Understanding Yandex Metrica: a web analysis tool to optimise your website

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Yandex Metrica

Yandex Metrica is a website analysis service offered by Yandexthe famous Russian search engine.

It enables website owners to track and analyse data relating to the number of visitors to their site, in order to optimise its use and performance.

But what exactly is Yandex Metrica and what is its definition?

In this article, we'll look at the main features of this analysis tool and its advantages over other solutions on the market.

Yandex Metrica

Key features of Yandex Metrica

At the heart of Yandex Metrica is a series of powerful features that allow you to track and analyse in detail the behaviour of visitors to your site, as well as many other aspects of the business.user experience. Here are some of the most important features :

  • Real-time data : With Yandex Metrica, you can see what's happening on your website in real time, including the number of people visiting your site, the pages they are on, how they arrived on your site and much more.

  • Thermal map This feature shows you where your users spend the most time on each page of your website, which areas they click and what their level of engagement is. This allows you to optimise the placement of your calls to action, offers and adverts.

  • Analysis of conversion Yandex Metrica helps you visualise the path your users follow on your website by analysing the paths and pages visited by your visitors. This enables you to identify areas where your users abandon their shopping baskets or leave your site without accessing important landing pages.

  • Market segments This feature enables you to create specific segments for your current and potential customers, so that you can better understand and target their individual needs and behaviour.

  • Integration with Google Analytics If you already use Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica can be easily integrated into your existing account to bring all your data together in one place.

The advantages of Yandex Metrica over other web analysis solutions

There are many website analysis services available on the market, of which Google Analytics is probably the best known. So what are the advantages of Yandex Metrica over these other options?

No traffic limits

First of all, Yandex Metrica places no traffic limits on its users. While some analysis tools impose limitations on the number of page views or visits you can collect in a given month, Yandex Metrica allows you to analyse as many visitor sessions as you need.

Worldwide roll-out

Unlike Google Analytics, which limits certain services according to users' geographical location, Yandex Metrica offers a complete and consistent service for all its customers, whatever their market of origin. This guarantees the availability and reliability of the service without any geographical discrimination.

Additional functions

Yandex Metrica also offers some useful features that are not included in Google Analytics, such as the heat maps and conversion tunnel analysis mentioned above.

An attractive pricing policy

Some other web analytics tools offer free plans with limited options, and then encourage companies to upgrade to paid plans in order to access more advanced features.

Yandex Metrica, on the other hand, offers its top-of-the-range features free of charge, which is an undeniable advantage for companies looking to optimise their spending while benefiting from a comprehensive and efficient service.

How do I use Yandex Metrica?

Getting started with Yandex Metrica is relatively straightforward. As with most web analytics tools, all you need to do is add a piece of code to your web pages to enable Yandex Metrica to collect the data. Then follow these steps:

  1. Register for a Yandex account if you don't already have one.
  2. Go to the "Metrica" section of the Yandex website and follow the instructions to create your first analysis project.
  3. Copy the code given to you by Yandex Metrica, then paste it onto all the pages of your website that you want to track.
  4. Start consulting and analysing the data collected on your website to optimise the user experience and improve its performance.

In short, Yandex Metrica is a comprehensive and versatile web analytics solution that enables website owners to monitor and optimise their traffic in an effective and in-depth manner..

Its range of sophisticated features, ease of use and attractive pricing policy make it a wise choice for anyone looking to support the growth of their digital business.

Whether in terms of visibility, engagement or conversion, Yandex Metrica is a key partner in the management and development of your online strategy.

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