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As a prerequisite to any natural referencing service, theSEO audit is a " Must Have "Then you can make the right decisions and activate the right levers. 

Optimize 360 is equipped with the best tools on the market to do just that:



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Plus many other complementary SEO tools.

And, of course, SEO audit know-how. Because as well as analysing data, you need to know how to interpret it and use it to develop interesting SEO strategies. 

The next step is to follow the SEO KPIs over time through monitoring dashboards.

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SEO audit

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a complete evaluation of a website aimed at identifying its strengths and weaknesses in terms of natural referencing. It analyses various elements such as the site's structure, content, keywords, inbound and outbound links, technical performance and user experience, with the aim of optimising the site's visibility on search engines and improving its ranking in search results, such as Google.

As a result, competition on the internet is much broader than in real life, so it's important to understand the competitive environment in which you're operating, and not to hide behind the excuse that they're not in the same business.

SEO audit: where to start?

The first thing to do during an SEO audit is to find out where you stand in the competitive Global Semantic Universe of the client you are working for.

Semantic competition on the Internet is much broader than real competition, in the sense that we are talking about keywords and key expressions.

A product manufacturer that makes dessert components and sells them both in supermarkets and on its e-commerce site will not only have direct competition on the Internet, but will also have semantic competitors that go well beyond the commercial aspect.

In this case, it will be competing with very large sites such as Marmiton ... which promotes cooking recipes.

As a result, competition on the internet is much broader than in real life, so it's important to understand the competitive environment in which you're operating, and not to hide behind the excuse that they're not in the same business.

General SEO Audit: Competitive Semantic Universe

As a result, a general positioning audit is needed to determine whether you want to go head-to-head with your semantic competitors, or whether, given their strengths, it would be more reasonable to focus on gaps, clusters of keywords that have remained vacant, or that are easier to reach.

In this case, SEO audit tools are not always enough to find this scope, which is far from competitors who are very present on the Internet, even though they are not competitors in real life.

Technical SEO audit

A technical audit is only justified if a website already exists.

When a website is being created from scratch, it will not be necessary.

On the other hand, as Technical SEO is one of the important pillars of Search Engine Optimisation, it will be necessary not only to do this at the start of the assignment, but also to keep an Ongoing Audit to check that the technical quality of the site does not deteriorate over time.

Tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs are perfectly suited to managing this ongoing analysis, and informing the SEO Agency of any corrections that need to be made as the site evolves.

A website often contains coding errors, html errors that are invisible to the naked eye and that indexing robots don't like at all

Semantic SEO audit

The Semantic SEO Audit is the one that comes spontaneously to everyone's mind, since we're talking about keywords, key expressions, search volumes and search intentions.

Are we going to position ourselves on queries that are not searched for by Internet users? No... 

The website would receive no traffic even if it were 1st on Google….

The role of the SEO Agency will therefore be to guide its customer towards a good mix between the Marketing Positioning of brands, products or services, and the actual presence of searches carried out by Internet users.

Here too, thanks to high-performance semantic audit tools ( Ahrefs / SEMrush )

Netlinking audit

The 3rd pillar of SEO, netlinking is essential for sending credible "link juice" to the website you want to boost in the search engine rankings.

It's impossible to know exhaustively where we stand without tools that scan the entire web and detect the number of referring domains, link anchors, dofollow or no-follow attributes, and so on.

Once again, it's a question of using "lateralist" SEO tools that have a netlinking component, or going straight for specialist tools such as Majestic SEO for example.

Setting up KPis and monitoring dashboards

1st and last step at the same time: setting up monitoring tools to track all the criteria mentioned above. 

Here too, SaaS tools such as Ahrefs and/or SEmrush are indispensable, given the sheer volume of data and the need to regularly scan it in Google and other search engines to retrieve it in the form of dynamic dashboards and scorecards. 

Sometimes it is useful to have summary views in the form of tables such as Looker Google Data Studio.

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