How to succeed on TikTok with Optimize 360?

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Succeed on TIKTOK with Optimize 360
  1. Step 1: Create the perfect profile
  2. Step 2: Know who you want to target
  3. Step 3: Create interesting videos that stand out from the crowd
  4. Step 4: Meeting the challenges to succeed on TikTok
  5. Conclusion

TikTok has grown dramatically since its merger with There are now two applications: TikTok in the Western world and Douyin in China.

The application has already been downloaded 1.27 billion times worldwide. Since 2018, the number of downloads has doubled.
It is the fourth most downloaded application (outside of games) in 2018, behind WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook. Of course, like all social applications, most people on TikTok aim to increase their number of followers.
There are many ways to succeed on Tiktok and therefore increase your number of followers in a legitimate way, without having to buy fake followers.
Here are our 4 tips to succeed on TikTok.

How to succeed on TikTok with Optimize 360?

Step 1: Create the perfect profile

Your profile is essential to the success of your TikTok. It will often be the place where you will make your first impression to other users. If people are not impressed by a glance at your profile, they will not be interested in following you.

how to succeed on Tiktok with Optimize 360

Step 2: Know who you want to target

Successful TikTokers don't try to please everyone. You need to create videos that appeal to your primary audience. Therefore, you must first determine who you want that primary audience to be.
If you have an existing account, it's useful to look at your list of current followers to determine who your "super-fans" are, if you have any. What types of videos do they seem to enjoy the most?
If you have created your TikTok profile to represent a company, then you will want to create videos that will appeal to your target customers. If you are just an individual, you will probably want to have followers who have the same interests as you do. Your followers may well be similar to the types of people you choose to follow.

target for success on tiktok optimizes 360

Step 3: Create interesting videos that stand out from the crowd

If you have talent or creativity, make an effort to produce original videos. The TikTok audience probably doesn't require you to have in-depth technical knowledge, but they expect you to make at least an effort if they bother to follow you.
By creating your signature style, you are effectively creating your TikTok character. Your fans will quickly discover the real you (TikTok) from your videos. It's essential that you continue to keep them coming back in the same way. You must always be an authentic version of yourself.
The big advantage of TikTok compared to other social networks is the multitude of features that allow you to make videos that are different from others.
The effects, filters and edits available allow you to create unique and very advanced videos.

Step 4: Meeting the challenges to succeed on TikTok

Challenges are an essential part of TikTok. They can be large global challenges, such as the #HideAndSeekChallenge, or smaller challenges specific to your field. By taking part in the challenges, you become more relevant to your community. These videos help you get yourself noticed, and by using the appropriate hashtag, you offer another way for people to find your content.
Many challenges have thousands of participants, which means that the videos can become a bit repetitive. So it's a good idea to add your personal touch to your challenge videos.


Follow these tips, they may be the only thing you've been waiting for to get your account off the ground and succeed on TikTok.

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How to succeed on TikTok?

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