SEO trend forecasts in 10 key points

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What are SEO Trend Forecasts?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an approach to search engine optimisation digital strategy essential for improving the visibility and performance of a website.

Search engines, in particular Googleregularly update their algorithms to provide users with increasingly relevant, high-quality search results.

It is therefore crucial to constantly adapt your SEO strategy to meet changing ranking criteria.

In this article, discover the 10 SEO trend forecasts to anticipate these changes and optimise your online presence.

Trend forecasts

1. The growing importance of mobile

With the explosion of smartphones, mobile browsing is becoming increasingly dominant. Visit Mobile First Index Google has reinforced the importance of having a website responsive web and mobile-friendly. To avoid penalising your ranking in the search results, make sure that your site offers a mobile-friendly interface. user experience fluid and fast on all devices.

2. Relevant content: the key to success

Content is one of the fundamental elements for successful SEO. A original, high-quality and relevant content will improve your credibility with Internet users and search engines. Remember to target keywords related to your topic, take care with your internal networking and offer regularly updated content to attract qualified traffic and build visitor loyalty.

Focus on content length

Long, in-depth articles tend to rank higher, as they generate more engagement and are considered more relevant by Google. So don't hesitate to write texts of 1,500 words or more to improve your ranking.

3. Rich snippets: a solution for standing out from the crowd

The rich snippets (enriched extracts in French) allow you to offer visitors additional information directly in the results pages. They make your site more visible and attractive, increasing click-through rates and user engagement. Think about optimising your structured data (microdata, tags, etc.) to facilitate their display in the form of enriched extracts.

4. Local search engine optimisation: an essential trend

With the growing popularity of location-based searches, particularly on smartphones, local SEO is becoming a major strategic issue for local businesses. To rank well in local searches, it's important to create and optimise your local listing. Google My BusinessYou'll be able to add your company details to all your pages, and get positive reviews from your customers.

5. The rise of voice search

Voice assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa are becoming increasingly popular. They are changing search habits and prompting you to adapt your SEO strategy accordingly. The voice search generally favours longer, more natural queries, often in the form of questions. It is important to anticipate these developments by working on natural language and long-tail keywords.

6. The importance of quality backlinks

While the number of inbound links (or backlinks) pointing to a site is still a fundamental criterion for Google, the quality of these links is now paramount. To improve your link profile, focus on obtaining relevant, authoritative backlinksfrom serious sites related to your theme.

7. Site security: a must for Google

The security of Internet users is a key concern for Google. The search engine therefore favours websites that are secure by HTTPS compared with HTTP sites. To gain credibility with search engines and reassure your visitors, it is therefore essential to switch your site to HTTPS and respect good security practices.

8. Loading speed: a determining factor

Fast loading times are essential for providing a good user experience and improving SEO. Sites that take too long to load risk being penalised by Google and seeing their ranking drop. To optimise the speed of your site, compress your images, use a caching system, reduce the weight of CSS/JavaScript codes and choose aaccommodation performance.

9. Growing interest in no-click SERPs

The results pages (SERP) directly displaying information or answers to web users' queries, without requiring them to click through to a site, are booming. This trend means that think differently about your SEO strategyThese include structured data, enriched extracts and brand awareness.

10. Using video to boost your SEO

Video content is booming in popularity. It is an excellent way of boosting your SEO strategy. By associating text with your videos, you increase your chances of improving your visibility in search engines. A channel YouTube well optimised and linked to your website will also help to boost your credibility and your audience.

In the light of these SEO trend forecasts, it is clear that the competition is going to get tougher and tougher, and that only companies with an appropriate and evolving SEO strategy will be able to stand out from the crowd. It is therefore essential to keep abreast of advances in SEO and to continually adapt to the requirements of the search engines to ensure optimum exposure on the web.

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