What is Digital Marketing? How to set it up?

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  1. 1.How to do Digital Marketing?
  2. What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing?
  3. 3. Comment mettre en place une stratégie de Marketing Digital ?
  4. 4.Pillars of an effective digital marketing strategy
  5. Analysez votre secteur d'activité sur le Web
  6. Identify your Buyer Persona 
  7. Adapt your commercial offer accordingly
  8. Produce qualitative content to ultimately encourage them to buy.
  9. Make your customers ambassadors for your products and brands. 

Digital MarketingThe Internet is the most common form of marketing on the Internet, whether it is electronic marketing, e-marketing, or digital marketing.

  • Online communication (Websites, social networks, various digital media...)
  • E-Commerce optimization or "e-commerce".
  • Creation of traffic thanks to all digital media (computer, mobile phone, podcast player, video games and digital signage - outdoor advertising panels and TV at points of sale).

Digital marketing can also be defined as all the marketing activities that an organisation, product or brand carries out via digital channels.

Its four main levers of action are:

definition of digital marketing

1.How to do Digital Marketing?

ça va sans dire, mais ça va mieux en le disant, il faut bien évidemment que l’écosystème digital soit lui-même en place.

And of course, and this is undoubtedly the prerequisite, a well-established Digital Strategy with a Vision that is perfectly in line with the Strategy of the company itself.

Good digital communication can only be achieved if the tools are used for functional purposes in the service of this strategy.

Multi-channel alignment will also be a key element in coordinating Internet and field actions.

Generate qualified traffic Optimize 360

What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing?

One of the undeniable advantages of Digital Marketing is a de facto Opening to the World possible...

No borders, no limits on opening hours, as long as your ecosystem is multilingual, only a few barriers in China (with Baïdu) could hinder you to present your products and services in a global way.

That doesn't mean that you won't have to adapt your content vs. different languages, cultures and consumption habits, but in any case, you have an almost global market at your fingertips.

If we were to sum up all of these benefits:

  • Global Openness / Accessibility
  • Availability 24/24 - 7/7
  • Potentially limited investment vs. physical points of sale
  • Potentially lower marketing and communication investments than in traditional media (press, TV, radio, billboards, etc.).
  • Low acquisition costs in Inbound Marketing
  • Exponential additional turnover 
  • Creation of qualified customer databases
  • Differentiation and customization of offers accordingly
  • Speed to market for a new product or offering.
  • Remarketing, Direct Marketing and related loyalty programs
  • Animation of communities of fans and customers (who have become) ambassadors 

digital marketing

3. How to set up a Digital Marketing strategy?

Once the Global Strategy of the company is well established, the 5-year plans, the P&L forecasts are in place, it will then be time to look at the role and the share granted to Digital.

Indeed, Digital Marketing is only one of the armed arms (and not the least today) of the levers to be activated to reach your company's turnover and profitability objectives.

Of course, this share of Digital, although constantly growing, will not be the same depending on whether you are an industrial, semi-industrial, service company, or even a pure Internet player.

On the other hand, it must be said that almost no area of activity is now immune to this.

Quels que soient les domaines, le Digital devient au minimum un canal d’acquisition majeur dans la mesure où Internet, devient la première source de prise de renseignement, et que Google représente près de 95% des recherches effectuées par les internautes dans le monde.

Any Digital Strategy will therefore begin with a single question.

Comment être visible dans Google pour être trouvé par mes clients et parmi mes concurrents ?

If you are not able to answer this first question, except to have a Coca Cola, Apple, Microsoft, Louis Vuitton brand power... you will absolutely not be found (or almost).

We then invite you to follow the steps already explained here, from Stratégie de Growth Hacking or toInbound Marketing to tell you what the major steps are to align digital with the rest of your business.

Then it remains to determine how you want to (still) work on your Outound Marketing in coherence and/or arbitration with your classic Media means in order to close the loop.

4.Pillars of an effective digital marketing strategy

Nous l’avons sans doute déjà abordé dans des articles précédents, mais en voici une synthèse:

Analyze your industry on the Web

Unless you already have panels in your field of activity, you will have to set up panels on the web.

Even if companies like Kantar are able to provide you with Mediametrics indicators, you will have to evaluate the size of the Internet market through the visibility share of your competitors in your industry.

There are of course various tools available for this purpose. Optimize 360 will be able to provide you with a list on request. 

Identify your Buyer Persona 

It's the cornerstone of any digital strategy. 

It means determining your typical buyer profile to be able to distil the right messages and the right commercial offers for him/her as soon as his/her maturity is in the "Decision Making" phase of an Inbound Marketing process.

Adapt your commercial offer accordingly

The big advantage of digital is that you can segment your database of qualified customers to infinity or almost infinity.

In contrast to "Mass Marketing", digital allows you over time to complete the qualification fields of your prospects and customers.

So much so that you might almost be able to determine the ideal product in front of every potential buyer.

Of course, for reasons of economy of scale, you almost never get to that stage. But you could clearly be in a position to do so.

Before getting there, making clusters of consumers or customers has become much easier depending on the qualification of your database.

Produce qualitative content to ultimately encourage them to buy.

Beyond the commercial offers themselves, (packaged products or services), the Inbound Marketing process will imply that you will be able to talk to your customers in a different way at each phase of maturity of their customer journey:

    • Awareness phase (the client searches a little randomly, is interested from afar in the field of activity)
    • Consideration phase (the client begins to actively inquire and collects accurate information)
    • Decision-making phase (the customer compares the different offers on the market including yours)

It will then be time to transform the trial with a commercial offer this time completely adapted to his research.

inbound marketing buying journey

Make your customers ambassadors for your products and brands. 

The culmination of a digital strategy is not necessarily the deed of sale itself, but two things will give a little more importance to all this:

      • His ability to leave comments and opinions on the internet following his purchase or consumer experience.
      • So whether or not he is satisfied with it

In fact, both the Customer Service, After-sales service, and your E-Reputation The last links in the chain that should not be overlooked are the last links in the chain.

The power of recommendation on the Internet and social networks can be essential, but so can the power of nuisance. 

Consumer behaviour will therefore have to be closely monitored once the purchase has been made.

Do not hesitate on this point, as on the previous ones, to consult us so that your digital channels are mastered from A to Z.

Generating Leads is important, but it has (almost) become the easiest phase today.



For any information, please do not hesitate to contact our teams, or to ask us for a Free Audit or a Quotation.

What is Digital Marketing? How to set it up?
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What is Digital Marketing? How to set it up?
Digital Marketing, electronic marketing, e-marketing, or digital marketing, is the set of marketing methods and practices on the Internet.
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