Cabinet Éléas: how did this expert in QWC and RPS prevention carve out a place for itself among the competition thanks to social SEO?

Illustration from the Eléas website

Be identified as the point of contact for QHV and RPS issues

Through a well-constructed, well-referenced website and a lively, rich LinkedIn page, address professionals in the HR, General Management and Training sectors, using expert positions. Produce original, educational content.

Method used

Social SEO + Corporate Community Management

  • SEO treatment of the website
  • Managing backlinks
  • Promotion of the LinkedIn Page using the same semantic cocoon
  • Half-yearly editorial schedule
  • Use of the long tail (in-depth blog posts)
Results obtained

Increased visibility on the sector's strategic keywords

Position 0 and position 1 on background themes

LinkedIn: from 500 subscribers to 1900 in 1.5 years

+600% of traffic to the site in 6 months (2022)

+60% keywords indexed between April 2022 and April 2023

Éléas logo
CustomerCabinet Éléas
Éléasprogression traffic web
Eléas position 0
Position 1 of Eléas on the theme of incivility at work
Position 1 on the keyword QWL consulting firm for Eléas
traffic to the site in 6 months
keywords indexed in 1 year
subscribers on LinkedIn page

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