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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Google Search Engine Optimization

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Google natural referencing, also called "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization) consists in working mainly on the intrinsic criteria of the website that we want to push to the top of Google search results.

Other search engines (Bing, Yahoo Search, Qwant...) use more or less the same criteria and try to copy Google but still have their own specificities.

Given Google's market share (approx. 95% in France and Europe) the top priority for a SEO Agency is to focus on a good SEO on Google.

Google's hegemony, especially in France and Europe, therefore pushes us to put an absolute priority on Google referencing.

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Optimize 360 SEO Agency

Our method of natural referencing consists, without revealing its secrets, in first optimizing the website itself: we therefore often intervene at the very beginning of the creation of the website in such a way that the good reflexes of referencing are adopted from the start, and that Google perfectly indexes the pages of the site and the website itself.

Optimize360 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Google Search Engine Optimization

In order to obtain a good positioning in search engines, to succeed in Google referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is necessary to implement a set of techniques to optimize the visibility of a website in search result pages (SERPs, for Search Engine Result Pages).

It is necessary to ask oneself the question of the positioning that the client wants to adopt concerning his activity, and moreover, to know on which keywords or key expressions in Google, he will want to be found in the search results.

This part of positioning, choice of words, keys, accompanying the brand is fundamental.

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We talk about "natural" SEO because it is the one that will allow the website to emerge in a perennial and constant way, without the need to "pay" (Google Adwords) to be present on a maximum of search results of Internet users.

It is therefore a matter of building "the foundations of the house"!

Optimize, a natural referencing agency, considers that natural referencing is a prerequisite to any other action, otherwise the site will depend on Google Adwords advertising expenses in order to be present and found in search results. And the day we stop... the site is then no longer visible.

Google natural referencing is a real job.

It can't be improvised. It must meet very specific techniques and above all, it must be scalable over time, because Google evolves its algorithms about every 3 months.

We must therefore not only ensure a perfect start, but also be on the lookout for the constant changes that Google imposes on us in order to stay ahead of the search results.

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