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Optimize 360 helps you to create high-quality digital content that will provide your customers with quality information that will keep them interested even beyond your product or service offering.

Content Marketing has now become the key to getting round the purely mercantile aspect that only purely commercial offers could reveal.

It is also the challenge of starting to build customer relations by educating and providing quality information to reassure your prospects and consumers, as well as having a vital impact on your business. SEO in Google and the main search engines.

Quality content can be the start of Customer Service.

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What is SEO Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves creating and distributing high-quality content to attract attention and gradually turn a prospect into a customer.

This means that people are no longer just interested in visitors looking for the products and services you sell, but also in all the upstream and downstream reassurance you can provide.

Any SEO agency will tell you...

Any content creation with high added value (texts, images, videos) for your target audience is therefore worth highlighting.

The idea is - and here we're getting close to the notion of Inbound Marketing - that you can capture prospects' data in return for the free qualitative information you provide.

Once you have obtained the minimum contact details of your web users, you are then in a position to enter or re-enter into communication with them, and are more easily able to qualify and nurture them. 

In fact, in addition to simply creating content (White Papers, Blog articles, instructional videos, etc.), your website should at the very least include a contact form, and ideally be backed up by a CRM to qualify incoming prospects.

What is a Content Marketing Agency?

A content marketing agency is a company that specialises in creating and distributing value-added content to attract and retain a target audience.

It offers a wide range of services, including the creation of blogs, articles, infographics, videos, white papers, guides and e-books.

The content marketing agency works closely with its customers to define a content strategy tailored to their needs and objectives.

It provides them with its expertise and skills to help them create quality content that meets the expectations of their audience and helps them achieve their business objectives.

In short, a content marketing agency helps companies to position themselves as experts in their field, generate qualified traffic to their website and increase their sales.

The key to SEO Content Marketing: Answering the questions web users are asking

Optimize 360 - Content Marketing SEO AgencyLet's say you're a Golf Director, and your problem is recruiting new golfers...
What questions will you need to answer to interest potential sportsmen and women in taking up the sport?

And above all, what questions might Internet users have before embarking on this adventure? 
That's exactly what you'll need to explain to your potential new subscribers...

  • How much does it cost to play golf? Is it as expensive as they say?
  • How do you reconcile family life and sport, especially if it's time-consuming?
  • And so on.

The fact that there is an educational and pedagogical approach to the practice itself, prior to the sale of a subscription or initiation, will give potential customers even more reassurance before they take the plunge.

As a result, any good Digital Agency will tell you, you'll need to prepare all the content you need for communication purposes on the digital media that web users will come across (Website, Website Blog, Youtube Channel, Social Networks, etc.). 

Why are content marketing and SEO closely linked?

Content marketing strategy and SEO are inextricably linked, in the sense that if the content you create is simply to be found by the right audience, it needs to emerge as soon as people start searching on the internet.

Particularly, of course, on Google, which accounts for almost 95% of web searches.

Most of the time, the content created will have to be "encapsulated" in a Blog article, as the structural parts of a website are insufficient to "present everything".

In fact, content marketing and long tail SEO strategy will usually be completely intertwined.

With the exception of 360° peripheral content (videos, off-site SEO articles, etc.), which is of course attached to the SEO Off Site

The teams atOptimize 360 SEO Agency will be able to guide you through this SEO content strategy, from the strategic approach right through to the operational side.

Are there any differences between BtoB and BtoC content marketing?

In both cases, a well thought-out editorial strategy needs to be established.
But it's not so much the Content Strategy, even if it's aimed at a different audience, as the audience's search location that matters.
In both cases, the production of content will have to be done for Google in any case, and in the face of possible searches by Internet users.

For BtoB, on the other hand, you will need to target your audience on networks such as Linkedin, where you will find the Buyer Persona, decision-makers and potential buyers.
And in both cases, premium content will have to answer questions and queries in the world of the business.

In both configurations, Social Media can be a very good relay for your content strategies. The basic idea is always to find Qualified Leads.

What are the tools and levers of SEO Content Marketing?

Optimize 360 has compiled a non-exhaustive list of the various tools that can be used to enhance quality content:

Over and above the existing content peddled by the "structural" part of your website, here's what you can work on in terms of content format and content distribution:

  • From blog posts SEO Optimised for your target and your Buyer Persona
  • From white papers in return for contact details left by prospective customers.
  • From customer case studiesto reassure your prospects and give them references and proof of your claims.
  • From webinars(online conferences) to educate your prospects and establish yourself as an expert on the subjects concerned.
  • From infographics to summarise issues in a visual and educational way.
  • From videos explanatory or training material (tutorials)
  • From sector studies whose merit, particularly in BtoB, is to take a step back from the business on its own.
  • From expert opinionand/or testimonials to support and corroborate your arguments.
  • From earnings simulators to demonstrate the effectiveness of your solution
  • From FAQ ( Foires Aat Questions ) to support the purchasing process.

The editorial strategy is therefore based on many digital levers.

It must, of course, be fully integrated into your overall digital strategy, but with a type of content that is specific to the codes of the digital world.

A content strategy cannot be improvised...

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