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Optimize 360 is a BtoB and BtoC digital agency specializing in community management and the generation of qualified leads and additional sales through the Internet and social media.

Are you looking to generate more qualified contacts? Develop a community of potential customers? Find the right Buyer Persona to target and contact? Generate a Growth Hacking or Inbound Marketing Process?

Our team of BtoB experts are here to audit your situation and suggest the best approaches to boost your Qualified Database and generate additional leads and customers.

Optimize 360 Linkedin Agency - BtoB Lead Generation

Linkedin: A social network centered around The Person above all!

With the advent of social networks, and rich profiles, you must first be aware that you will always be more effective on Linkedin by speaking personally, than with company pages on this professional social network.

Indeed, do you give more importance to the words of Michel Edouard Leclerc himself or to the "Leclerc" page which will immediately have a commercial connotation and somewhat mercantile?

On Linkedin, will the engagement of a post by Emmanuel Macron have more impact than the "Presidency of the Republic" page?

In both cases, the answer is obviously "Yes"...

For the Business, it is almost the same!...

You are, as a Company Manager, Executive Director, the first ambassador of your company, its know-how, your services and your brands.

In doing so, the interactivity so dear to Linkedin's algorithms and social networks in general, will have a potentially stronger engagement and virality if it is initiated by a profile than any publication emanating from the company page or the brands themselves.

This social network has its own specific operating codes, and the Linkedin Professional Network can prove to be extremely effective, as long as you master its uses and algorithms.

What can a Linkedin Specialized Digital Agency do for you?

On a professional target, a Media Agency specialized in this network, must make you aware of the importance of the point mentioned above before anything else.

Even if specialized tools for collecting contacts, using and optimizing this mega database of companies and profiles have been developed(Prospectin, Waalaxy, Kaspr, Linkedin Sales Navigator...), adopting a prospecting approach is not done without a method and without having analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of your own organization

Is your leader himself ready to play the game to dare to show up and spread the word?

Will it be necessary to do it in his place? in his name? for more efficiency?

Is he or she already doing it, spontaneously, naturally, and will he or she be willing to put on the shirt as your organization's first ambassador?

Are your employees, potential relays of your content, present on LinkedIn? Are they active? Are they sufficiently trained? Are they carrying the right messages? Once we've said that, do you have the resources and support needed to approach potential candidates and prospects commercially?

What is the message you want to convey to them, with what pretexts will you work?

Generate Qualified Leads via Linkedin is (still) possible

Who is not annoyed, even harassed today, by thinly veiled commercial approaches via Linkedin, and sometimes very badly targeted?

After the unwanted phone calls we receive every day, we are now all overwhelmed by Linkedin emails and aggressive commercial approaches...

The advertising campaigns adding 3 layers of it by the way 

Linkedin's news feed is, as on other social networks, interspersed with advertising posts that even make some say that this social network has become a "Facebook Like". As much as it could be interesting and efficient during the first years, it has become a fair of commercial prospection of all kinds.

However, if you know how it works in depth, the codes and the uses, Linkedin is still a major asset to find (especially in B2B) good buyer personas, potential future customers among the millions of users of this platform.

It is a Social Media that deserves to be seriously considered, with a very methodical approach that goes far beyond the simple advertisements that we see emerging in abundance.

Of course, advertising campaigns can be effective, especially in the field of recruitment, but this Social Media has many other assets up its sleeve.

What is the best strategy to adopt on Linkedin?

The first step before any prospecting action on Linkedin is to determine your Buyer Persona (if you want to make this network a little more than a "friend from before")...

Only then will the first strategy be to identify, classify and even potentially enter these buyer personas into a qualified database of potential customers.

Otherwise, you might as well advertise with classic campaign objectives and call it a day.

Going for the quintessence of this social network, is not only about the strategy of advertising targeting.

It is the inter-personal contact base that gives the network its value. 

It is better to have a small but highly qualified database than a mega list of prospects to whom a uniform and generic message will be sent.

Therefore, beware of the nice words that a LinkedIn Ads Agency can give you in terms of sponsored content. 

Here, as on many other social networks, the strategy of targeting and creating quality content are the keys to a real lead generation campaign.

The Best Practices Exchange: The Absolute Weapon of your commercial prospection on Linkedin

Which Linkedin posts generate the most engagement and virality?

Beyond some influencers who have found "their audience" with a provocative angle, humor, and an offbeat communication strategy like Michael Aguilar for example, we see that one of the recipes that works on Linkedin is to

Giving to better receive

Basic principle of Inbound Marketing by the way, offer free and if possible useful information to your targets in return for a comment to make the Linkedin algorithm work. And thus get "likes", and even better to receive the precise contact information of a prospect who downloaded a free white paper. So many reflexes to adopt on this social network.

Exchanging Tips, Best Practices in a seemingly disinterested way, will make you The Person around whom a community of interest will be created.

Whatever your business goals are, this is a golden rule on Linkedin.

This presupposes that you have, beyond your speech, prepared the appropriate content upstream of your speech for a highly qualified audience.

And similarly, if you are considering a direct approach to your Buyer Persona, ask yourself: What is the problem I am going to be able to solve for him and for his own business concerns?

The news feed on your profile or company page should not be exclusively made up of information that does not elicit any reaction, emotion, or respond to any particular need. 

Otherwise what's the point of posting? To show that you're there?

People looking for your business, the day they look for it, will first go back to Google to find it. Unless they remember that you, as a "professional" person, have already aroused their curiosity by the added value of sharing information that you have put forward.

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