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Inbound Marketing, also called inbound marketing, is an approach that brings the customer to you (and precisely to your website) rather than prospecting with traditional methods.

This principle is similar to "Permission marketing" in which one tries to obtain the customer's agreement, registration, membership, before soliciting it for commercial purposes.

At Optimize 360, Inbound Marketing Agency, we have therefore established our own approach in this matter:

"Make your site your own media and gradually convert your audience into customers".

There are 4 main successive tactics to implement a conversion funnel:

Tactic 1: Make your site your own media and generate over time an increasingly qualified audience.

In this first phase, it is advisable to produce quality information on its site, which will make the "Lambda" Internet user gradually become a curious, interested visitor, and will become a regular interested public.

This is the stage where the brand and services must become real media and produce interesting, and above all... engaging and involving content.

It is therefore necessary to attract a qualified audience to your website by using all possible digital channels: search engines (SERP) but also social networks, blogs, influencers, etc.

Tactic 2: Convert visitors into prospects and therefore potential customers.

In this second part, it is necessary to be able to identify visitors to the site, and to collect contact information in order to be able to recontact them and turn them into qualified prospects and potential customers.

At this stage, it therefore implies that Internet users register on forms, are tempted to use CTAs (Call to Action) ( - click-to-call, Downloading white papers -...) or any other solution that favours the collection of qualified information about them.

Tactic 3: Convert these prospects into customers

In this third phase, we will accompany the prospect through the decision-making process up to the final sale, to make him a customer, and if possible a loyal customer.

This is the "nurturing" phase.

Lead nurturing is a method of strengthening a marketing relationship with prospects (leads) who are not yet fully ready for a sales action.

This approach can combine traditional means (telephone, appointments, etc.) and digital means (newsletter, marketing automation, etc.).

Inbound Marketing Optimize 360

Tactic 4: Build customer loyalty and turn customers into ambassadors for its brand or services.

Winning customers is obviously all very well, but you have to try to retain them and even hire them as ambassadors.

Indeed, if customers are even prescribing purchasing recommendations for our products and services themselves, then a virtuous circle is set in motion. And acquisition costs that gradually decrease when new customers are brought in "free" or almost "free" by business introducers whose recommendation strength is a key weapon.

What are the key levers and tools to implement a good Inbound Marketing Strategy?

  • Site Internet bien construit, bien référencé en SEO permettant de produire du contenu (Blog)
  • Brand marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Infographics
  • Video
  • Social marketing
  • Media Relations / Influencers
  • Presentations
  • Customer CRM
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation



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Sachez en tous cas qu’en terme de retour sur investissement, les Leads générés par l’Inbound marketing n’ont rien à voir avec ceux de l’Outbound.
It is therefore extremely interesting to rethink your digital communication in the broadest sense if you want to implement such a strategy.
Repenser vraisemblablement votre site internet, générer plus de trafic dans un premier temps grace au référencement naturel seo.
The acquisition of traffic will be key indeed, and in particular thanks to a content strategy that will allow you to attract "pre-qualified" Internet users.
This content creation is the "B to BA" at the heart of this digital and web marketing strategy.