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Social Media Strategy: Optimize your presence on social networks

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We don't use, and we don't optimize through social networks in a professional way like we post simple vacation photos...

Adopting a web marketing strategy, or a social media strategy requires method, particular settings, and deserve to be done in a very organized way so as not to drown in a mass of information that is often referred to as info-obesity.

Chaque réseau social possède ses propres spécificités, et ne sont en général utilisés qu’à 30% de leurs capacités par “le commun des mortels”.

A Social Media Strategy is thought out and worked on beforehand.

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Mastering Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest... seems to be within everyone's reach.

But using these social networks for business purposes is a much more subtle challenge.

If only in relation to the prioritization of its social networks with business objectives.

How do we link them together, how do we ensure that we adopt a relevant and effective editorial line?

Calling on a Social Media Agency is therefore a necessity to work them professionally.

How and to whom can we delegate the administration, if only to secure the accounts and avoid finding ourselves one day with a malicious employee who leaves with the login and password?

Optimize 360, Social Media Agency is specialized in all the advice that allows you to secure your accounts to make them efficient, to help you prioritize those on which your business will be most relevant.


These social networks are also conducive to prospecting for new customers.

As long as things have been built, set up in the right way, and the advertising accounts of Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter... etc. have been well prepared.

Optimize 360 is also there to advise you on the advertising trade-offs you would have to make depending on whether you want to actively prospect for new customers (rather via Google Adwords or Linkedin) or whether you want to engage in conversation, loyalty through your communities of customers (or prospects).

You can't improvise this stuff. It is necessary to adopt a True 360° Web Marketing Strategy that starts from the website, and continues on social networks and/or directories (Tripadvisor, Yelp...).

Call in the professionals for this! Optimize 360 is there to help you on these subjects.

For any information, please do not hesitate to contact our teams, or to ask us for a quotation.