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  1. Search Engine I Definition I How to choose the best Search Engine
  2. What is a search engine?
  3. What are the search engines on the internet?
  4. How does an internet search engine work?
  5. What is the best search engine on the internet?
  6. The most used search engines?
  7. Is there a more powerful search engine than Google?
  8. Best Search Engine 2019
  9. Top 10 Search Engines
  10. Alternative search engines

Search Engine I Definition I How to choose the best Search Engine

A search engine, you probably already use it like millions of users for all the questions, answers, terms or image searches you do on the internet. 

De Google à qwant junior, des métamoteurs de recherches, la liste des est longue.

Le Géant américain Google est bien évidemment hégémonique et le Maître en la matière pour plus de 95% des résultats de recherches mondiaux.

Optimize 360 vous livre ici quelques informations complémentaires. Y a t-il un moteur de recherche alternatif meilleur que les autres, voire meilleur que Google

Are all web pages crawled as well by reciprocating engines?

L’information personnelle et vos données personnelles seront-elles mieux préservées sur un autre moteur que Google.

Votre propre moteur s’il est différent de Google est-il assez puissant et protégé ?

Some answers here.


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What is a search engine?


One search engine is an internet application that allows you to find resources and answers from a query that a user makes in the form of key search words or expressions.

The results can be web pages, forum articles, images, pictures, etc... videosfiles, etc. Anyway, in a nutshell. Anything that could be recorded on the web, as long as this content is readable and indexable by these same engines.

Some websites such as www.google.fr offers a search engine as its main feature.

The site itself is then called a "search engine". 

They are tools for searching the Internet without human intervention, which distinguishes them from directories, which require a pre-established classification and presentation in a particular field.

They work with "robots", also known as "robots"... bots "», « spiders "«, « crawlers These are "URLs" or "agents", which scan sites around the world at regular intervals and automatically to discover new addresses (URLs) or additional pages that have appeared between visits.

They also follow hyperlinks that redirect pages to each other.

Each page browsed is then classified and indexed in a mega database, accessible by Internet users from searches, and then presented as results on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).


What are the search engines on the internet?

Avec près de 93% de part de marché dans le monde, Google est bien sûr le leader incontesté dans son domaine

Autrement dit, il y a Google… et… presque personne… même si on peut considérer que les autres jouent pour certains un rôle local, comme Baïdu en Chine, et Yandex en Russie 

Market shares world search engines

Nevertheless, we can list some other "niche" engines like:


All of them have their particularity. 

Let's be clear, we're talking about "mainstream" engines here in most cases.

There is also the "Dark Net" which cannot be consulted with these engines, but with browsers that will allow you to have this double mission of search and navigation, such as TOR


How does an internet search engine work?

One research engine works thanks to a huge number of robots (also known as crawlers or spiders) whose mission is to scan the web and the links of billions of web pages and index the content in gigantic databases in order to facilitate their query by Internet users.

Each existing engine adopts its own method by trying to detect how often sites are updated to refresh the data presented.

When an Internet user fills in the search form and thus his query in the search bar, he specifies the words he is looking for (possibly those he does not want).

The query is sent to the engine which consults its databases for each of the words and then refines the answer by scraping the pages that are not suitable.

It thus returns a list of results (SERP for Search Engine Result Pages) containing links to pages of websites, with either the beginning of the text of the page, or the text indicated by the creator of the page thanks to specific tags (Title and Metadescription tags), called metadata, or the extract of the page that contains the searched words.

These answers are supposed to be classified and "ranked" in an order of relevance, corresponding most closely to the search engine's own criteria, such as the %age of words responding to the search, the number of links pointing to each page, their density (number of occurrences of each keyword in the page), etc.


What is the best search engine on the internet?

It is complicated to establish a hierarchy of search engines because there is a part of subjectivity beyond the technical performance of each engine.

If Optimize 360 were to offer you one, it would be:

  1. Google : For her tremendous ability to find a quick answer and her ability to interpret our needs and requests. It is quite simply the most efficient, fully functional. There is just the downside of sponsored results which trust the first 4 search positions (via Google Ads) which we can think are pre-empted by advertisers themselves not very objective.
  2. Qwant for its ability to deliver answers without regard to the personal data of Internet users. Moreover, its pedagogical, even didactic side is quite interesting for young people and it helps to protect them a little from the crazy data on the web.

If you want to be a bit chauvinistic, Qwant is French. 

Mais on peut quand même douter de sa longévité quand on sait que Google se finance essentiellement par la publicité liée à l’acquisition de données personnelles à des fins de ciblages, alors que Qwant au delà de ses limites techniques n’aura de facto jamais une telle puissance financière pour aller se battre, ne serait-ce que technologiquement. 

Que dire des autres ? Bing fonctionne à peu près de la même manière que Google mais n’en a pas la puissance de feu. Et nous trouvons chez Optimize, pas la même pertinence de résultats non plus. Idem pour Yahoo Search.

Baidu is the only one to correctly index Chinese sites, but which in most cases are controlled by the Chinese state . 

Yandex est plutôt performant en russie (à parité avec Google). mais quel intérêt d’obtenir des sites russes et chinois dans la langue locale ?

It could be interesting, however, to know how to index its French sites in these search engines. But this will be the subject of another specific article.


The most used search engines?

We have already seen this above, with the respective market shares, but let's focus on France and Europe.

In fact, there is not much difference from the global data in the sense that although Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia trust a lot of local research. They don't radiate abroad at all. And especially would not be relevant in the local language.

En Europe…. C’est aussi…. Google

Market shares Search engines Europe

En France… C’est aussi…. Google….

Is there a more powerful search engine than Google?

At this point, the answer is clearly NO. And for many reasons.

Même si l’aspect mercantile vient polluer les positons en mettant en avant les résultats sponsorisés par les annonceurs, Google a un souci permanent de faire en sorte de délivrer les réponses les plus pertinentes pour les internautes.

Il y va même de la recherche vocale à présent, ou des outils de recherches dérivés par exemple dans le monde du Tourisme, de l’hôtellerie, des voyages avec Google Flights et désormais Google Travel.




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