Definition of SEA: The ins and outs of online advertising for search engines

Definition given by our SEA Agency Optimize 360.

In the digital marketing ecosystem, there are various SEO levers that can be used to increase your visibility on the internet.

These levers include SEAan acronym that stands for Search Engine Advertising.

In this article, we're going to explain the definition of SEA and how it works, so that you can better understand how to make the most of this method of online advertising.

SEA definition

What is SEA?

The term SEA includes all the techniques and methods used to position advertisements in search engine results, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

This practice is part of a global approach to paid referencing to increase the visibility of a website.

The main advantage of SEA is that it enables you to generate qualified traffic quickly, since Internet users are directly exposed to the ads when they carry out a search corresponding to the targeted keywords.

How does SEA work?

The basic principle of SEA, which is achieved by a SEA Agency such as Optimize 360, involves buying advertising space from search engines via their dedicated platforms.

To do this, it is necessary to create an advertising campaign by defining precise objectives, such as increasing the number of visitors to a site or generating conversions.

This campaign includes advertisements, often in text format, which contain keywords that determine their display in search results.

ATS platforms

Each search engine has its own advertising network, the best known being Google Adsformerly Google AdWords, for the American giant. Bing and Yahoo also have their own platforms, Bing Ads and Yahoo Ads respectively. Gemini.

These tools offer an intuitive interface for creating and managing paid search campaigns on their network of partner sites and search results.

Cost per click

The SEA business model is generally based on the cost per click (CPC)This is the amount charged by a search engine each time a visitor clicks on an ad.

This system allows advertisers to pay only for visitors who are interested in their product or service. The amount of the CPC varies according to a number of criteria, including the popularity of the keywords used, the quality of the advert and the competition in the sector.

Implementing an effective SEA strategy

To run a successful SEA campaign, it's essential to take a number of aspects into account. Here are a few tips to maximise your chances of generating qualified traffic through paid search:

  1. Selecting relevant keywords Keywords: it is important to choose terms that are relevant to your offer and likely to be of interest to Internet users. Don't hesitate to use tools like the keyword planner to make this selection.

  2. Writing attractive advertisements Your adverts must encourage users to click by offering them a punchy tagline, a clear call to action and relevant information about your product or service.

  3. Optimising the quality of your landing pages You need to ensure that the pages to which users are redirected after clicking on an ad are consistent with the ad and offer a high quality of service. user experience optimal.

  4. Monitor and adjust the performance of your campaigns SEA: it is essential to monitor the results of your SEA campaigns on a regular basis and to modify certain parameters, such as bids or keywords, if necessary, to improve their effectiveness.

SEA vs SEO: two complementary approaches

Although they are often contrasted, ATS and SEO (natural referencing) are in fact two referencing levers that can be perfectly combined.

SEA allows you to quickly obtain paid visibility among Internet users, while SEO is based on in-depth work on the content and structure of a website to improve its positioning in search engine results over the long term.

The ideal solution is to put in place a global SEO strategy that integrates both SEO and SEA, adapting the priorities and resources allocated to each lever according to the specific needs and objectives of your business.

By combining these two methods, you can achieve optimum presence on the Internet and effectively reach your target audience.

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