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A good search engine optimisation strategy goes beyond simply optimising the SEO on Site and the SEO Off Site
Local searches have become all the more important with the advent of smartphone connections.

Having a "responsive" website and being aware of the "Mobile First" requirements imposed by Google is certainly a "Must Have".
But as soon as you carry out a search that could potentially bring up a physical establishment, branches or shops, local visibility becomes essential for SEO.
Especially as the Google My Business are emerging either in the form of "knowledge graphs" or "Local Packs", peddling customer reviews, opening times and itinerary links.

All the useful information needed to direct visitors to shops, hotels and restaurants is paramount.

Any good SEO Agency will tell you, a good localised SEO strategy cannot be improvised.

Optimize 360 Local SEO Agency

What is a Local SEO Agency?

A local SEO agency is a company that specialises in optimising the natural referencing of a website for a targeted geographical area. It offers a wide range of services, including optimising web pages for local keywords, creating local citations, managing Google My Business listings, setting up local sponsored links campaigns and analysing local SEO performance.

Its aim is to help its customers improve their website's visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) for local queries and generate more qualified traffic from their catchment area.

The local SEO agency works closely with its clients to identify the specific needs of their local market and implement a tailored local SEO strategy.

It provides them with its expertise and skills to help them make the most of local SEO tools and techniques.

In short, a local SEO agency helps businesses to position themselves as leaders in their local market, attract more potential customers and increase their sales.

What is Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimisation?

Local search engine optimisation (SEO) is the sum total of actions that enable a geolocalised result to emerge at the top of search results, provided that the sector of activity lends itself to it. 

And mainly beyond the classic SERPs, with detailed fact sheets summarising information such as:

Google My Business files (in the form of a knowledge graph)  


Google Local Pack

 which summarises 3 sheets + the others in a folder


How extensive is local referencing?

Geolocation searches and mobile searches have become colossal in recent years.

SEO strategies must take this into account. 

As a result, SEO services to help you rank at the top of local packs, Google Maps and other directories are becoming an essential part of any SEO action plan.

Here are some figures from our SEO Agency on Local SEO and local searches: (Google source)

  • In 2022 59% of global traffic is expected to be on mobiles
  • 50% of local search users visit the shop during the day
  • 76% of people who do a Smartphone search visit the outlet during the day
  • 28% of these visits result in a purchase.


  A good SEO agency has to take this aspect into account with the advent of the Geofencing.

Which Local SEO directories should be optimised?

First and foremost, of course

  • Google My Business and therefore Google Maps essential for local businesses
  • Waze (which has been using Google data since it was acquired by Google)
  • Tripadvisor for establishments in the world of tourism and incoming services
  • Apple Maps orApple Plan

  • Mappy
  • Foursquare
  • Yelp
  • Social Networks that carry geolocalised data
  • And so on.

Our local SEO agency Optimize 360 will be able to guide you, whatever your sector of activity, so that your local SEO service includes all the relevant local directories.

Your potential customers are bound to be nearby customers, as long as you are "well established".

The positive reviews peddled by these geolocation and local SEO tools will also play a major role in your E-Reputation.

Improved visibility on the internet necessarily involves this geolocalised referencing stage, in addition to classic natural referencing and paid referencing.

Call on a Digital Agency to help you get there.

And as a complement, think about optimising:

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