A quality SEO agency is a valuable partner that can help companies to:

  • Improve their online visibility and reach a wider audience.
  • Generate qualified and relevant traffic to their website.
  • Increase their conversion rate and sales.
  • Develop their reputation and brand image.

To achieve this, SEO Agencies deploy a multi-layered strategy that includes in-depth analysis of relevant keywords, technical optimisation of the website (loading speed, mobile compatibility, site architecture), creation of rich, relevant content, improvement of the user experience (UX), and development of a profile of quality incoming links (backlinks).

By constantly adapting to changes in search engine algorithms and applying SEO best practice, an SEO agency aims not only to increase a website's visibility but also to enhance its credibility and authority in its field.

This not only leads to an increase in qualified traffic, but also promotes better conversion of visitors into customers. In short, working with an SEO agency ensures that your website is not only seen, but also appreciated by your target audience, by aligning technical and content requirements with user needs and behaviours.

What is a seo agency?

What are the missions of an SEO Agency?

    • SEO audit: Analyse the website and identify areas for improvement.
    • SEO strategy: Define a referencing strategy tailored to the customer's objectives.
    • SEO technique: Optimising the code and structure of the website.
    • SEO content: Writing and optimising website content for search engines.
    • Netlinking: Increase the popularity of your website by obtaining quality links from other websites.
    • Monitoring and reporting: Measure website performance and adjust strategy accordingly.

How do you choose an SEO agency?

    • Experience and expertise: Choose an agency with proven experience in SEO and in-depth knowledge of search engine algorithms.
    • Transparency and methodology: Ask the agency to explain its working methods and the tools it uses.
    • Results and ROI: Demand concrete results and a positive return on investment (ROI).

What are the best practices of SEO Agencies?

    • Comply with search engine guidelines.
    • Offer a holistic approach to SEO.
    • Focus on quality content.
    • Communicate regularly with the customer.

In conclusion, a competent SEO agency can help you achieve your online business objectives by improving your visibility and organic traffic.

What are the skills and missions of our specialist SEO agency?

SEO audit1. seo audit


An SEO audit is often a prerequisite for any service, simply so that you know which SEO levers to prioritise.

We use the best SEO audit tools on the market to do this. Ahrefs, SEMrush and Screaming Frog in particular enable us to assess the forces at play (competition) and the intrinsic situation of your indexing and positioning in search engines like Google.

Before doing so, it is advisable to carry out an analysis of the overall strategic positioning of your company, your brand or your services, because the competition on the Internet is much broader than the real competition.

We are talking here about "semantic competition".

Request a Free SEO Audit for your Site

2. on-page or on-site SEO

As experts in global digital strategy, our team has been working for over 10 years on search engine optimisation, such as GoogleBing etc.

We have a great deal of experience in this field and can offer you an efficient service that meets your expectations.

We develop your website's content in line with the latest trends, as well as its structure and navigation.

On Page SEO Agency

If necessary, we can even help you create new pages or modify existing ones.
What's more, we ensure that your site is mobile-friendly, so that it can be easily accessed from any device.

Le SEO On Site consists of optimising all the performance criteria "on the website" itself.

Finally, we can also optimise your images and videos to ensure they are optimised for search engines.

At Optimize 360 we take great pride in providing our clients with high quality work at affordable prices.

Optimize 360 is a search engine optimisation agency based in Manosque, 04100 and throughout the PACA region. Gain visibility on Google

3. netlinking or off-page referencing

Le Off Site Referencing ( netlinking ) refers to the process of improving your presence on various platforms such as social media, blogs, forums, etc. (apart from the site itself).

This type of referencing allows you to reach more people than if you concentrated solely on organic traffic linked to your website.

On the other hand, Google attaches a great deal of importance to this Off Site natural referencing because it considers that if your activity is cited by peripheral media such as blog articles, relevant press articles (with a strong " Trust Flow ") is that your own site is worth the effort.

This is known as the strength of the Link Juice that points from these external media to your website.

Our specialised Off Site SEO Agency can help you implement a Real Netlinking Strategy

SEO technique Optimize 3604.technical SEO and its ongoing monitoring

Le Technical SEO is to ensure that your website is perfectly read and understood by the search engine robots.

Above all, make sure that no coding, mark-up or internal link errors pollute the reading experience for the indexing robots.

Often illegible to the naked eye, technical errors absolutely must be monitored and corrected as the site lives and evolves, and as the requirements of search engine algorithms demand.

Our SEO Agency Optimize 360 is equipped with the best tools on the market to audit and analyse the technical performance of your site, whatever the CMS used.

We keep our websites "under surveillance" so that we can constantly look for ways to improve them.

In other words, any website covered by an SEO contract with Optimize 360 is subject to ongoing monitoring in this area, and is therefore subject to recommendations for technical SEO corrections as part of our SEO support contracts. 

5 The Semantic Content Strategy approach

When it comes to SEO, semantic optimisation is undoubtedly the best known. It consists of optimising all On Site SEO criteria in terms of tags, semantics and quality content. 

The challenge here is to find the right balance between the 'shop window' and marketing presentation of the customer's offer, and to match it with the volume of searches by Internet users.

Semantic SEO

Many SEO agencies forget that any good SEO strategy consists of finding the right balance, and finding the right gap(s) to simply position the site within its competitive universe.

The keyword strategy must therefore take account of this SEO positioning mix.

Semantic SEO can be divided into two parts:

On-site SEO optimisation of the structural part of the website

This will involve clearly establishing the beacons ( Title, h1, h2, h3 etc. ) and the content of the main showcase sections of the website structure.

If possible, assigning specific roles to pages or groups of pages (semantic cocoons)

Optimisation of the Long Tail for better Google referencing.

In terms of content writing strategy and visibility strategy, relevant complementary content can be provided through "tactical" blog articles, with the aim of attracting highly qualified expressions and traffic, but more easily than with very generic keywords.

6. SEO Content Marketing

Le content marketing SEO is a method used by businesses to attract potential customers through the creation of unique, valuable and consistent content.

It is based on the principle that customers do not buy products or services, but receive them.

What's more, they acquire information and skills about the product and its use.

SEO content marketing agency

it or the company department during their interaction.

The aim of content marketing is to generate qualified leads and sales.

A good content marketing strategy needs to be adapted to each business model and sector.

Optimize 360 SEO Agency provides complete content marketing solutions, including video content, email campaigns, written text and social media marketing.

These techniques are particularly useful for implementing a long tail strategy

7. local SEO

Overall, at our SEO Agency, we all use the local referencing to carry out various internet searches.

When we're looking to find the most relevant result, whether in terms of location or customer reviews, we want to find results that are close to us.

Optimize 360 local SEO agency

Any good SEO agency will tell you that local SEO is part of natural referencing and can considerably increase your visibility in search engines, especially when it comes to queries related to your business.

By building a local referencing strategy, you will appear on a large number of queries related to your business within a well-targeted geographical area.

This approach represents ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) behaviour. 

Put your trust in our local seo agency Optimize 360

8. international SEO

Our Search Engine Optimisation Agency offers a full range of search engine optimisation services for your international projects.

We specialise in providing customised solutions to meet your specific needs in France and abroad.

Our consultants are specialists who work closely together to guarantee high quality standards.

optimize 360 international SEO agency

We use our experience to develop unique strategies that fit your international business model.

Our SEO Agency manages every aspect of your project to ensure maximum visibility and success on international markets.

Rely on our Optimize 360 Agency for your international referencing.

9 SEO for E-Commerce Sites

Boost your e-commerce shop to the top of Google results and boost your sales!

SEO E-Commerce Sites

Did you know that almost 40% of e-commerce traffic comes from search engines?

And that this organic traffic performs much better than other acquisition channels?

In other words, to maximise your sales and develop your turnover, it is crucial that your e-commerce shop occupies a prominent position on Google.

That's where Optimize 360, a leading e-commerce SEO agency, comes in. Our team of seasoned experts will do everything in their power to optimise your website and propel it to the first page of search results.

10. UX and SEO: a winning combination

The user: the central element of your SEO strategy

At Optimize 360, we are aware of the increasing importance that Google places on user experience in its ranking algorithms.

Bounce rate, time spent on pages and other key indicators now influence the visibility of your website.

That's why we adopt a user-centred SEO approach based on :

  • In-depth analysis of visitor behaviour: Thanks to Google Analytics and other tools, we have a detailed understanding of how users interact with your website.
  • Optimising the user experience: We identify areas for improvement to provide a smooth, intuitive browsing experience that meets your visitors' expectations.
  • Creating engaging and relevant content: We write quality content that meets the needs of your users, taking into account relevant keywords and search intentions.

11. Combining SEO + SEA: the guarantee of top Internet referencing 

Reaching the first page of Google and maximising your online visibility is a crucial objective for any business. To achieve this, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the SEA (Search Engine Advertising) are proving to be formidable complementary tools.


SEOor natural referencing, aims to optimise your website so that it is naturally well positioned on search engines. This involves working on the site's structure, content, keywords and backlinks.

The ATSThis involves creating paid advertisements that appear at the top of search results for specific keywords.

Combining SEO and SEA offers a powerful synergy to boost your ranking:

12. Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO has become crucial for companies' online visibility. This is because, more than half of all Google searches are now done on mobile. Ignoring mobile SEO means missing out on a large potential audience.

Improving the user experience is a major challenge for mobile SEO. A website that is not optimised for mobile devices can be frustrating to use, with pages that load slowly or unreadable content. This can lead to increase in the bounce rateThis is the number of visitors who leave the site after viewing just one page.

Google also takes mobile search engine optimisation into account in its search algorithm. This means that a website optimised for mobile will have a better chance of appearing in the first mobile search results.

Mobile SEO is a major challenge for companies that want to be visible online and offer their customers the best possible experience.

What are the strengths of our SEO Agency?

The strengths of our SEO AgencyWhy use our Optimize 360 SEO Agency?

Our Optimize 360 agency now has almost 15 years' experience in optimising websites for the major search engines:


Google SEO Experts from the business world

Its teams of SEO experts are made up of professionals who worked for large companies before setting up their own businesses, and who have acquired a knowledge of business strategy that goes far beyond the technical aspects of SEO.

National and local coverage for greater customer proximity.

The credo of Frédéric Poulet, the founder of Optimize 360, is that there is no better way than local contact and regular face-to-face meetings to get to know the business of Optimize 360's clients, to immerse ourselves in the corporate culture of our clients, and to go beyond simple technical support. 

Optimize 360 has therefore developed and deployed throughout France with a network of franchises that adopt the methods and techniques proven by their predecessors 

Tools worthy of the biggest seo agencies

Optimize 360 is equipped with the best natural referencing tools on the market.

Leaders in SEO: SEMrush, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, and many others, for cutting-edge analysis and performance monitoring.

Extensive knowledge of the different business lines and constant benchmarking

Whether in BtoC, BtoB or E-Commerce, Optimize 360 has already worked with more than 350 customers from all sectors and professions.

Whatever the configuration encountered, there is already at least one SEO expert who has experienced similar problems to our new customers in the past.

Resolutely ROI-strong natural referencing campaigns

Our concern at Optimize 360 is to have a ROI approach whatever the recommended digital actions. And therefore for SEO too.

Although the latter is long, it has the merit of being long-lasting compared with Google Ads SEA campaigns.



They have entrusted us with their Internet SEO campaigns

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Where are our SEO agencies located?

Our SEO Agencies by City or Region

Our SEO Agencies by City or Region

SEO Agency Bordeaux Optimize 360

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Toulouse SEO Agency Optimize 360

Resources for Learning SEO

Comprehensive guides:

Tutorials and articles:

SEO tools:


    • The Art of SEO by Eric Enge, Rand Fishkin and Justin Briggs
    • SEO for Dummies par Peter Kent
    • Search Engine Optimization: An Introduction by Bill Slawski

SEO experts:

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Questions Internet users ask about SEO

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also known as "natural referencing", is the set of actions deployed to ensure that a site's website is indexed by search engines in a natural (non-sponsored) way, and that the results of Internet users' searches bring it up among the first positions of the SERP ( Search Engine Results Pages ) 

Google currently accounts for around 95% of web searches worldwide, so SEO optimisation starts with mastering its algorithm, and Google search engine optimisation is de facto the top priority among the many optimisations offered by a digital communications agency.

How do you choose an SEO Agency?

Choosing the right SEO Agency is very important to ensure the quality of your Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Strategy.

Optimize 360 has written an article on the subject, which you can read here. ICI


How do you measure SEO ROI?

Measuring the ROI of search engine optimisation is an essential element, even if it is not easy to determine.

But thanks to SEO tracking tools, and the conversions generated thanks to natural referencing, it is quite possible to establish a ratio: Revenues / SEO Investment.

It's obviously more complex if it's not an e-commerce site, because a request for a form, for example, gives rise to a sales proposal which is not covered by SEO actions.

However, the agency's responsibility ends with bringing qualified traffic to the site.

What happens after that depends on the customer and their value proposition.

We have dedicated an article HERE on the subject.

How long does a search engine optimisation service last?

Many criteria can influence the duration of an SEO service.

One thing's for sure: it's not a good idea to work on a one-shot basis when it comes to SEO.

It all depends on the initial situation vs. strategic SEO objectives, and on the competitive situation. 

To answer the question. between 1 and 2 years to hope to lay some very good foundations.

How can I learn about SEO?

There are plenty of ways to learn about SEO and its techniques.

Checking out the websites of the main agencies can be a useful first step, especially their dedicated blog posts.

Then there are a number of online courses, which are of very unequal value.

You can also consult the section dedicated to this subject on the Optimize 360 website.

Or thenext article.

SEO: going it alone? with an SEO freelancer? with an agency?

It all depends on the size of the site, the organisation and the complexity of the SEO project. And, of course, the budget and objectives you set yourself.

Getting started on your own can be complex, given the many SEO techniques you need to master and the SEO auditing and monitoring tools you'll need.

If you're a beginner or new to SEO, it's in your interests to get some help...

Optimize 360 has written an article on this subject: ICI.

What does an SEO agency do?

An SEO agency can help you implement a comprehensive SEO strategy for your website. Its missions include :

  • SEO audit
  • SEO strategy
  • SEO Technique
  • SEO Content
  • Netlinking
  • Monitoring and reporting

Is SEO still effective?

Yes, SEO is still effective in 2024. It is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy.

Why use an SEO Agency?

Using an SEO Agency can have a number of advantages. 

Equipped with the most powerful SEO tools on the market (SEO Audit and Tracking), Search Engine Optimisation Agencies can bring you significant added value, including the ability to track your progress over time using dedicated dashboards.

Discover all the benefits here:

How much does an SEO Agency cost?

Obviously everything depends on the size of your Website. But Optimize 360 can give you a range of SEO services.

We have published a detailed article on the subject:

Consult it here.

What are the differences and advantages between SEO and SEA?

It can't be summed up as a long-term strategy for SEO and a short-term strategy for SEA, but these are the 2 main criteria.

We have dedicated an article on the subject to fully appreciate the nuances and advantages on both sides.

What are the Best SEO Agencies in 2024?

In France, many agencies specialise in SEO and offer high-quality services. Here is a selection of the 5 best SEO agencies in France.

  1. Optimize 360 SEO Agency:
    Optimize 360 seo agency

  2. Eskimoz SEO Agency:

  3. SEO Agency Noiise :

  4. agency 

  5. Junto SEO Agency :


Is it necessary to have an optimised site before doing SEO?

That's an interesting question. Since one depends to some extent on the other...

In fact, both Technical SEO and Semantic SEO initially determine a website's ability to be perfectly indexed by search engines.

As a result, these 2 actions are often, after the SEO Audit, the first 2 steps taken by SEO experts.

To find out more, we have devoted an article here.

What are the benefits of SEO?

  • Increase organic (non-paying) traffic to your website
  • Improve your online visibility and reputation
  • Generate leads and sales
  • Developing your brand image
  • Increase your ROI (return on investment)

What are the expected results of an SEO service?

The results of an SEO service can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the quality of the website, the competition and changes in search engine algorithms. However, you can generally expect to see an increase in organic traffic, improved visibility and better positioning on relevant keywords.

Do you offer a free SEO audit?

Yes, we offer a free SEO audit of your website. This audit will enable you to identify areas for improvement and the actions you need to take to improve your search engine ranking.

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