Off-Site SEO or Press Relations? Which is the best approach?

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  • Posted by : Fred Poulet
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  1. Advantages and disadvantages of a Press Relations Strategy
  2. Advantages of a Media Relations strategy
  3. Disadvantages of a Press Relations strategy
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of an Off-Site referencing strategy.
  5. Advantages of a seo Off-Site referencing strategy
  6. Disadvantages of a seo Off-Site referencing strategy
  7. So SEO off-Site? PR strategy ? Both?

Off-Site SEO (or off-site referencing) is one of the areas of the seo natural referencing technique.

After having optimized its site (SEO "On-Site") through the well known seo techniques, the Off-Site consists in obtaining incoming links from "third party" sites, if possible trustworthy in the eyes of Google (=Trustflow).

The closer these sites are to the theme of your own website, and the more credible and strong they are, the more the "link juice" sent by these third party sites to your site will tell Google that the destination is itself also trustworthy.

So the question is: how to get multiple trustworthy inbound links to improve your natural SEO.

This process can be extremely long, tedious and expensive, although it can be considered that the more productive and interesting content you produce, the more quotes and backlinks you will naturally get from these third-party partner sites.

We can therefore think that going through a PR Agency (Press Relations) can be an interesting complement or palliative, to get you to appear in press articles which, if they are relayed by credible journalists and high-traffic sites, will give you an even more qualitative result.

What are therefore the advantages and disadvantages between implementing an Off-Site SEO strategy and a PR strategy. (or a mix of both)

Off-Site SEO or Press Relations? Which is the best approach?

Advantages and disadvantages of a Press Relations Strategy


Advantages of a Media Relations strategy

Before even thinking about natural referencing, setting up a PR strategy will require clarifying your identity and your discourse so that they are understood by the journalists likely to relay your know-how.

In fact, the virtues are even broader than a "simple Off-Site baclinks strategy".

This will help you refine your strategic positioning, the ability to speak to journalists or in public (Media Training) and to popularize a speech in such a way that it is understandable by all.

Therefore, by clarifying and simplifying your speech, you will also have a clearer idea of what you are talking about:

  • Positioning your Company and your brand
  • Competitive advantages that you will be able to highlight
  • SEO that you want to adopt on the Internet (Semantic cocoons to be adjusted; Editorials and feedback to highlight according to your Buyer Persona targets)

You are thus likely not only to position yourself well, or even better, but also to find the angles of differentiation in relation to your competitors, who will not necessarily adopt the same approach.

Finally, you will be able to strategically target the best media to work with, and will have a more Cartesian approach to do so.

If you are also lucky enough to find media and press blog articles that have "Do Follow" links and maximum Trust Flow, then these types of Off-Site links will be far more powerful than those obtained through link exchange opportunities.

Disadvantages of a Press Relations strategy

The first obvious disadvantage is the cost... 

Financing a press relations campaign through a specialized agency is obviously very expensive and not within the reach of all budgets.

For one year's work with a medium-sized PR agency, a minimum of 30 to 50,000€ has to be spent in order to be able to start qualitative work on the substance and form. 

On the other hand, the return on investment can potentially be much stronger and much more powerful in terms of notoriety and spin-offs, because if you are then called upon to feed the media plans of journalists and become in some way the expert and referent of a particular field in the profession you practice.

The other major disadvantage is the uncertainty of getting "Do Follow" links within the press articles you will be able to get.

Most of the very big press sites, the social networks, have articles with No Follow links to guard against spam comments. 

It is therefore necessary to think that certain articles obtained will have only a relative bearing capacity, and essentially "of notoriety" more than purely for referencing.

Advantages and disadvantages of an Off-Site referencing strategy.

Off-Site Optimization

Advantages of a seo Off-Site referencing strategy

In contrast to PR Strategy, the strategy of obtaining tactical inbound links can remain more home-made and therefore easier to implement for small or medium sized companies.

Even if it can take a long time to target, find good partners (bloggers, related blogs, interesting sites), it can be very interesting as long as the bearing and credibility (Trustflow) of these smaller sites are present.

Off-Site referencing is not incompatible with the implementation of a PR strategy.

Tools such as SEMrushThe "backlinks" section of the website, even allows you to more easily identify the partner sites with which it would be desirable to associate to generate a backlinks strategy in relation to a given theme and in relation to that of your own site.

There are even today platforms such as Getfluence which offer to identify and connect advertisers and hosts of sponsored articles.

However, with costs that can range from €500 to €1,000 per item, isn't it better, if you have the means, to invest in a real qualitative PR strategy?

Disadvantages of a seo Off-Site referencing strategy

The main disadvantage of setting up an Off-Site backlinks strategy is that it is long and tedious.

Apart from sites like Getfluence, or going through specialized SEO agencies, you really have to take your pilgrim's staff and spend an infinite amount of time getting in touch with each partner site, and define the (often reciprocal) ways of setting up link exchanges.

Today, it is not about simple link exchanges, which would rather be sanctioned by Google if they are not accompanied by a coherent, intelligible and constructed article that peddles the outgoing link.

If we consider that time... is money, then we can also consider that off-site natural referencing is expensive too...

So SEO off-Site? PR strategy ? Both?

both seo off site and media relation

Clearly if you have the time and the means, the ideal is to be able to do both, and it can be extremely complementary.

In all cases, both are to be implemented in a qualitative way with a very meticulous targeting of partners and supports.

In a configuration of VSE, SME, the strategy of natural referencing Off-Site will often be privileged for reasons of means.

The PR strategy will generally be more reserved for companies whose size is at least €2 million and which want to establish a reputation and know-how in the press, beyond the natural spin-offs that this can also have for referencing.

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