Yoast SEO Premium vs. Yoast "simple". Which one to choose?

  • Posted by : Fred Poulet
Premium Yoast vs Classic Yoast
  1. 1.manage your redirects with Yoast SEO Premium
  2. 2.detect semantic fields and related keywords
  3. 3.Optimize your internal links (Internal Linking)
  4. 4.Check your social network share previews
  5. 5 Filter your orphan content
  6. 6.filter and update your "Corner Stone" content 
  7. 7 Contact Yoast Customer Support at any time.


Pourquoi acheter Yoast SEO Premium alors que la version gratuite de Yoast SEO est déjà assez performante en tant que telle pour votre site wordpress ?

Here are some interesting features presented by Optimize 360, which you will get if you purchase Yoast SEO Premium .

Nous aborderons ci-dessous les principales fonctionnalités de Yoast SEO Premium “par différence vs. Yoast simple” pour aller à l’essentiel.



1.manage your redirects with Yoast SEO Premium

When you create your site, you are inevitably confronted with cases of deletion, page movement, modification of URLs for categories, etc. 

All of these changes can lead to problems, even 404 errors, when you do not redirect old URLs to the new ones correctly. 

Vous n’aurez plus besoin de votre développeur pour créer ces redirections, il vous suffit de le faire vous-même avec le gestionnaire de redirection de Yoast SEO Premium.

NB: you can also use an automatic plugin, which will be less accurate than doing it manually, but which will detect 404 errors and redirect them in 301 to the home page. https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/404-to-301/


2.detect semantic fields and related keywords

Le champ sémantique  est l’un des sujets les plus en vogue dans le référencement seo.

Les moteurs de recherche deviennent de plus en plus intelligents et utilisent aujourd’hui les mots clefs contextuels.  

Synonyms and associated terms are therefore more important than ever.

Yoast SEO Premium vous permet d’ optimiser votre texte pour ces synonymes et termes

In addition, Yoast detects other forms of words of the keyword you use in your text.

For example, if you use "decoration", it will be able to find word forms such as "decorated" and "decorates", just like Google.

These features work in conjunction with another new feature, that of keyword distribution.

Analyses will tell you whether you have distributed your terms sufficiently in the text.


3.Optimize your internal links (Internal Linking)

If you want to perform in SEO, you must create quality content on the one hand, but also encourage Internet users to browse your site properly.

The user experience is therefore decisive, and therefore, the incentive to navigate within your pages and articles.

So create high-quality, relevant and informative content on the keywords you want to be found for. And detect the keywords within this content to direct them to keyword pillars (= internal linking).

Even if there are plugins dedicated to internal linking, Yoast can already help a little bit.

It shows which messages and keywords are related to the ones you are working on.

 it is therefore very easy to link to related keywords and pillars


4.Check your social network share previews

Doesn't it annoy you when you share your blog, on Facebook, Linkedin and the wrong image appears? 

Avec Yoast SEO Premium, vous pouvez vérifier à quoi ressemblera votre message sur Facebook ou Twitter, sans même aller sur ces réseaux pour tester.. 

Pendant que vous travaillez sur votre message, vous pouvez simplement accéder à la méta-box Yoast SEO, télécharger l’image que vous souhaitez afficher et vous assurer que tout se présentera bien au moment du partage


5 Filter your orphan content

Nous rencontrons souvent en agence SEO la problématique des “pages orphelines”. 

An orphan page is a page that is not meshed. Simply put, no link on your site to it

Previously, it was difficult to search for orphaned content and add it properly to the site structure. 

Maintenant, avec le contenu orphelin de Yoast SEO Premium, filtrez-le en un tour de main. 

Coupled with the internal linking tool, you'll start linking these publications in no time at all.


6.filter and update your "Corner Stone" content 

Your most complete and top-ranked publications or pages, i.e. the content of your Corner Stone, should be regularly updated. 

As you might not always think about it, the Corner Stone content filter will remind you to check them at least every 6 months! 

If you find one of your Corner Stones in this filter, be sure to check if it is still up to date.

7 Contact Yoast Customer Support at any time.

Si vous rencontrez des problèmes avec Yoast SEO Premium sur votre site, vous pouvez obtenir l’aide des  équipes d’assistance Yoast. 

Yoast Premium will allow you to access to a dedicated support team who will answer your questions 24 hours a day.



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