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Optimize 360 Paris. SEA SEO SEA, Social Media Strategy, E-Reputation, Inbound Marketing

Founded in 2012 by Frédéric Poulet, Optimize 360 is Agence Digitale Paris, SEO Agency, SEO Agency specialized in 360° Digital Strategy which intervenes with VSEs / SMEs / Large Companies on the various services listed below.

Building on its success, Optimize 360 de is developing throughout France but also in Switzerland, and is mainly aimed at independent clients in the catering industry (cafés, hotels, restaurants), the hotel industry, of which we are now specialists, but also the world of tourism and leisure.

Optimize 360's objective is to ensure that its clients gain visibility on the Web and develop a positive and growing ROI (Return On Investment) in a fiercely competitive universe.

Working on search engines became his DNA. Optimize 360 works on all the levers to optimize your web marketing strategy. From the choice of strategic keywords related to your positioning, the implementation of best practices to ensure that the indexing of your website in search engines is done at best, to the calculation of your ROI (return on investment) and your conversion rate.

We can carry out a complete SEO audit of your site beforehand, and accompany you in the SEO strategy to be implemented, whether it is natural SEO or paid SEO (Google Ads).

We provide the following services

Agency specialized in E-Reputation management in Paris and Ile de France

Optimize 360, Agence Digitale de E-Reputation pour le CHR knows perfectly the mechanics of the main directories or support sites that peddle comments, reviews and stars.

Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants are the most subject to these comments and this E-Reputation, reputed to be difficult to control.

We are equipped for our customers with collection and synthesis tools that allow us to analyze in One Shot and over time the evolution of your E-Reputation, and are able to help you improve it both on the concrete field actions of possible corrections, but also by legally influencing with you your rankings in Tripadvisor, Google My Business, Facebook, Yellow Pages, Yelp, and all the sites supposed to include comments and opinions of Internet users.

Inbound Marketing Agency in Paris and Ile de France

If we can talk about it, it's because we do it ourselves for Agence Digitale Paris Optimize 360.

Inbound Marketing is very interesting in the sense that, once it is well set up, it allows you to recruit new prospects and new customers by attracting them to you thanks to an increasingly qualified traffic on your website.

The first step of Inbound Marketing will therefore be to make sure that your website is well referenced, so that the Internet users who arrive on it are those who correspond to potential customers.

Once these potential customers arrive on site, they will have to be qualified in such a way that they can be contacted again.

To manage an Inbound Marketing strategy, your site must therefore be backed by a Sales and Marketing CRM tool (Hubspot type) and, depending on the level of maturity of your prospect, after having retrieved his contact details, you must be able to "feed" him with qualitative information until he is ready to purchase your products or services.

Agency specialized in Social Media Strategy in Paris and the Ile de France region

Social networks have become a must for most companies.
Knowing how to manage them professionally has nothing to do with the personal use that can be made of them.
Individuals use them to share information "among friends".
Businesses need to take an approach to recruitment and retention that is not random.

Create and animate a Facebook page, a Linkedin page... Using these networks for BtoB or BtoC prospecting is not something you can improvise.
An editorial line, and a strategy of community conquest and animation is essential.

One ne gère pas du tout les réseaux sociaux de la même manière que le référencement.
Sur Google, on a affaire à un public en recherche active, qui est prêt à passer à l’acte (et souvent à l’acte d’achat)

On social networks, we are dealing with an audience that is there primarily for entertainment, and who do not initially intend to buy. So we can't communicate and approach prospects in the same way.

Agency specialized in Community Content Management in Paris and Ile
de France

Our Digital Agency Paris Optimize 360 has the conviction and evidence that Community Content Management is extremely effective for natural SEO purposes.

Indeed, a site blog allows tactical keywords to be inserted to complete the structural part of the site itself. And skillfully impact the "long tail" keywords.

Par contre, il faut trouver un bel amalgame entre une production de contenu informative et une production de contenu à des fins tactiques pour influencer Google sur ces mêmes mots clefs.

Optimize 360 has qualified resources to do this, and can offer you to write blog posts that are a good balance between the two.

This article base can then feed social networks.

These blog posts must be "SEO-compatible", i.e. written in such a way that Google indexes them as real content pages in their own right.

SEO Agency in Paris and the Ile de France region

Optimize 360, SEO Agency in Paris, accompanies you in the ability to make your website visible in Google, and to make it rise among the first positions of Google search results.

Indeed, Google represents more than 95% of searches in France and Europe, it is essential to truster the first positions to be visible.

Agence Digitale Paris will first assist you in
positioning your name and strategic keywords to be found among the top search positions in your competitive universe.

We provide efficient and innovative solutions in natural referencing, and are able to follow with you the permanent evolution of these solutions thanks to our 360° digital strategy.

Our DNA is to conduct monthly checkpoints with you so that we can influence positions with you, and ensure that we adapt to the prerogatives of your company and Google.

If you call upon an SEO expert, and you wish to work on traffic acquisition, check beforehand when you make your choice, that your SEO specialist works with you on a strategic semantic analysis.

Indeed, before embarking on any natural SEO strategy to reach the first page of search results, an upstream webmarketing approach is necessary.
It's not just a matter of identifying a major pivot keyword, or a sum of relevant keywords to get a good web referencing for search engines.
The method of referencing a site for a web agency, passes above all by a good mix between understanding your positioning, and the search expressions that Internet users are likely to type in search engines.
A good local SEO, a good internal network, a good user experience, will obviously be necessary, but not sufficient for a complete optimization of your SEO.
A good seo agency must absolutely work all this upstream and not rely solely on the goodwill of algorithms, a few tags and a few well-placed backlinks.

Paid Search Engine Optimization Agency (SEA- Google Adwords Google Ads) in
Paris and Ile de France

Optimize 360, a Paris-based Search Engine Optimization Agency (SEA), is a Google Partner.

Paid referencing, depending on your competitive position, can be extremely useful and profitable.

It allows you to position yourself on the first 4 Google "sponsored" search results, and therefore to increase your chances of being found at the top of these same search results.

Optimize 360 also masters for the hotel industry the ability to position itself within the Meta Engines (also called "Meta Search") in such a way as to maximize a hotel's ability to have its customers book directly to the detriment of OTAs (Online Travel Agencies).

Whether for brand defense or conquest Optimize 360 has partnered with the best French operator specializing in connectivity and meta engine management.

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