Qu'est-ce que les Meta Search ou Méta Moteurs ? Hôtellerie

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what is meta search
  1. 1) Meta Search (or Meta Engines). Definition and operation
  2. 2 How does Meta Search work?
  3. 3. Quel est l’intérêt des Méta Moteurs pour un hôtel ?
  4. 4.4 How to manage and drive Meta Search and make it a profitable acquisition channel?

What are Meta Search in the hotel business? How do they work?

How do you make sure you appear there? How to manage them?

Many hoteliers have a lot of questions, because after the OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) they have become a major customer acquisition vehicle for hotels.

Optimize 360, SEO agency specialized in the hotel business, provides you with the essential information you need to know.

meta engines

1) Meta Search (or Meta Engines). Definition and operation

The Meta Search (by difference at the start in OTA - Booking, Expedia, CTrip...) are hotel comparison and hotel room price engines that get their information from several search engines.

They are therefore supposed to make and present a synthesis of the searches, and requalify an offer in a synthetic way and sorted according to your search criteria.

The best known of them are:

They are not initially designed to allow direct booking, but refer users directly to the OTA Booking Engine (or to the hotel's live Booking Engine if it is part of their booking program).

En revanche, Google est en train de migrer en ce moment vers la deuxième catégorie (celle des OTA), puisque depuis peu, il permet via son système “Book on Google” d’aller jusqu’au bout du processus de réservation et de paiement de la transaction dans son propre système.

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Sans évoquer là leur fonctionnement technique, ce qui peut intéresser les hôteliers, c’est comment fonctionnent-ils d’un point de vue commissionnement.

En dehors de Google Hotel Ads qui adoptent un système soit au CPA (coût par acquisition), à la Commission, ou au CPC ( Cost per Clic ), tous les autres sont en grande majorité au CPC.

A bit like Google Ads, the hotelier only pays if the link to his booking engine is clicked by the Internet user.

You must therefore adhere to their respective subscription and payment method programs.

Please note, however, that an independent hotelier on his own will not be able to technically connect to it.

He'll either have to go through his Channel Manager ( D-Edge Availpro, SiteMinder...), or by operators specialized in Meta Engines (Wihp, Miraï, Koddi, Derby Soft, TripTease, Myhotel Shop…) which have set up the necessary data exchange connections (availability of rooms, prices with and without taxes, variable information in the broad sense, and on the other hand with those of each Meta Moteur).

It is important to know that all these partners of connection and management of Meta Motors are not equal among them.

Indeed, this depends on the quality of the connections that they have managed to negotiate with each comparator operator, but also on the quality and ease that they offer to hoteliers in order to manage budget expenditure in a synthetic way, and the resulting return on investment analyses.

Whether it is for the channel managers who propose it, or for the operators who summarize it, the finesse of piloting and the level of availability on each engine Meta will vary.

Optimize 360 will be able to inform you on the subject to help you choose your best partner on these different criteria.

3. What is the interest of Méta Moteurs for a hotel?

Like OTAs, Meta Search is a complementary means of dissemination and a channel for acquiring and recruiting new clients.

Even if the global market share of the two main OTAs (Booking and Expedia) is around 70%, Meta Engines have been added and positioned as additional sources of traffic and showcases.

Some are even closely affiliated with the OTAs themselves. Trivago, for example, belongs to the Expedia Group, and Kayak to the Priceline Group, which owns Booking.

Hotel operators are so numerous and interconnected for some that it is sometimes difficult for a hotelier to find his way around...

This ecosystem can be described as a jungle, or "jungle"... 

Ecosysteme hoteller Optimize 360

In short, these Meta Search operators are a source of complementary awareness, distribution and acquisition for hotels.

4.4 How to manage and drive Meta Search and make it a profitable acquisition channel?

First of all, it is necessary to be able to have a summary view of the investments to be made per acquisition channel, then within each acquisition channel per country, per format (desktop or mobile).

In this sense, only suppliers specialising in Meta Search will be able to provide you with the necessary management tools and give you a summary view of the results.

Meta Search Dashboard

In order to make it a profitable recruitment channel, which is entirely possible, one must be able to make "fine tuning" investments.

Test channels one after the other, and choose and prioritize those with the highest ROI.

The Optimize 360 teams are at your disposal to help you define and use them in the best possible way.

Meta search campaigns cannot be improvised. It is often necessary to extract oneself from the tariff parity in an intelligent and appropriate way, to control the sum of the investments (tariff difference + CPC investment) in order to remain in a level of profitability higher than that of OTA.



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Qu'est-ce que les Meta Search ou Méta Moteurs ? Hôtellerie
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Qu'est-ce que les Meta Search ou Méta Moteurs ? Hôtellerie
What is Meta Search in the hotel industry? How do they work? How do you make sure you appear in it? How to manage them?
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