Optimize 360 E-Commerce Website Design Agency

Optimize 360 is an agency specializing in the creation of SEO / SEA optimized E-Commerce websites.

We master most of the CMS (Content Management Systems) on the market to meet your expectations and set up efficient websites that allow you to convert your visitors into customers.

Wordpress (Woocommerce), Prestashop, Magento, Shopify... are CMS that we master.

Depending on the scope of your project, we will choose with you the one that will suit you best to develop your online store.

Optimize 360, Web Design Agency
Optimize 360, Web Design Agency
Optimize 360 E-Commerce Website Design Agency

Optimize 360 is an agency specializing in the creation of SEO / SEA optimized E-Commerce websites.

We master most of the CMS (Content Management Systems) on the market to meet your expectations and set up efficient websites that allow you to convert your visitors into customers.

Wordpress (Woocommerce), Prestashop, Magento, Shopify... are CMS that we master.

Depending on the scope of your project, we will choose with you the one that will suit you best to develop your online store.

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How to choose your E-Commerce Agency ?

The best E-Commerce agencies are those who master the main CMS of the market, and who are able to advise you on the most suitable for your digital strategy of online sales.

A digital agency is usually limited to the unique technology mastered by its developer and its project manager.
However, an Ecommerce agency must be able to adapt the tool to the size of the project, depending on whether you will need to interface your Front with your Back office.

Do you have inventory management software to link to the website? Do you have a CRM, an ERP to interface with? And which ones?

A good E-Commerce agency must first analyze the global digital environment of your organization before proposing the best solution, and launch the project management.

Obviously, all the other aspects will also be taken into account (visual identity, graphic charter, user experience, traffic acquisition, estimated conversion rate, customer journey, browsing experience...), but first, it will be a matter of finding the best CMS "for you".

Only then can we start writing the specifications for the site itself.

Develop your E-Commerce website with Wordpress / WooCommerce

woocommerce logo

Wordpress is the world's leading CMS and Woocommerce its extension dedicated to ecommerce. Although the CMS was not designed for e-commerce unlike the other 3 below, it powers more than 70 million online stores and represents 22% of sites using e-commerce technologies.

This Open Source CMS has the merit of being mastered by most web agencies, and allows you to easily set up an online store with its well-known module Woocommerce.

For small online stores of craftsmen, traders, it will probably be the CMS to prefer because in terms of development and maintenance costs, your digital agency will be able to produce a quality site without developing complex modules and with secure online payment systems either provided by most banks or by third parties like Stripe.

Create your ECommerce website with Prestashop

Prestashop logo - CMS Ecommerce

The best E-Commerce agencies trust Prestashop. Without doubt THE reference CMS on the market today, including for very large sites.

Prestashop provides the code and makes you the owner and independent of the management of your site. No particular monthly subscription, unlike CMS like Shopify (see below), which will charge you a monthly subscription, or even a percentage of the turnover you make online.

The big advantage of Prestashop (as well as Magento), is that it was designed specifically to address E-Commerce issues. 

Therefore, the themes (or Template) that Prestashop offers are already thought and designed to optimize the UX related to online sales.

In principle, the proposed navigation is already optimized so that the Internet user can easily move from the navigation to the purchase act.

Create your Online Store with Adobe Commerce Magento

Magento logo

Like Prestashop, Adobe Commerce Magento is the second major CMS operator specialized in E-Commerce.

It is clearly a direct competitor, with the reservation that fewer digital agencies master this CMS than Prestashop.

If you want to "switch", you may have a more limited choice of providers to switch to.

Here again, Magento provides today very large E-Commerce sites, and is equipped with numerous and very efficient modules (banking, logistics, web marketing...).

Create your E-Commerce Website with Shopify

Shopify logo

Shopify is a bit like "Wix" of E-Commerce. Within reach of everyone (or almost), this CMS allows in SAAS mode to create very quickly its own online sales site.

Some online merchants are even making a very large turnover with Shopify today.
However, as soon as you want to ultra customize, you are quite quickly constrained by the limits of the SAAS mode.

So here again, given the commissions to be paid on the turnover generated, Shopify is in principle rather for small or medium-sized E-retailers.

E-Commerce reflexes not to be neglected

Whatever your activity, and the CMS you will have chosen to develop your sales on the Internet, the e-commerce agency and yourself, must be vigilant on some other aspects.

Mastering acquisition levers, multimedia content, campaign management, product personalization, etc. and many other aspects will be taken into account.

The hosting of its ECommerce site

Unless you choose a CMS like Shopify, which de facto hosts its own solution, for other CMS, you will have to choose your host.

In any case, choose a host capable of securing and creating regular backups of your website and its content...

Depending on the size of your site and the desired response time, you should also choose a specific hosting mode (shared for small sites, own for very large sites in order not to affect the performance of your site).

The buying journey

Theoretically predefined, the purchase path of some templates will not be as efficient as others.

Choose templates with the shortest possible number of clicks between the product page and the payment.

The longer your buying journey, the more you risk losing users along the way (and therefore sales).

Think Natural SEO and paid search for your E-Commerce site

A window that is not found, however beautiful it may be, will not generate any sales. Especially in E-Commerce, where the field of possibility is potentially global.

It is essential to plan for natural and paid referencing from the design of the site.

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Optimization of the writing of product sheets

Optimizing the writing of product sheets for SEO purposes is also key.
Too many product sheets of the main E-commerce sites are weak...
Look at Amazon's product sheets... and you'll see the importance of the copywriting around the product sheet itself.

A local or international E-Commerce site?

This is a big starting question that should be asked... Because many aspects have to be taken into account. Especially logistic, language, currency, etc.

The importance of Customer Reviews

Nowadays, the brand strategy must necessarily take into account the E-Reputation aspect.
Specific platforms are dedicated to E-Commerce, and to consumer product reviews (Avis Vérifiés, Trusted Shop, TrustPilot...).

E-Commerce Performance Tracking and performance indicators

Turning prospects into customers of course... but at what cost and what ROI?
More than anywhere else, E-Commerce sites have the absolute necessity to track sales performance vs. Google Ads or Social Ads investments.

Maintenance and TMA (Third Party Application Maintenance)

Not to be neglected in E-Commerce, because websites are "alive" and must evolve constantly.
Management of ranges, management of promotions, but also incentives, online contests.
To have hours of TMA in E-Commerce is really to be taken into account from the creation of the site.

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10 questions - answers about Optimize 360 E-Commerce Agency

Who is Optimize 360 E-Commerce Agency?

Optimize 360 is a web agency specializing in the creation of effective websites, SEO, online advertising (SEA) and digital strategy in the broadest sense.

It accompanies companies in their digital transformation by providing them with solutions adapted to their needs with efficient websites

Why choose E Commerce Optimize 360?

Optimize 360 offers expertise in digital strategy, website creation, E-Commerce website creation (with any type of CMS), a team of qualified professionals and a personalized approach for each project.

In addition, it guarantees a concrete improvement in performance in terms of visibility and conversion.

What services does E Commerce Optimize 360 offer?

Optimize 360 offers a full range of services in website design, search engine optimization, online advertising and digital strategy.

She takes care of all aspects of the project, from design to online launch and ongoing optimization and performance tracking (ROI)

How does an E-Commerce website design project work with Optimize 360?

The Optimize 360 project process is based on an agile approach, which consists of working in close collaboration with the client throughout the project.

The steps include needs analysis, design, development, implementation and monitoring of results.

How to measure the results of an Optimize 360 web service?

Optimize 360 offers regular monitoring of the results of each service, through key indicators such as site traffic, conversion rate, return on investment, etc.

It also provides detailed reports to evaluate the effectiveness of the actions taken.

What are Optimize 360's references?

Optimize 360 has worked with many companies of different sizes and sectors, including SMEs, start-ups, large corporations and public institutions.

It has also won several awards and certifications for the quality of its services.

List of customer references and results here.

How to contact the E Commerce Optimize 360 Agency?

To get in touch with Optimize 360, simply fill out the contact form on their website, or schedule a free consultation.

The team will be happy to answer any questions and present its customized solutions.

How to follow the news of the E Commerce Optimize 360 Agency?

To keep up to date with Optimize 360, you can subscribe to its newsletter, follow its social networks or regularly consult its blog.

The team regularly publishes articles on the latest market trends and innovations in digital strategy.

What is the pricing for Optimize 360 E-Commerce services?

The pricing of Optimize 360 services depends on the needs and objectives of each project.

The team establishes a personalized estimate according to the services requested, and proposes solutions adapted to each budget.

How do you measure customer satisfaction with Optimize 360?

You have case studies by sector of activity, by profession, and testimonials in the Customer References section, with the objectives, methods used, and results obtained

Where are our main E Commerce Optimize 360 Agencies located?

Web Agency Paris Optimize 360

Our Web Agency Paris is the first one that was created in 2012, by its founder Frederic POULET

The team of Paris SEO experts is divided into several geographical areas:


Web Agency Lyon Optimize 360

Optimize 360 is also present in the Rhône Alpes region. With its

Web Agency Marseille PACA Optimize 360

Directed by Franck La Pinta, Optimize 360 has agencies throughout the PACA region

Web agencies Switzerland Optimize 360

Headed by Jean-François Hartwig, Optimize 360 has two web agencies in Switzerland:

Web Agency Bordeaux South Aquitaine Optimize 360

Optimize 360 is present in Bordeaux and in the whole South Aquitaine region, with its

Web Agency Metz Nancy Grand Est Optimize 360 Grand Est

Directed by Wilfried Assogba, Optimize 360 is present throughout the Grand Est region of France

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