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Comparing solo, freelance and agency SEO: Which is best for optimising your website?

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In the ever-changing world of digital marketingWhen it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), it can be difficult to decide which approach to adopt to achieve your SEO objectives.

So how do you choose between solo SEO, the freelance option or a specialist agency?

To help you make an informed choice, here are the advantages and disadvantages of each option:

SEO on your own or freelance

Solo SEO: total control of your strategy

The main advantage of managing your SEO on your own is that you have total control over your strategy and can make all the key decisions for its optimisation. You know what works best for your business and you know your market inside out.

  • Cost control By doing everything yourself, you control your budget and can adjust it to suit your needs. No need to pay an outside expert to get the results you want.
  • Raising awareness of search engine optimisation By learning on your own, you'll develop your SEO expertise over the long term, which could help your business in other aspects of digital marketing (SEAemailing, etc.).
  • Rapid implementation of actions In certain situations, being able to react quickly to market changes or search engine recommendations can give you a competitive edge.

But what are the limits of solo SEO?

Managing your own SEO takes a lot of time and effort. You can end up spending many hours trying to understand the basics, only to spend even more time putting a coherent strategy in place. Here are some of the constraints to consider:

    • Lack of knowledge and skills : If you are not already an expert in SEO, you will need to learn all the aspects of the profession (technical audit, onsite and offsite optimisation, etc.), netlinkingetc.). This can be difficult and time-consuming.
    • No support or exchanges with other industry professionals Even if you opt for solo SEO, it's always advisable to seek advice from other specialists.
    • Difficulty keeping up with and anticipating Google's changes Being able to adapt quickly to the latest updates and best practices in SEO can be a major challenge for someone working alone.

Freelance: expertise and flexibility without commitment

When you call on the services of a freelance expert, you get the benefit of SEO expertise while retaining a degree of flexibility in your marketing approach. Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • A single, competent contact Working with an SEO professional ensures that you have a regular point of contact who knows your business, your objectives and your expectations.
  • Flexibility and adaptability : Choose the level of involvement of the freelancer yourself to optimise your website. You can select the specific tasks you prefer to outsource, with no long-term commitment.
  • Consistency and harmonisation of your SEO strategy : A freelancer can focus on a coherent approach and deploy specific actions to help optimise your website.

Possible disadvantages of working with a freelancer :

Although this option has its advantages, there are also a number of disadvantages to consider:

    • Single dependency If the freelancer is not available for one reason or another, this can affect the momentum and progress of your SEO strategy.
    • Expertise limited to a particular field : Some freelancers may excel in certain SEO disciplines but be less competent in other more technical or creative aspects.
    • Tariff variations Prices can vary greatly between freelancers, depending on their experience and skills.

The SEO agency, a comprehensive and versatile choice

A specialised agency offers a complete range of services to optimise your website, with results that are often faster and more effective than working alone or with a freelancer. What are the advantages of working with an agency?

  • Multidisciplinary expertise : An agency brings together a number of experts with a variety of skills (technical, content, netlinking, etc.), so you can be sure that all aspects of SEO are taken care of.

  • Regular monitoring and reporting : Agencies generally put in place tools and processes to ensure constant monitoring of your website's progress and regular reporting to track performance.

  • Potential for long-term development By working with an agency, you have access to additional resources to adapt your strategy to your needs over time and create synergies between SEO and other marketing actions.

Disadvantages of an SEO agency :

Despite these many advantages, agencies do have a few limitations:

    • Cost : Agency rates can be high, especially for small companies on a limited budget.
    • A less personalised relationship : Some clients may regret the closeness and personal relationship they can have with a freelancer compared to an agency.
    • Involvement in internal processes : Integrating an agency into your organisation can be complex, in terms of communication and alignment of objectives.

In short, each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Taking the time to carefully assess your needs and resources will enable you to make the best choice for optimising your website according to your individual requirements.

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