Online wine sales: fill up on opportunities

The sale of wine is playing an increasingly important role in the sector.

There are plenty of opportunities here for entrepreneurs, investors and wine lovers who want to discover new products, as well as for producers who want to promote their products in a fast-growing market.

To make the most of all the opportunities offered by the digital world, a number of tips from our Digital Wine Agency and our Agency E-Commerce on the subject.

Online Wine Sales

The main players in the sector

There are many different types of online wine retailers, ranging from generalist platforms to shops dedicated exclusively to the world of wine. These include

  • Marketplaces,
  • Online wine merchants,
  • Private sales clubs or websites,
  • Websites specialising in oenology and wine discovery,
  • Mobile applications such as wine-searcher.

These different players make online wine sales more accessible and diversifiedallowing everyone to find their own wines quickly and easily.

Innovations and market trends

Digital technology for online wine sales

Computers and digital technologies have made it much easier to sell wine online. They have made it possible to offer innovative and practical services:

    1. Tools to help you choose the right wine for your taste preferences, budget or occasion,
    2. Personalised offers thanks to the use of Big Data and algorithms recommendation,
    3. 24/7 ordering and fast delivery,
    4. Secure payment in just a few clicks,
    5. Comprehensive catalogues and detailed product information (grape varieties, terroir, vintage...).

With these innovations, buying wine online becomes a real pleasureFor both consumers and producers, this means increased visibility.

Discover and share wine online

As well as the purchase itself, online wine sales offer new opportunities to find out about, share and discuss wine. Social networks, blogs and forums allow you to :

    1. Discover new references from the plethora of products on offer online,
    2. Get advice from other enthusiasts, experts or even producers,
    3. Sharing experiences and favourites,
    4. Get to know and appreciate wine in all its facets.

This gives a new dimension to the sector and invites us to explore the world of wine even further.

Outlook for the sector

Continued growth

The online wine sector has enjoyed sustained and steady growth for several years now, and this is set to continue over the next few years. The main reasons for this trend are :

    1. Growing consumer interest in wine, particularly among the younger generation,
    2. Easy access to wines from all over the world thanks to digital technology,
    3. Innovations in logistics and distribution.

So there are plenty of opportunities for players in the sector who know how to take advantage of these developments.

International opportunities

The market for online wine sales is not confined to France, and presents opportunities on an international scale too. Demand for French wines is particularly strong, especially in Asia and the United States. Players in the sector have every interest in developing their international activities, thanks in particular to :

    1. A physical presence with local partners (wine merchants, distributors, restaurants, etc.),
    2. Strengthening relations between producers and importers,
    3. Implementing marketing strategies tailored to each country.

This will not only help to diversify revenues, but also enhance the range of services on offer and improve the quality of service provided to customers.

To finance your online wine sales projects

If you want to start selling wine online or expand your existing business, there are several ways you can finance your projects:

  • Call on private investors (business angels) or public investors,
  • Apply for grants from organisations dedicated to innovation and economic development,
  • Opt for crowdfunding to appeal to the general public.

Finally, don't hesitate to surround yourself with partners you can trust, such as experts consultants, oenological digital strategy or marketing professionals.

This will give you every chance of succeeding in this highly competitive and promising market.

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