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Off-site SEO Agency and Netlinking Agency, Optimize 360 offers you to apply the best practices of natural referencing in this field, and to perfectly complete your natural referencing On Site, and your technical referencing for a maximum efficiency.

What is off-site referencing?

For an SEO agency, off-page SEO, among the SEO techniques, covers all the methods you use that do not involve making changes to your site or publishing content. (unlike On Site SEO, technical SEO, and paid search - SEA -)

Optimizations are done here outside your website. The acquisition of traffic is indeed done both by working the On and Off Site on the internet. 

Thus, off-site SEO is a set of methods used to increase the visibility of a website on search engines by linking from external sites to yours.

The main objective of an off-site SEO campaign is to get links from other websites that have a high "Trust Flow" or are closely related to your niche and topic.

This will improve your ranking on Google and other major internet search engines by tracking the "Link Juice" that the indexing robots of the major search engines and Google in particular will do.

Why do we need off-site SEO on the internet?

An off-site SEO strategy can be very effective if done right.

This type of marketing has proven to be very successful in many niches.

It is also one of the most profitable ways to increase traffic to your site, and thus boost its own ranking vs. the competition by allowing the indexing robots to include it in their analysis. 

How does it work?

We use several tools to find out what kind of backlinks are available for our clients.

We observe the organic traffic of possible backlink sources, their "Trust Flow" and their "Citation Flow".

Then we create a plan based on our clients' specific external link needs.

Our team analyzes each link we find and then decides if it is worth including it in the client's backlink profile with a context article (or not)

What are the best practices Off Site and why do netlinking?

The links are the vectors of the importance of optimization of your website and in your SEO project. And not only the internal links.

Any good Digital Agency will tell you that quality content strategies generate inbound links but this does not prevent you from promoting your content via an effective netlinking strategy, which are also intended to generate inbound traffic to your website.

A link acquired in a quality site will boost your web page by promoting a good positioning in Google for a strategic query and trust our experts and ask for a free pre-audit!

Since the arrival of the PENGUIN algorithm in 2012, (and its updates) which monitors the quality of incoming links. Certain criteria must be respected in order to build links:

1) You must respect the anchor text (the words referring to your site).

Avoid pure link building techniques without text or contextualized elements around them, and instead focus on natural link building via social media, blogs, forums, news sites and other online communities.

External links that users will naturally click on to "learn more".

These pages are a great resource for linking to your site. However, these pages may not bring much traffic. Focus on quality over quantity.

2) Your site must be relevant to the anchor text.

If your site sells fashion-related products, for example, you can create links with anchor text like "fashion blog" or "fashion news" to get users and web surfers to click through.

How to do off-site SEO?

In practice, you can identify yourself all the peripheral support websites that would deal closely with your theme, and try to contact the webmasters of these sites, but this can be very time consuming and tedious.

In terms of referencing, tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, have modules that allow you to identify them by thematic clusters, or even to send emails to get in touch with them.

But here again, you can quickly get stuck and lose a lot of time in prospecting and implementation.

It is better to use off-site SEO agencies like Optimize 360, which will help you structure your approach and find the best blogs or partner sites to do so, with the best possible traffic and trust flow.


What are the 5 main Off Site SEO techniques?

Implementing a netlinking strategy requires the activation of one or more of the following levers.

Whatever the methods and their implementation, always focus on the quality of backlinks and especially, of their supports (referring domains, and technical and qualitative aspects of their content creation)

Backlink creation must be anything but random, and must meet perfect execution and implementation.

360° Social Networks, Directories and Geofencing

Local SEO (GMB & Citations)

Among the easiest ways to have a real strategy of links, the Google My Business geolocalized cards are the obvious beginning to position in Google Maps its headquarters, and its physical establishments (branches, stores ...) possible.

The local SEO agencies will systematically advise you to include it among the ranking factors to hope to appear in the local Google packs.

Knowing that the Google My Business pages carry stars and comments, which although having little impact in the referencing itself, have a possible impact in the choice of Internet users between two establishments. 

So the "external" user experience is important even before the website login. And Google My Business has a clickable button pointing to your website. 

Among the business goals you set for yourself, Google My Business is the cornerstone of geofencing.

Social networks

Without needing to make a lot of effort in SEO, social networks are not necessarily the first media recommended by SEO agencies.

But they are, at the very least, files or pages that still allow to create a backlink to the website, and to ensure a 360° presence.

It would therefore be wrong not to use it as a support for the 360° strategy that Optimize 360 is known for.


"Geofencing" is perhaps a "dirty word" to express the ability to multiply geolocated peripheral media likely to generate inbound links to the site.

In any case, the more supports like Waze, Google Maps, Tripadvisor, Apple Maps, Mappy, Foursquare, Yelp, etc. that will allow us to generate consistent incoming links, the better it will be for the Off Site referencing. 

Classic" NetLinking 

Building links

Inbound links are the most important ranking factor for off-page SEO

This is because Google uses link popularity to determine how relevant your website is to other websites on the Internet. The more links you have, the higher your page will appear in the search results.

When building links, make sure they are relevant to your niche.

For example, if you sell shoes, don't just buy links to shoe-related websites, but to anything that might revolve around that central theme.

Make sure the links you create are high quality and well written.

Be careful when buying links from low-quality websites.

This could damage your reputation and lead to sanctions.

As well as the exchange of links can be a very good approach if the theme of your partner is close to yours.

The link profile you choose will determine the quality of the incoming link juice.

The purchase of links is sometimes done through 

Brand Building. Build brand awareness and loyalty to expect "natural" backlinks in return.

The first step in building a brand is to develop its awareness.

This means that you need to create a name for your business, a logo and a website.

You also want to develop a marketing plan that includes social media campaigns, email marketing and advertising. If you're not familiar with branding, it's important to hire an expert who knows what they're doing.

Once you have developed your brand, you need to promote it. And once promoted and known, it will be cited spontaneously by a number of other media on the internet (with outbound links to your site).

External Content Marketing via Guest Posting

Producing quality On Site content is of course the "B to Ba" for SEO agencies. 

But external link building can be done on a blog post or an "external" press article hosted by another site.

This is precisely the objective of Guest Posting:

Its principle is to provide quality editorial content produced for site A, but posted on a site B which has a related theme.

Site B must have a quality Trust Flow which itself has an interest in creating additional content for its own On Site SEO.

Again, doing it "by hand" can be very time consuming.

Using a Search Engine Optimization agency like Optimize 360 can save you a lot of time.

However, for those who would like to start the battle alone, here are some platforms to connect with "partner" websites

Specialized Off Site SEO platforms

Even if a benchmark or a competitive analysis should be done, here are the main platforms for Netlinking and Guest Posting.

These platforms combine link building, and beyond the purchase of links, article hosting 

PNB (Private Blog Network)

What is the private blog network?

A PBN is a network of sites owned by the same entity.

These sites are linked together to increase the visibility of a single website. This type of strategy is used to increase the number of visitors to a specific website.

According to Olivier Andrieu, a specialist in natural referencing, this technique must be used with great care to avoid the opposite effect expected, and... a possible penalty from Google if this technique is detected.

Press and Media Relations Strategy

Optimize 360 wrote a specific article on the subject of the merits of implementing a PR strategy to obtain articles and backlinks of a very high quality.

Find it here: https: //www.optimize360.fr/seo-off-site-ou-relations-presse/

Content syndication

What is content syndication?

Content syndication is a method of republishing existing content on other websites to reach a wider audience.

Even if we consider here primarily textual content, any type of digital content can be syndicated:

Texts, images, videos, infographics...

Content syndication benefits both entities: the website where it is syndicated gets new content, and at the same time the brand behind the original content is exposed to a new audience.

However, content syndication is probably not the best way to get quality traffic in SEO.

If you syndicate content from a website that has a higher domain authority than you, it may actually outrank your original article.

Again, this is a technique to be used with great care.

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