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Baïdu - Definition -

What is BaïduAnd what does this Chinese search engine represent next to Google, which accounts for more than 95% of searches on the Internet worldwide?

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Please note that this search engine is "small Gallic village" in China only. Because in the world, it is Google which remains hegemonic.

Indeed, in the land of the rising sun, Internet searches are made on the Chinese giant, Baidu in majority?

It is a Chinese internet company, founded by Robin Li and Eric Xu in 2000 in Beijing.

Baidu knows the Chinese better," is the slogan.

In 2011, the Chinese giant will formalize a partnership with Microsoft.

When keywords are written in English, search results will be proposed by Bing.

This partnership allows Baidu to diversify internationally and Bing to open up to the Chinese market.

In 2013, Baidu is the most visited site in China, and in 2016, it is the 4th most visited site, thus competing with the web giant, Google.

In 2019, the company wants to export autonomous minibuses to tourist sites and airports, using artificial intelligence.

They have also created connected speakers, surpassing Google in sales, which is in third place, the leader being Amazon.