Optimize 360 Web agency creating websites for restaurants

Since 2012, Optimize 360 has been creating high-quality websites for restaurants and hotels.

As an agency specializing in CHR, we know perfectly well the methods to generate more direct bookings (vs. TheFork, formerly Lafourchette), and make sure to propel these same sites to the top of Google search results (SEO).

If you want an attractive, visible, findable and efficient site...

Optimize 360 Web agency creating websites for restaurants

What are the best practices to create a successful restaurant website?

Create an attractive restaurant website

Creating websites for restaurants may seem simple enough... but to emerge better than local competitors, to try to bypass TheFork (Lafourchette), having a powerful website goes far beyond beautiful online business cards.

As well as social networks, contrary to what one might think, will never replace a very good position in Google, given that 95% of searches are done ... in Google and the main search engines.

A nice graphic design will of course be desirable, and a communication agency could be interesting to consult, but the challenge for a restaurant is above all to be found in Google and that the table reservation is done directly to avoid Lafourchette commissions.

As well as calling on a professional photographer to showcase your establishment as much as possible. 

Make an attractive restaurant website yes! but especially well referenced! Think about it !

Prominent Call to Action

CHR Optimize 360

Restaurant websites, beyond being well referenced, must encourage reservations and therefore the "Call to Action" "Reserve a Table" "Call Us" "Find the Restaurant" "Clickable E-mail Address" "Contact Form" must be both very prominent, but also be clickable and visible throughout the site without offending the graphic quality.

A creation tool as simple as Wix, can obviously do the trick without investing monstrous amounts of money in the creation of a restaurant website.

However, be sure to keep in mind the points made here.

Choose a powerful booking engine for your restaurant

Guestonline Optimize 360

Perhaps the restaurant is already working with Lafourchette to generate reservations, especially during less busy periods of the week.

But the commissions on the one hand can end up being astronomical, and on the other hand, it is literally giving your customer database to a partner who will not hesitate to make offers to some of your competitors. 

Therefore, get help from a communication and referencing agency like Optimize 360 to free yourself from Lafourchette's forks, and prefer independent and very efficient booking engines like Guestonline for example.

These same booking engines can also be very useful to digitize your booking book, take bank loans to avoid No Show, while being in compliance with the regulation on the conservation of credit card data.

The interesting "sides" for a restaurant website

Clickable phone number from the restaurant's mobile site

Most of your potential customers are now connecting like you, from a cell phone.

So having clickable links, like your phone number on the mobile version of your website is a must.

A restaurant menu that can be easily consulted... and updated 

As well as a map (Menu) that can be consulted and seen from a cell phone...

And if possible updated in real time or almost, so that you don't find the menu of the New Year's Day in July of the following year.

E-reputation widgets

Recalling the good ratings and reviews that your customers have left on your Google page, Tripadvisor, Facebook, and all the directories on which reviews are posted, can be an essential point of reassurance for your potential customers

All the features that will allow a better conversion and booking rate will be good to take.

There are many examples of sites that have none of these features, which is a shame for them.

The minimum necessary information is not always taken into account.

Work on the natural referencing of a restaurant website

Classic natural referencing of the restaurant's website

To hope to reach the first positions in Google and hope to overtake your competitors on queries like "restaurant + geography in which you are", it is not done by an operation of the Holy Spirit.

It is absolutely necessary to work on its SEO to boost its presence on the Internet and at the top of the results of major search engines.

True window of your business, if your site has only a graphic design at the top but without tags to influence Google robots, you will not be found or poorly found, or you will leave the lion's share to Lafourchette or your competitors.

Local referencing

The "Local" referencing is the one that will make you appear in Google with a form that summarizes your activity and location called the " Google Knowledge Graph".

If it is well worked, this same knowledge graph will allow you to go up in more generic local searches without your restaurant's name being mentioned.

Use an SEO agency like Optimize 360 to achieve similar results!

You will be de facto present in Google Maps and Waze in a very pronounced way.

Other geolocated directories

Don't forget all the "peripheral" directories either, even if Google has become hegemonic...

  • Apple Plan
  • Waze

  • Mappy
  • Yelp

  • Yellow Pages
  • Etc.

Should I use Google Ads to push my restaurant website?

Apart from very large restaurant groups, very few independent establishments do so. And this for cost reasons.

But the first action to take is to prevent organizations like Lafourchette to come and position themselves through Google Ads by buying your own name.

They cannibalize you and divert you from the customers who were looking for you, and make them come to their platform instead of letting them book directly with you.

This practice is literally outrageous and it is important not to let them do it and "show their teeth" if necessary.

Optimize 360 has successfully helped to eliminate this unfair competition many times over.

How to get rid of Lafourchette and its commissions

The paradox is that some restaurants that do not have a favorable catchment area position, or that want to promote less frequented weeks, tend to use Lafourchette.

It can be profitable to launch one's activity, or to boost it, but it is absolutely necessary to set up other means to avoid becoming dependent on the one hand, and on the other hand, to collect mainly only "promotion hunters" in terms of customers.

It's all a question of balance on the one hand, and a desire to build loyalty with your own customers on the other.
But Optimize 360 will show you with figures that many restaurants have become autonomous and have managed to do without Lafourchette.

How to increase your E-Reputation in the restaurant business and thus outperform your competitors in this area

One of the most effective ways to stand out from the competition is to obtain positive reviews from customers in a legal way.

Obviously, in this matter, one will never make a racehorse out of a donkey, but as long as the quality is there in terms of cuisine, service, and value for money, then there is no reason not to manage one's E-Reputation and try to make it progress.

How do you do it?

The first thing is to control all the customer reviews posted on all the platforms that allow it, in a centralized way, without it becoming too time-consuming.

The second is to solicit customer reviews from those who are satisfied, and who do not do so spontaneously.

Indeed, it is mainly dissatisfied customers who express themselves, while those who are satisfied declare it much less spontaneously.

It will be a question of making them express themselves... 

Optimize 360, E-Reputation Agency will give you the best recipes and tools to do so.

Is Social Media important in addition to the restaurant's website?

optimize 360 chr

So yes... they are, but paradoxically much less than Google...

Why... because on the one hand we don't or rarely search for a restaurant on Facebook or Instagram... We search for it primarily in Google, on Tripadvisor or Lafourchette...

Social networks are important to consolidate the image, and give an image thanks to posts, photos, videos.

Optimize 360 will give you the best advice on where and how to put your efforts.

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