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Optimize 360 is a Social Media Agency specialises in the professional use of social networks, including Instagram, for business purposes.

How can you enhance your professional brand image and engagement rate, or even find new customers or engage in social selling using this social network, which now attracts millions of users worldwide?

Influencer marketing is becoming more and more prevalent and effective, to the point where it has been at the heart of advertising budgets for some of the world's biggest brands...

Optimize 360 Professional Instagram agency

Why invest in Instagram for your business?

Instagram is a social network with a strong focus on photography (and short videos), and an influence where the aesthetic aspect is essential.

This is a resolutely inspirational platform in which the storytelling must project the user into a coherent, idealised, dream world.

With over 1 billion users worldwide and 7.5 million visitors a day in France, Instagram is one of the top three most popular social networks in France.

The social network is positioning itself as a key platform for the fashion, cookery, interior design, sport, lifestyle, food, design and travel industries in particular.

If your business falls into one of these top categories, then creating a professional Instagram account and running influencer campaigns probably makes sense.

And managing social media campaigns with this social network is precisely what you need to put at the heart of your digital strategy.

Why create a professional Instagram account?

Creating a professional Instagram account will allow you to optimise interaction with your followers and potential customers:

Unlike a personal account, you will be able to highlight contact information (email, telephone, address, etc.).

You'll also have access to detailed internal statistics and be able to manage a shared back office with Facebook, for performance analysis purposes (engagement rates, impact of different advertising formats, demographic data on your followers, etc.). )

All this statistical data will be very useful, enabling you to analyse your KPIs for influencer and advertising campaigns.

Any communications agency familiar with Facebook Meta will be able to manage Social Ads campaigns with Facebook + Instagram.

What are the characteristics of an effective professional Instagram account?

Optimize 360 Professional Instagram agency Ronaldo account

Beyond the accounts of certain celebrities who, on the strength of their reputation alone, are able to unite millions of users and followers around their personality, there are a few key success factors common to all successful accounts.

Any expert communications agency will tell you...

A unique, vertical and coherent universe

No effective Instagram account is a patchwork or jigsaw puzzle of random photos (apart from certain muses' accounts, and even then...).

Note that the accounts of major luxury and fashion brands have a highly consistent editorial and graphic style and a very coherent universe of publications.

Remember that your fans (your subscribers) need to see themselves in this uniqueness so that they can identify with your world.

Professional, polished photos on Instagram

Any high-flying professional digital communication needs artistic direction.

But without going that far, having shots taken from the best angles, by professional photographers, is the best way to meet the above criteria.

The better the quality and consistency of your photos and videos, the greater your chances of attracting an audience impressed by them.

Don't forget that you're typically in a photographic showcase designed to seduce Internet users and make them want to visit you... 

A singular and varied universe 

It may be a paradoxical injunction, but it's a reality...

An effective editorial strategy on Instagram involves creating content that is consistent in terms of form (quality content), but also varied in terms of the situations in which it is presented.

Winning over your user community involves these two fundamental elements.

Instagram ads campaigns

Facebook's Meta Business Manager (formerly Facebook Business Manager) is a Back Office platform that lets you promote posts and stories and set up genuine visual incentives and promotional videos.

In the same way as Facebook and Instagram, the two combined are now a widely used advertising channel for all the major brands wishing to use this digital "4 by 3" as an advertising distribution channel. 

You can reach your community of followers and win over new ones by targeting the interests of your loyal community.

Social Selling on Instagram, yes but...

As for Social Selling, it's entirely possible, with the caveat that you need to be present in universes that work and that are conducive to impulse online sales.

Namely, those mentioned above.

Fashion, cookery, sport, lifestyle, food, design, travel, mobile applications, software... at prices that are still psychologically reasonable so that the act of buying is potentially triggered.

Jaeger-Lecoultre, Rolex, Hermès and Aston Martin have a strong presence on Instagram, but the price tag means that these brands will not be sold On Line.

On the other hand, building their brand image will still involve instagram accounts that make people want to find out more, or relay the visual communication of their image.

Why choose an Instagram agency for influencer campaigns?

Although you can quite easily push advertising on this social network yourself, and even if you have 'basic' image and video content, setting up effective advertising campaigns is not something you can improvise in just a couple of clicks.

An advertising campaign needs to be prepared both in terms of targeting and optimising its delivery.

Do they need to be backed up by lobbying campaigns? Can they stand on their own? 

Influencer campaigns are real strategies in their own right.

Choosing the right influencers, and choosing the right channels for those influencers, is not as easy. Not all influencers have the right audience for your brand or products.

That's why you need to find an agency that specialises in influencer marketing.

Can you do e-commerce with Instagram?

Optimize 360 e commerce

The answer is "yes of course", but not under any conditions.

Although Instagram itself allows you to create your own mini online shop, you'll quickly be limited if you don't link your Instagram account to an existing e-commerce back office.

Having a high-performance e-commerce website is often the prerequisite for linking the two and generating additional sales via this social network.

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