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Optimize 360 Bordeaux. SEO Agency, Social Media Strategy, Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing

Optimize 360 Bordeaux is an Agency specialized in 360° Digital Strategy which intervenes with VSEs / SMEs / Large Companies on the various services listed below.

Optimize 360 accompanies companies throughout New Aquitaine, particularly independent clients in the catering trade (cafés, hotels, restaurants), but also the hotel industry, of which we are now specialists with more than 70 client hotels, as well as the world of tourism and leisure activities.

The Optimize 360 agency is a partner of the B'A brand in a desire to make the know-how of companies in the Bay of Arcachon known through webmarketing.

The objective of Optimize 360, is to make sure that you can improve your visibility on the Web, that your website is positioned in the first positions of Google, and develop a positive and growing ROI (Return on Investment) in a strong competitive universe.

We intervene in the following areas

SEO Agency Bordeaux and the Arcachon Basin

Optimize 360, SEO Agency in Bordeaux, accompanies you in improving the visibility of your website in Google to make it rise among the first positions of Google search results.

Indeed, since Google represents more than 95% of searches in France and Europe, it is essential to truster the first positions to be visible. It should be noted that 91% of Internet users only view the first page of Google.

Optimize 360 will first help you to position your name and strategic keywords to be found among the first search positions in your competitive universe.

We provide efficient and innovative solutions in natural referencing, also called SEO referencing and are able to follow with you the permanent evolution of this process thanks to our indexing and traffic acquisition monitoring tools.

We schedule a monthly physical meeting in order to review the evolution of your visibility but also to train you in the best practices of digital tools.

Agence de Référencement Payant (SEA ) Google Adwords Google Ads -) surBordeaux et le Bassin d’Arcachon

Optimize 360, Pay Per Click Search Engine Optimization Agency (PPA) is an approved Google Partner.

This means that we have validated the certifications required by Google to master Google Ads which is the reference in terms of advertising on the Internet.

Paid referencing, depending on your competitive position, remains the best investment in terms of price and can be extremely useful and profitable.

The SEA allows you to position yourself on the first 4 results of Google "sponsored" searches, thus increasing your chances of being found at the top of search engine results.

Optimize 360 also masters, for the hotel industry, the ability to position itself within the Meta Engines (also called "Meta Search") in such a way as to maximize the capacity of a hotel to have its customers book directly to the detriment of OTAs (Online Travel Agencies, especially Booking or Expedia).

Whether to defend its brand or to conquer, Optimize 360 has formed a partnership with the best French operator specializing in connectivity and management of Meta Engines.

Agency specialized in Social Media Strategy in Bordeaux and the Arcachon Basin

Social networks have become a must for most companies.

Knowing how to manage them professionally has nothing to do with the personal use one can make of them. This is why calling on a Webmarketing agency specialized in Social Media in Bordeaux is a development opportunity for your company.

Social networks allow to highlight a brand image and to animate a community. They also offer the opportunity to interact with customers to establish an effective communication strategy.

Create and animate a Facebook page, an instagram account or a Linkedin page... Using these networks for BtoB or BtoC prospecting is not something you can improvise.

An editorial line, and a strategy of community conquest and animation is essential.

Social networks are not managed at all in the same way as search engine optimization . Where on Google the public is active and looking for specific information, on social networks the public is in a process of entertainment, so we must be impactful in its communication to capture their attention.

So you can't communicate and approach prospects in the same way.

Agency specialized in Community Content Management in Bordeaux and the Arcachon Basin

Optimize 360 has the conviction and evidence that Community Content Management is extremely effective for natural SEO purposes.

Indeed, a site blog allows tactical keywords to be inserted to complete the structural part of the site. And skillfully impact the "long tail" keywords.

There are two aspects to writing an article:

It is necessary to be able to write content tactically in accordance with the marketing strategy in order to insert a maximum of keywords in Google but also to have a pleasant article to read for Internet users.

Optimize 360, digital communication agency, has the qualified resources and can offer you to write blog articles that are a good balance between the two. Our articles on your business sector will improve the referencing of a site while respecting the user experience.

You can then relay your blog posts on your social networks to maximize their visibility.

Your blog posts must be "SEO-compatible", i.e. written in such a way that Google indexes them as real content pages in their own right.

Agency specialized in E-Reputation Management in Bordeaux and the Arcachon Basin

Optimize 360, E-Reputation Agency for companies, knows perfectly well the mechanics of the main directories or support sites that display comments, reviews and stars.

Hotels and Restaurants are the most subject to these comments and this E-Reputation, reputed to be difficult to control. But the E-Reputation, which is a transposition of word of mouth on the Internet remains, with a good method, a lever for optimizing your visibility on the Internet especially as it now affects all sectors.

For our clients, we are equipped with collection and synthesis tools that allow us to analyze the evolution of your E-Reputation over time, and we are able to help you improve it both on concrete field actions and by legally influencing your rankings in Tripadvisor, Google My Business, Facebook, Yellow Pages, Yelp, and all sites that are supposed to include comments and opinions of Internet users.

Inbound Marketing Agency for Bordeaux and the Arcachon Basin

Optimize 360 establishes an inbound marketing strategy for its clients by taking advantage of its own experience in acquiring leads and prospects.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound Marketing is very interesting because, once it is set up, it allows you to recruit new prospects and new customers by attracting them to you thanks to an increasingly qualified traffic on your website.

The first step in Inbound Marketing is to make sure that your website is well referenced, so that the Internet users who arrive on your site are those who correspond to potential customers.

Once these prospects arrive on your site you will have to capture them in such a way that you can qualify them and then contact them.

To manage an Inbound Marketing strategy, your site must therefore be backed by a Sales and Marketing CRM tool (Hubspot type) and, depending on the level of maturity of your prospect, after having retrieved his contact details, you must be able to "feed" him with qualitative information until he reaches the maturity phase of purchasing your products or services.

Web Marketing Agency for the creation of websites in Bordeaux and on the Arcachon Basin

Optimize 360 Bordeaux, Digital Agency, accompanies you in your Web project.

Whether you wish to create a showcase site or an ECommerce site, we help you to set up the strategy of your project on the following points:

  • Website tagging (Title tag, Meta Description, H1...)
  • Writing content for web referencing
  • Definition of your brand image and visual identity
  • Site ergonomics and webdesign
  • Site optimized for mobiles (Responsive Design)
  • Implementation of tracking tools (Google Analytics, Search Console, SEMrush...)

A website created without a natural SEO strategy will not be visible to Google's algorithms and will not bring you any conversion.

Your website must be a generator of leads, prospects and ultimately new customers.

We work with the best web agencies to offer you a site adapted to your needs and optimized from its launch. We can also intervene for the redesign of your website.

Seo et sea, expert in ECommerce websites in Bordeaux, France.

Seo natural referencing is too often neglected in E-commerce sites. The concern is that if you can not differentiate yourself from your competitors you will always be less well referenced than the big players in the market like Amazon or Cdiscount.

You have specificities and expertise, let us know via your E Commerce site.

The SEO techniques of an Ecommerce site are different from those of a showcase site.

Your main asset is your product sheet, it must :

- Be optimized for referencing
- Be well tagged
- Have referenced
images - Have a personalized and precise description

A real content marketing strategy can be implemented on your site whether it is made with Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, woo commerce or droopal.

In order to emerge in the search engines against the competition, we can also set up a backlinks and netlinking strategy to improve your online sales.

As a Google Partner agency with several clients in the E-Commerce sector, we can accompany you in your specific Google Ads campaigns.
As for natural referencing, paid referencing is conceived differently in Ecommerce.

Your Optimize 360 contact Bordeaux - Bassin d'Arcachon

Optimize 360 team Nicolas Tonon Bordeaux Bassin d'Arcachon

Nicolas Tonon

Optimize 360 Bordeaux - Bassin d'Arcachon

After 10 years of experience in Golf management, it is with great pleasure that I bring my stone to the Optimize building by opening the second franchise in Bordeaux - Bassin d'Arcachon

With the conviction that digital is the new revolution not to be missed, Optimize Bordeaux will be keen to support the current dynamics of the Gironde region and to help local businesses develop an effective and coherent digital strategy.
Optimize's strengths are: a proven and rigorous method, constant support for our clients, the flexibility and responsiveness of a start-up combined with the professionalism of an already referenced structure.

The Internet is evolving at breakneck speed, opportunities deserve to be seized while surfing on this wave of constant innovation, let us be your guide to success with a tailor-made strategy adapted to your needs!

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