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SEA (Search Engine Advertising) Google paid referencing (Adwords)

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Some professions can no longer do without it because Google favours the positioning of its own sponsored ads at the top of search results, and above all, now positions them above so-called "natural" search results.

It's pretty pernicious, but that's the way it is...

Google dictates its Law from the moment it is hegemonic...


Google paid referencing, also called "SEA" (Search Engine Advertising) consists in buying keywords at auction in the Google Adwords tool.

The professions (or Brands) most affected and concerned are those operating in a highly competitive universe.
Example: Hotels which have to face their own "partners" (Booking, Expedia, ) their own independent competitors, and now... Airbnb.

Setting up a Google Adwords account to appear at the top of "sponsored" search results seems simple, but in reality is extremely complex.
The criteria for setting up a Google Adwords campaign are very complicated for them to be effective. Calling on a Pay Per Click SEO Agency is therefore almost a necessity in order to avoid making mistakes.

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Don't go into this alone.

You could be spending insane amounts of money for very disappointing results.

Example: Let's imagine you're a Golf. If you set up keyword purchases with Golf, and you exclude the words "car, volkswagen, second hand etc." you would risk spending huge amounts of money to get no results on what you were looking for in the first place.


All professions have such specificities

Therefore, here too, it is a real job. Do not launch yourself into setting up Google Adwords paid search engine optimization campaigns on your own.

Call on specialists who are certified Google Partner specialists.

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