E-Reputation Agency

Optimize 360 is an E-Reputation agency specialising in the online reputation of companies and businesses.

Equipped with high-performance tools, comment aggregators and metrics, we can provide you with E-Reputation audits and monitoring from all the data sources of the various directories and sites that include customer reviews and comments.

We can replace the need for "mystery visits" to restaurants and catering establishments, for example, to provide an almost real-time reflection of the quality of service and the perception of your customers.

E-Reputation Agency

Optimize 360 is an E-Reputation agency specialising in the online reputation of companies and businesses.

Equipped with high-performance tools, comment aggregators and metrics, we can provide you with E-Reputation audits and monitoring from all the data sources of the various directories and sites that include customer reviews and comments.

We can replace the need for "mystery visits" to restaurants and catering establishments, for example, to provide an almost real-time reflection of the quality of service and the perception of your customers.

What is an E-Reputation Agency?

An E-Reputation Agency, also known as an Online Reputation Management Agency or a Digital Notoriety Agency, is a company specialising in protecting and improving the brand image of people and companies on the Internet.

What is an E-Reputation Agency?

The main objective of an E-Reputation Agency is to :

Monitoring online presence of the client company or individual on search engines, social networks, forums and other web platforms.

Identifying and analysing negative content that could damage the reputation of the person or company.

Implement concrete communication and action strategies to neutralise negative content, promote positive content and improve the overall image of the person or company on the internet.

The services offered by an E-Reputation Agency are varied and can include:

E-reputation audit : In-depth analysis of the individual's or company's online presence to identify the strengths and weaknesses of its reputation.

Deleting negative content : Taking steps to have defamatory, libellous or illegal content removed from the Internet.

Creating positive content : Writing articles for the press, press releases or publications on social networks to enhance the image of the person or company.

Community management : Promotion of the individual's or company's social networks to create an engaging community and spread positive messages.

Continuous monitoring : Permanent monitoring of the online presence of the person or company to detect and react quickly to any negative content.

Using an E-Reputation Agency can be beneficial for :

The people: Manage their personal image online, protect their privacy and stand out in their career path.

The companies: Protect their brand and reputation in the face of digital crises, improve the trust of customers and partners, and boost their online visibility.

If you want to control your online image and protect your reputation, it is important to choose a serious and experienced E-Reputation Agency. Don't hesitate to ask for quotes and compare the different offers before making your choice.

What are the challenges of e-reputation?

97% of consumers consult reviews of local sales outlets/services
85% trust internet reviews as much as personal recommendations
49% turn away from establishments with less than 4 out of 5 stars
89% read the responses to the notices provided by the establishments

With these few facts in mind, it's easy to understand why it's so important to look after your online reputation and digital identity.

E-reputation is an essential way of finding out what your customers think of you.

If they're not satisfied, you'll lose customers. It's as simple as that.

On the other hand, you can improve your online reputation quite simply by listening to your customers' complaints (or praise) and responding to them both in a concrete way and by stifling potential negative online buzz.

But you still need the right analysis and the right tools to do the job. Collect all the current and historical reviews on social networks and professional directories.

Consumers are more likely to buy products or services when the reputation of a brand is better than that of a direct competitor in referencing Identical SEO.

Managing a good brand image online, erasing negative comments (or supplanting them) has become essential.

What are the 3 types of E-Reputation?

There are 3 types of E-Reputation online today. 2 of which are perfectly managed by Optimize 360.

Personal E-Reputation

E-Reputation of companies

Product E-Reputation (E-Commerce sites)

Optimize 360 e reputation 3 types

These different online reputations are not necessarily peddled by the same review media, and are not collected and analysed in the same way.

Consumer reviews can be found both on product review sites and on company review sites (social networks, directories, OTAs).

Managing a company's reputation will therefore depend on the last 2 factors, depending on whether or not the company sells products online.

NB: we are not dealing here with the management of customer services linked to certain social networks, as is done by large companies such as Air France / La SNCF etc., which take over the community management of these same customer services on social networks, such as Twitter for example.

In such cases, this can even lead to crisis management and bad buzz.
These companies even go so far as to listen to the trends and verbatims of Internet users by tracking Hashtags (#).

The importance of E-Reputation today

With the advent of Web 2.0, managing your digital identity, brand image and reputation on the Internet has become essential.

What hotel, restaurant or business can still do without it, given the power of recommendations and/or the devastating effect that a murderous comment can have on the business or company that receives it.

It is even said that it is the digital reputation that has defeated many businesses, to such an extent that some are making the mistake of trying to correct it using techniques that are not recommended and are liable to penalties.

Absolutely avoid the pitfall of fake comments!

Fortunately, it is through quality, and not just quality at all levels, that we will be able to correct it, or even change it for the better.


If we start from the very real principle that it is above all dissatisfied Internet users and consumers who express themselves first... then the challenge is to get those who are satisfied to express themselves and who would not say so, or write about it spontaneously on the online media concerned.

It doesn't have to be the case that you have to turn things around and curb bad comments and negative content.
Optimize 360, E-Reputation Agency, gives you some of the keys to regaining a positive image, or at the very least, an image that is true to what it should be.

Audit your online E-Reputation easily with an Aggregator

Obviously, if you look "by hand" and respond "by hand" to all the positive content, positive reviews, negative content, negative reviews of all the online media one after the other, you're heading straight for Burn Out...

All the more so if you also have to do Login / password - Login password ¨etc. to connect to all the online media...


If you multiply this process across all the social networks and directories, then you can do nothing else all day long.

If, on top of that, you manage several establishments or branches... it's simply impossible to do (well).

Fortunately Optimize 360 is equipped with the best E-Reputation tools on the market, and allows you to collect and analyse in one place all the comments and reviews from 100% social networks, directories and even OTAs (Booking, Expedia etc.) for the hotel industry.

In addition to being able to respond to negative opinions and comments in a centralised manner.

And above all to keep historical data for:

  1. A dynamic analysis of the evolution of your average E-Reputation
  2. Get an overall score for your image on the Internet in the broadest sense
  3. View and analyse the impact of any corrective measures you have taken
  4. Solicitation of positive opinions from satisfied Internet users who had not expressed any opinion at all.

To do this, you absolutely need an aggregation and analysis tool, which we can provide.


For hotels, having a good digital reputation is almost even more important than for other businesses.

Even if the choice of a hotel is primarily based on location (geolocation) and price, the digital image and customer reviews come in 3rd place.

E-Reputation for hotels is a major challenge, because the review sites are not just social networks, but also OTAs (Booking, Expedia) or Meta Engines (Tripadvisor, Kayak, etc.) and they are much more numerous.

Optimize 360 Restaurant E-Reputation Agency

Having a positive digital image and good management of customer reviews is a major strategic issue for restaurants.

Notoriety on the Internet is certainly acquired through referencing and a presence on social networks, but when Internet users are deciding which restaurant to choose, E-Reputation will also play a major role.

Platforms such as Lafourchette (The Fork) will also have in-house reviews management.
The overall strategy will therefore have to take account of all the existing review media and directories

Managing negative information, false information and its global image has also become essential for shops, VSEs and SMEs.

Of course, it's essential to have valuable content, especially when creating websites, but managing customer reviews is also something that absolutely must be considered with a digital agency like Optimize 360, which can help you in this area.

Quality content is essential, but it is not enough.

An internet business with a street address, shops, branches and a head office geolocated by Google My Business and Google Maps will potentially have notes to manage left by its customers.

How do you choose a good e-reputation agency?

E-Reputation is now part of all good digital communication, and potentially even part of its digital communication strategy, with dedicated sites for companies such as GlassdoorThis can be a real point of differentiation for its customers, but also for large groups, for their Employer Brand.

A good reputation, a social presence with positive information relayed, satisfied customers who express this, all this can have a strong direct impact on business. That's why you need to choose communication agencies that are equipped with cutting-edge tools and automated analysis aggregators, so that you can make the best decisions to correct the situation or strengthen your positions.

Call on professionals equipped with these tools to support your online communication strategy and adopt the best strategy for managing online reviews.

Want to improve your E-Reputation?

Find an expert close to your company to discuss your project

E-Reputation Agency FAQ

What is an e-reputation agency and what is its role?

An e-reputation agency specialises in managing a company's online image by monitoring, controlling and improving its reputation on the Internet.

Why is it important for my company to manage its online reputation?

A positive online reputation can boost customer confidence, increase brand visibility and influence purchasing decisions.

How can you help my company manage its online reputation?

We actively monitor mentions of your company on the Internet, manage customer reviews, react to negative comments and develop strategies to improve your reputation.

What do you do about negative reviews or defamatory comments online?

We develop strategies to respond appropriately to negative opinions and, if necessary, to remove or mitigate them.

Can you help me remove negative information about my business online?

In some cases, yes, we may work to remove harmful or inaccurate information in a lawful and ethical manner.

How do you measure the effectiveness of online reputation management?

We use analysis tools to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as brand perception, online visibility and growth in positive reviews.

How long does it typically take to see improvements in a company's online reputation?

The length of time varies depending on the current situation, but improvements can generally be seen within a few months.

Can you guarantee a perfect online reputation?

We cannot guarantee a perfect reputation, but we are committed to working actively to improve and protect it.

What are the costs associated with your e-reputation management services?

Costs depend on the size of your business, the current state of your online reputation and your specific needs.

We will provide you with a personalised quote following an initial consultation and an E-Reputation Audit.

How can I start working with your e-reputation agency?

You can contact us via our website or by telephone to arrange an initial consultation.

We'll discuss your needs and develop a plan tailored to your business.

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