Optimize 360 Facebook Ads & Social Networks Agency

Optimize 360 is a Social Media Agency specialized in animation and advertising on Facebook pages of brands and companies.

Social Media specialist in the broadest sense, but particularly expert in the development of your Facebook page, its animation (community management), and the ability to propel it into a real channel of acquisition and sales (generation of qualified leads).

With the Social Network Facebook having bought Instagram in 2012, when the Optimize 360 agency was founded, we grew up with these 2 networks and learned how to optimize them for business purposes.

Optimize 360 Facebook Ads & Social Networks Agency

Why use Facebook for advertising purposes?

Facebook ads are essential for businesses to reach their target audience.

With over a billion active users, Facebook is the leading social network in terms of user base.

Companies use Facebook ads to increase brand awareness and sales.

A company called Optimize 360 provides services to help businesses advertise on Facebook.

It offers a range of tools that can be used to create effective campaigns.

How does the Facebook Ad work?

advertising campaigns around the Golf domain

Launching campaigns is fairly simple for the "average person".

On the other hand, when it comes to using Facebook advertising for business purposes, it is important to think about the objectives that you set for yourself and for these advertising campaigns

Advertising on social networks can be both simple and complicated.

Since a media budget is not extensible, it is important to determine your advertising strategy.

5 main types of Facebook advertising are possible

Let's take the example of advertising campaigns around the field of golf:

1. Gain notoriety thanks to Facebook Ads

In this first case, the objective of this type of campaign will be to introduce the golf course to potential sportsmen / fans of outdoor sports who are not yet practicing the activity (but who could become so) by proximity of interests.

The slogan, the offers and the targeting will be very specific and linked to trial offers for example ("free initiation to golf")

2. Market share conquest thanks to the targeting of existing golfers

Here, the acquisition strategy will be different...

It is going to be a question of targeting the Golf Fans (who already practice it), and of trying to convince them to join another Golf (his own), than the one or those in which he already practices this sport.

The targeting opportunities in campaign management allow for just this nuance and finesse.

3. General Public Promotional Boost and Event Promotion with Facebook Ads

Two young golfers practicing chipping shots on a golf course with golf instructor

In this third case, as in the first, we will try to bring in a large audience over a very short period to boost a "physical" event.

Example: an open house

4. Promotional Boost for Market Share Conquest with Facebook Ads

In this 4th case, as in the 2nd, we will target in the acquisition strategy, golfers to promote a golf competition, and therefore also try to attract them to an event purely related to the activity, but over a very short period.

And by the way, whatever your digital advertising project is, these 4 branches are too often not put in place as they are.

In order for the conversion rate of Facebook ads to be effective, it is imperative that the media budget be broken down into assigned objectives. 

Generating qualified leads with Facebook is quite possible, provided that the advertising campaigns and campaign management are perfectly thought out beforehand.

5. Facebook Ad Remarketing

When you visit a website or mobile application, Facebook will try to serve you ads based on what you've viewed.

This is exactly the principle of Remarketing

This means that if you browse a site about cars, you may later see an ad for a car dealer.

Is it necessary to hire a Facebook agency to use it properly?

Among the Social Media, Facebook is without doubt the one for which it is easiest to create types of campaigns related to your activity whatever it is.

On the other hand, thinking about your advertising strategy deserves to be done by experts.

Campaign Management in Facebook, the control of advertising accounts is not as easy as it seems.

Facebook allows digital acquisition, lead generation with interesting cost per promotional action, but optimizing the management of campaigns with relevant audiences deserves a dedicated project manager.

A good communication on Social Media, the management of a minimum budget, a monthly budget, the good identification of the axes of communication is far from being obvious to fulfill the main objectives that you assign yourself.

Again, to make sure you are managing relevant audiences and have good overall communication...

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