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Even if we don't organise face-to-face training courses, we think it's worth sharing our know-how in digital marketing and the various services we deploy for our customers.

Optimize 360 has therefore decided, particularly for beginners, to make a number of modules available free of charge to as many people as possible.

This part is still "under construction". but check back regularly to discover the different modules created (and the related definitions and Blog Articles).

Happy reading and happy training!

Optimize 360 training

Website creation training

In this Website Creation training module

Website creation training

 Web, you'll find the step-by-step instructions you need to get started on the creation of your website, whether it's a showcase site, a corporate site or an e-commerce site.

Here are the different sections that you will find by clicking at the bottom of this section:



1 The importance of specifications 

2.website tree structures : What are the best practices?

3 Choosing your accommodation

4 The importance of choosing a domain name

5 Choosing your CMS

6 How do you choose your E-Commerce CMS?

7 - How do I create and configure a site?

Setting up a Wix site

Setting up a Wordpress site

and E-Commerce

Setting up WooCommerce ( Wordpress )

Setting up a Prestashop website

Setting up an Adobe Magento website

Setting up a Shopify site

If, however, because of the technical difficulties involved with certain CMS, you get stuck on the subject, our Optimize 360 webmaster teams can take over at any time.

Natural SEO training

Having a nice website is great, but getting it to the top of the search results of the major search engines is even better!

Optimize 360 SEO Agency

Otherwise, what's the point of having a pretty site that never gets visited and doesn't bring new customers into your business?

In this training module, Optimize 360 provides you with the essential basics and tried and tested methods for referencing your site well and trying to appear at the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Let yourself be guided, and take the time to learn step by step about the different stages of SEO.


1 Basic concepts for SEO beginners

2) Learn the different stages and levers of SEO

SEO Audit

Technical SEO

Semantic SEO


The Long Tail Strategy 

UX and SEO

Local SEO

SEO International

3.blog articles on SEO to go further

If, however, the difficulty of referencing a site yourself means that you get stuck on the subject, our Optimize 360 teams of SEO experts can take over at any time.

SEA Paid Search training

Embarking on a paid search campaign on your own (Google Ads) can be a daunting task without a minimum of training in the subject.

SEA Training

Without this, you run the risk, to say the least, of creating campaigns that are ineffective to say the least, but above all that could generate a huge amount of expenditure without any return on investment.

At first sight, setting up Google Ads and Social Ads campaigns may seem trivial, but you'll soon realise just how complex it can be, especially when it comes to setting up effective conversion tracking.

Without this, there can be no Google Machine Learning and no continuous improvement in the performance of your campaigns.


1 What is Google Ads?

2 - What are the different types of Google Ads campaigns? and how do I configure them?

3 - How can I improve my Google Ads campaigns? 

3. blog articles on SEA to go further

However, if you find it difficult to set up or optimise your campaigns yourself, our teams of Optimize 360 SEA experts can take over at any time.

Social Media Training for Companies

Using Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin for your personal account is child's play. But using them for business and social selling purposes can be much more complicated than it seems...

Social Media Training

And with good reason... almost all social networks were created with the advent of Web 2.0, and with it the creation of 'Rich Profiles' of people and personalities.

On social networks, it's all about the person and their interests.

Hence the growing importance of influencers to the detriment of more traditional advertising.

So how can companies and organisations use social media and social networks to boost their business?

This module covers the basic concepts and training you need to know.


1 Difference between Social Media and Social Networks

2 Which ones to use and how?

However, if these initial training elements do not help you, our teams of Social Media Optimize 360 experts can take over at any time.

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