Unique content: an essential pillar of natural referencing

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Unique content

In the world of online marketing, the quality of the web content is essential.

As well as being attractive to visitors to a site, it is also scrutinised by search engines such as Google which deduce a value and a ranking in their results.

A key point not to be overlooked is that of the unique content to maximise the effectiveness of your SEO.

Unique content

Understanding the concept of unique content

To take advantage of unique content, you need to understand what it means and differentiate between two concepts: original content and non-duplicated content.

Original content

Creating original content means that it does not already exist in this form on the web and represents a new source of information for web users. The ideal here is to add value to your audience by offering innovative analyses or exclusive testimonials, while remaining relevant and consistent with your overall subject.

Non-duplicated content

This term refers above all to an absence of copying, even partially, from other articles already existing on the Internet. It is important to ensure that there is a low level of similarity between your own text and those you may be referring to, particularly if you are using sources shared by several competing sites.

Why is this essential?

Firstly, unique content is also important for search engines. After all, they are always looking for results that are tailored to users' queries, and therefore of high quality.

A duplicate content will be penalised in the display of search results in two ways:

    1. It will inevitably be ranked lower than its original counterpart, since it does not provide any added value highlighted by Google's algorithms;
    2. If it turns out to be an almost complete copy of another text, it even runs the risk of being considered as "spam" (a black-hat tactic) and seeing its site temporarily or permanently excluded from search engine results.

Direct influence on your conversion rate

Even if search engines are able to recognise a text as unique, it still needs to be original to captivate your visitors and increase their engagement with your brand or company.

Building audience loyalty

In addition to search engine optimisation, offering original content also helps to build a lasting relationship with visitors to your site. So, rather than simply repeating information available elsewhere, you can enrich it, add to it or contradict it in order to give a feeling of novelty to the subject matter.

Encouraging sharing and recommendations

What's more, if a user finds the content interesting and valuable, they will be more inclined to share it with their contacts on social networks or elsewhere. This process can be increased tenfold if your article contains elements capable of creating an emotion in your readers, such as a personal anecdote, a striking quote or exclusive testimonials.

Creating unique content: a few ways to go about it

Now that you know the benefits of unique content for your natural search engine optimisation and the impact it has on the rate of conversionLet's take a look at how to create a text that stands out from the competition:

  1. Carry out in-depth research on the subject presented in your article. This will give you solid expertise with which to argue and name your sources if necessary. This will show Internet users that the work you have done is serious and credible.
  2. Write in your own style, your tone and your personal touch. Internet users won't find exactly the same reading experience elsewhere, and will be all the more interested in your proposal.
  3. Emphasise storytelling, by trying to tell a story rather than simply presenting data. Internet users will no doubt be captivated and remember your message better.
  4. Don't hesitate to adopt an innovative approach, by proposing a different angle of attack or a variation on a known concept. Readers will be curious to discover your fresh vision.
  5. Think about how the text is organised with intertitles, subtitles, lists and other elements that make the article easier to read and give it a clearer overall layout, while helping search engines to understand it better.

The creation of unique content is therefore a major strategic focus for improving your natural search engine ranking and engaging your audience with your site. website.

Use these tips to build a high-quality, coherent and distinctive body of work that will enable you to achieve your objectives over the long term.

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