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Optimize 360 is a Shopify E-Commerce Agency that creates top-notch E-Commerce sites using this SaaS (Service as a Software) technology.

Our Shopify experts will guide you through the best possible user experience and customer acquisition strategy, all of which will benefit your digital strategy and your online sales.

Optimize 360 Shopify E-Commerce Agency

Shopify, a high-performance, efficient e-commerce CMS

Why choose Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform in SaaS mode, based on a proprietary model, which enables individuals and businesses to create and run their own online shops, which are hosted for a monthly fee. (in subscription mode)

Basically, this means that you are renting an e-commerce solution, but that the customer never completely owns the website and its code.

The advantages of the Shopify solution

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In terms of advantages, Shopify is first and foremost a CMS (Content Management System) dedicated to e-commerce. It's designed for selling online.

In fact, all the Templates on offer have really been designed with this in mind, and make the job easier for the agency that will be creating the site. The user experience has already been designed with this in mind, and the presentation of the ranges and products is preconceived so that you can have an online shop up and running very quickly without having to ask too many questions.

This means that in just a few hours, from scratch, a beautiful shop can be created without any in-depth knowledge of webmastering or coding.

There's no problem with updating versions, which on other platforms can end up being more expensive over time.

Disadvantages of the Shopify solution

On the other hand, you are never the complete owner of the solution... and are dependent on a technology that cannot be modified in certain respects.

In SaaS mode, you pay a monthly subscription fee, plus a percentage of the sales generated, which for some low-margin categories can represent quite a significant investment just to manage the site itself.

However, with its user-friendliness, performance and numerous pre-designed features for online sales, this CMS has undeniable advantages for quickly creating a high-performance online shop.

An ergonomic, easy-to-use back office has already been designed.

High-performance servers for a fast website (as well as high-quality web hosting and a domain name manager), and numerous plugins and addons to manage online sales add-ons.

Shopify's checkout and stock management software can also be used to consolidate shop and site orders.

Shopify is an evolving platform that regularly integrates new features and innovations to meet the needs of the market and ensure customer loyalty. 

There are three levels of pricing depending on the needs of the E-merchant:


27€ / Month
Ideal for new e-commerce businesses with occasional in-person sales


79€ / Month
Ideal for growing businesses selling online or in-store


289€ / Month
Ideal for scalable businesses requiring advanced reporting

Why use a Shopify Agency?

An expert Shopify agency will still be an ideal solution if you don't want to get stuck in the process of creating your site.

Personalised and comprehensive support will be desirable, particularly for

Choosing the right Shopify package

Not all the technical features will necessarily be necessary.

Or, on the contrary, some will be, and you won't be able to do exactly what you want if you don't take the right package.

On a number of occasions, we've noticed that some customers who had designed their own shops were still stuck on the lack of upgrade possibilities, which were completely linked to the adoption of a package that was too low. (particularly for performance tracking and/or connecting partner tools).

Help with setting up your shop

Even if the CMS is designed in such a way that anyone can create their own shop, there are certain reflexes that cannot be invented.

Connecting banking systems and the logistics systems of third-party peripheral deliveries can be very complicated, or even blocking, without using a Shopify Partner agency. 

Improving appearance and visual identity

Good digital communication requires a respected graphic charter and flawless browsing quality.

It's possible to create beautiful sites yourself using Shopify, but a good agency is often advisable to perfect the look of the site and make it sexy and effective from a UX (User Experience) point of view.

Surround yourself with a team of Shopify experts.

Refine certain technical aspects

Even though Shopify France provides a customer service team to help online shop owners, and the CMS makes the solution easy to manage and intuitive to use, an expert agency will help you with the technical aspects that are blocking the solution.

Having a dedicated project manager for an ecommerce project is always preferable.

Plugging peripheral systems

An e-commerce project manager will also help you to develop customised themes and advise you on connecting the peripheral systems you need to manage your business (CRM, logistics software, etc.).

Managing SEO / SEA

Acquiring customers online is bound to happen if your shop is found and stands out from the competition.

Good natural search engine optimisation (SEO) and effective acquisition campaigns (SEA, Social Ads) will be essential for generating sales once the shop is online. 

This aspect will never be covered by the Shopify France teams. 

Beyond the development of online shops themselves, Shopify France's peripheral services will inevitably be limited.

Setting up effective web marketing operations

As well as having a global vision of the digital strategy to be implemented.

Managing a catalogue of products online has never been a guarantee of selling them, even if it is an essential prerequisite.

The management of product reviews and E-Reputation, the implementation of effective promotions and high-performance newsletters, all of this will have to be managed by a communications agency that also masters these aspects in relation to the Shopify CMS. 

Increasing your online shop's sales, relaying information on social networks and even engaging in social selling is not for everyone.

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