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When it comes to search engine optimisation, the Trust Flow is an essential criterion for measuring the reliability and quality of incoming links to a site or web page.

This indicator has become crucial in search engine optimisation (SEO), as it defines a site's trust index.

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Trust Flow

What is Trust Flow?

Trust Flow is an index created by Majestic SEO which assesses the reliability of a site on the basis of the quality of incoming links.

In other words, it is a measure of the value of the backlinks pointing to your site. The higher the quality of these links, the higher the Trust Flow.

This tool has gathered together a large number of trusted sites, representing the quality of the backlinks pointing to your site. The basic concept is that if another site links to a page on your site, this can be associated with a vote.

The evaluation of credibility of a site is based on the number of votes received and the quality of the sources of these votes.

The difference between Trust Flow and Citation Flow

Trust Flow and Quote Flow are essential SEO indicators for determining a site's trust index. However, these two indices do not measure exactly the same thing.

Trust Flow: the quality of incoming links

As mentioned above, Trust Flow measures the reliability of a website depending on the quality of the backlinks pointing to it. In other words, it reflects the value of these links.

A good Trust Flow is more difficult to obtain than a Citation Flow because it requires the sources of the links to be reliable and relevant.

Citation Flow: link popularity

Citation Flow is a complementary metric to Trust Flow, measuring the popularity of a link on a website without considering the quantity of links.

In practical terms, this index measures the strength or impact of a link by taking into account its presence on different websites. So the more popular a link is on popular sites, the higher its Citation Flow will be.

Why is Trust Flow so important in SEO?

Trust Flow is a key element in determining the credibility and relevance of a website in the eyes of search engines. In fact, it is essential for optimising a site because :

  1. Google values sites with quality links. Google attaches great importance to the quality of backlinks when ranking websites. A high Trust Flow will therefore indicate to the search engine that your site has good references, thereby boosting its ranking in the results.
  2. The fight against spam and bad practices. With the evolution of its algorithms, Google has made it its mission to fight effectively against spam and poor quality sites. As a result, a low Trust Flow can penalise your site in terms of search engine visibility.
  3. The authority of a domain. A good Trust Flow also means that your site is recognised as a reliable source by other websites. This conveys an image of expertise and trust, which can help to improve your e-reputation.

How can you improve your Trust Flow?

To optimise your Trust Flow, we recommend that you :

  • Check the quality of the backlinks you receive. You should regularly check the incoming links to your site to detect any poor quality or irrelevant links. These can have a negative impact on your Trust Flow score.
  • Get quality links. To improve your Trust Flow, concentrate on obtaining links from reliable, recognised sites in your field. Partnerships, collaborations and article exchanges are all ways of obtaining these valuable links.
  • Create relevant and engaging content. Quality content will naturally encourage other sites to link to your page. To do this, think about creating informative, interactive articles that add value for readers.
  • Optimise your social networking strategy. Social networks are an excellent way of obtaining backlinks and therefore boosting your Trust Flow. By regularly sharing interesting and engaging content, you increase your chances of obtaining natural and relevant links in your domain.

All in all, Trust Flow is an essential indicator to monitor if you want to improve your SEO.

It enables you to measure the effectiveness of your strategy by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your inbound links.

However, it should not be forgotten that this index must be taken into account in conjunction with Citation Flow in order to have a coherent overall view of the SEO potential of your site.

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