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Optimize 360 is a web marketing agency specialising in enhancing your YouTube channels and videos, as well as optimising your channel's SEO.

The Youtube integrated search engine is a major source of video searches by Internet users. Being well positioned in this search engine is therefore crucial to gaining visibility within Youtube itself.

Whether through natural referencing or Youtube Ads.

Optimize 360 Youtube Agency & Youtube Ads

Youtube agency: how do I find the right agency?

There are many things to consider when choosing a Youtube agency.

You first need to ask yourself whether you want them to produce only your video content or whether you want them to manage your entire YouTube channel (with YouTube Ads).

Next, you should find out about their experience, portfolio, services, prices, quality, etc.

Is it an agency that puts you in touch with Youtubers and influencers?

Do they buy advertising on Youtube?

1) Check the Youtube channels they have created in the past.

2) Ask them questions such as:

What are your objectives when managing YouTube channels?

Ask yourself questions about your own objectives...

Do you want to get more views of your videos, more subscribers, more likes, more comments, more followers?

Are you looking for brand awareness, product promotion, lead generation or something else? Do you have a budget for advertising? Do you already have contacts?

3) If you can, check their portfolio. Look at other projects they've worked on. Try to understand why they were successful or not.

4) Ask them questions about their expertise. Can they create a video for you? Will they optimise it for Youtube? Can they promote it on Youtube?

How does the YouTube algorithm work? How do you reference your YouTube video?

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The quality of the content is mainly favoured by YouTube, but other factors also play an important role.

For example, if you want your video to get views, it needs to be both interesting and relevant to Internet users, but its Title, Description and Tags need to be worked on in terms of SEO so that it emerges AND within the Youtube search engine, AND within the Google search results.

A well-prepared video can move up to the first page of Google and the main SERPs. 

Among social networks and especially social media, Youtube has the highest penetration rate with 71% of connected users (ahead of even Facebook).

Having your own Youtube channel and your own videos on Youtube is becoming an essential part of your digital strategy.

Of the main video platforms in existence (Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.) Youtube is the video-sharing platform of choice, not only because of the number of people who use it, but also because it is owned by Google.

In fact, it will be the one that Google favours in its own search engine... 

It is also a de facto guarantee of a potentially higher rate of engagement than on other platforms.

What are the different types of Youtube ad?

Masthead format: Youtube's main advertising format

Masthead format: Youtube's main advertising format

This is the benchmark for advertising formats on Youtube, as it covers the entire Youtube homepage (on desktop and smartphone).

Use this format when you want to publicise or launch an innovation, or to reach a very large audience over a short promotional period.

Youtube Masthead banners are only available on recommendation with the help of a Google Account Manager.

You can make a simulation to see what your own advertising might look like.

Discovery: advertising directly on Youtube videos

Video Discovery ads on Youtube are displayed via an image of your own video in the form of a thumbnail + text.

This Youtube ad format allows for different sizes and appearances depending on where it is displayed.

Internet users are invited to click on these mini advertising banners to watch your own video.

Outstream Youtube Ads formats

As the name suggests, these 'Out Stream' ads are not shown on the YouTube platform.

They are placed on partner sites in the same way as Google's "Display" advertising.

Users can press the video ad to activate the sound.

This Youtube ad format is designed to extend the reach of your video ads to other media at a fairly affordable price.

On the mobile Web, they are displayed in banners, while in mobile applications they are displayed in banners, interstitials, in native format and in portrait and full-screen modes.

Typically, these are mini videos that sometimes pop up when you open a mobile application for L'Équipe, Le Figaro etc. 

Bumper Ads, a very "intrusive" Youtube Ads format

Bumper Ads are video ad formats that are positioned before the video you were trying to watch...

They can last up to six seconds and are highly intrusive, forcing you to play them in their entirety before playing the next video.

In the same vein...

Youtube Ads Instream Skippable

These "In Stream" ads, which can be deactivated, are shown before, during or after other videos.

The user can choose to ignore the announcement after a five-second delay.

These ads are often used to generate video views.

In order to adopt the best strategy for displaying ads on the Youtube social network, and to find out what's best for your Youtube channel, we invite you to put all your advertising campaigns into perspective.

Advertising on YouTube is certainly very interesting, and YouTube has an undeniable advantage when it comes to potentially reaching millions of visitors.

But this social network is far from the only one that needs to be integrated into your overall digital strategy.

Among the social networks and social media, your Youtube channel needs to be given particular attention. Well thought-out advertising campaigns.

Do you need to produce new advertising campaigns on Youtube?

Optimize 360 is fully aware of the ins and outs of these issues, whether in terms of

YouTube's algorithm, or as an advertising network.

Need help with Youtube videos? Gain an audience on Youtube? 

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