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Make Know Your Know-How

Without quality at the base, the internet is nothing, but if the quality is there, then it is good to let it be known, and that it is reflected in the directories and / or tools that peddle stars and comments from Internet users (Google +, Tripavisor, Yelp, Booking, Yellow Pages, etc.).

Today, all these tools deserve to be observed and analysed, and can allow a real quality audit of one's situation.

The e-reputation is becoming a major issue for Google referencing, because local referencing and knowledge graphs take more and more into account everything that is said and quoted on the internet.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Google Search Engine Optimization

The Google natural referencing, also called "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization) consists in working mainly on the intrinsic criteria of the website that we want to push to the top of the Google search results.

Digital Marketing Hotels and Restaurants

The world of the catering industry is changing rapidly, and Google in particular is taking an increasingly hegemonic role in customer acquisition, and in identifying and meeting the needs of customers before they travel.

Social Media Strategy: Optimizing your presence on social networks

Mastering Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest... seems to be within everyone's reach. But using these social networks for professional purposes is a much more subtle challenge.

E-Reputation: Optimize your opinions and your presence in the TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook rankings

At Optimize 360 we are specialists in e-reputation. We are here to advise you and help you to influence the Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Yelp... rankings in which your businesses, establishments are listed.

Optimize its referencing

Be first on Google

Did you know that?

Having a good SEO to be at the top of Google search results has therefore become an absolute necessity, otherwise ... "not seen ... not taken" ...

Being at the top of the page in Google search results can allow you to get up to 46% more connections than the 2nd search result, and 76% more than the 3rd.

The Importance of Meshing

360° method

To be found on social networks, to express oneself in the best way, at the best frequency is a real Know-How.
Website optimization that creates a true 360° ecosystem so that Google interprets not only that the site is optimized for Google indexing robots to spot it, but also, to weave around it a real "spider's web" of influence.


Call in the specialists!

Optimize was founded in 2012 to help independent merchants, the CHR (Cafés Hôtels Restaurants), VSEs and SMEs to be better found on the internet, and especially to be better found than their direct competitors in Google search results. Optimize currently has the parent company (Paris), and four franchises:
Geneva - Lyon / Bordeaux - South Aquitaine / Versailles - Rouen / Metz - Grand Est

OPTIMIZE 360: Who are we?

A Paris SEO, SEA, Social Media Strategy and E-Reputation Agency

A natural search engine optimization (SEO) agency.

What is natural referencing?

Optimize 360°, SEO Agency takes care of making your website emerge at the top of the search results of Google and other "SERP" (Search Engine Result Page) like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex.

Optimize 360 has developed a unique method of referencing, called 360°, which allows Google and other search engines to understand and interpret that your web ecosystem is not only your website, but also all the peripheral media on which it is likely to appear.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to get you to appear at the top of the search results on Google and other search engines.

In order to appear permanently at the top of search results, your website must be formatted in such a way that it is read and understood by the robots of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

It is also necessary that the content of your site is very well built and that this content is as structured as possible from the title tags, meta descriptions of each page, but also on the editorial parts (Blog, News) of your site.

Optimize helps you format it in the best way and shows you how to progressively appear ahead and overtake your competitors.

SEO optimization cannot be improvised. To optimize its SEO, it is better to call a specialist in SEO.

Having a good SEO, a natural SEO strategy, a SEO expert is often essential to achieve its goals and implement through this approach real webmarketing levers.

Traffic acquisition requires a real know-how with SEO tools that will analyze what we can't see with the naked eye.

SEO techniques are sometimes also complex. So call on a real seo agency.

Optimizing SEO for a Seo SEO Agency is not only a matter of Technical Optimization. Responsive design, Bounce rate, Internal networking

Natural traffic, Netlinking may be part of their vocabulary... but that doesn't guarantee anything.

Obviously the technical audit and the initial seo audit will be very important in order to obtain an efficient referencing, and especially in order to avoid possible penalties.

The SEO company, whatever it is, will have to go through this to ensure that your website will not be penalized by search engines. But the recommendations for effective digital communication and to get your site listed in order to generate more traffic and maximise its consistent return on investment will have to go far beyond that.

Even if you redesign your website, keeping the same URL, your SEO agency must take care, for example, to eliminate 404 errors and rewrite them in 301.

The Optimization of your site is in fact a web and mobile web project, which will involve setting up a good strategy with a mix of communication about your brand, your services, but which will have to take into account at the same time the possible requests of the Internet users on these same subjects.

Before getting quality organic traffic, a real Content Strategy will have to be put in place. A blog will probably be necessary to do this. Knowing how to optimize content writing will also be key.

Training in natural referencing for the teams supposed to produce this content will also be desirable. Web writing cannot be improvised. The SEO of a website will have to feed on marketing content written in the forms.

A webmarketing agency that does not have the reflexes of SEO natural referencing seo, will be able to bring you things, but will not necessarily have organic referencing objectives if you do not brief it on the subject.

Knowing the google algorithms, the quarterly changes in this area is imperative for a professional SEO and to gain better visibility. Once this Internet Strategy has been implemented, a positioning follow-up will have to be implemented to measure the results obtained from Internet research.

SEO is not limited to a vulgar purchase of keywords, however qualitative it may be. A web marketing agency that also claims to be a SEO consultant will have to master search tools, just like an editorial line.

A paid listing agency (SEA).

What is paid referencing?

Optimize 360°, Pay-per-click SEO agency that takes care of making your site emerge at the top of Google's so-called "sponsored" results.

Those that have a small "ad" mention and trust the first four result positions above the natural results.

Indeed, Google reserves its top 4 positions to companies or brands that will pay to appear at the top with keywords or key phrases that will be more or less in a strong competitive universe.

Even if paid referencing may seem simple, it is in fact very complicated because you need to know both the logic of paid referencing, but also the details of the settings that will make the difference. Paid referencing is a real profession. Don't start alone at the risk of spending considerable amounts of money without having the right reflexes. Optimize 360 accompanies you in the development and monitoring of your Google Adwords campaigns so that they are effective and profitable.

Optimize 360 is a Google Partner approved paid search engine optimization agency.

An agency specialized in Social Media Strategy.

What is a successful Social Media Strategy?

Optimize 360°, Agency that accompanies you to implement a real strategy on Social Networks.

Facebook, Google +, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, Twitter... How to use and above all get the quintessence of using these tools?

Everybody knows them for personal use, but be aware that they are in a context of personal use, often only used at 30% of their means.

Before adopting a quality editorial communication strategy, it is necessary to know its deep functionality and how to optimize it for professional purposes.

Adopting a true editorial strategy on social networks requires method and in-depth knowledge. Generating viral publications is not done, except by chance, without having thought and observed what the key success factors were.

A successful social networking strategy is one that meets real business strategic objectives. Call on Optimize 360 to help you implement a true strategic approach to social networking.

An E-Reputation agency.

How to manage your E-reputation?

Optimize 360 E-Reputation Agency that advises you in the ability to analyze your e-reputation on the internet in a synthetic way.

Optimize 360 is equipped with a tool that allows you to analyze all the reviews, stars and comments that are relayed by Internet users on the sites, directories and social networks that promote them (Google +, Tripadvisor, Facebook, Yellow Pages, Booking, Expedia, etc.).

You will thus be able to know in a synthetic way everything that is said about you and thus be able to take concrete corrective actions, and to see to what extent you can progress intrinsically and in relation to your competitors in terms of e-reputation.

Optimize 360 helps you to audit your e-reputation, and to help you find solutions to improve your rankings in directories and sites with reviews, ratings and comments left by Internet users.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information

Optimize 360 has teams in Paris, Lyon, Geneva, Bordeaux, Rouen and soon in Marseille and PACA.

An Inbound Marketing agency.

How to set up an Inbound Marketing strategy.

Optimize 360 Inbound Marketing Agency supports you in the ability to generate qualified traffic on your site, and gradually convert it into qualified customers and ambassadors of your brand or services.

Optimize 360 defines with you the strategic and tactical approach to do so.

Whether it is in the way to transform your website into a receptacle allowing Internet users to leave you their contact information, to qualify them, and to gradually engage them towards a purchasing process.

Want to know more about the 4 key tactical phases to achieve this?

For any information, do not hesitate to contact our teams, or to ask us for a Free SEO Audit or a Quote.

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