Sitemap definition: its role in optimising your site

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If you manage a website, it is essential to know and understand the various SEO tools to ensure that your online content is highly visible.

One of these useful tools is the Sitemapwhich plays an important role in facilitating the process of indexing your website by search engines.

In this article, our SEO Agency will discuss the definition of Sitemap, its role and the benefits it offers for improving your SEO.


Sitemap definition: What is it?

Sitemapalso known as a site map, is a specific file in XML or HTML which provides search engines with an organised list of the pages (URLs) on your website.

Sitemap files enable search engines such as Google or Bing easily find all the pages on your site, making it easier for them to understand its overall structure.

XML format vs. HTML

There are two types of Sitemaps: XML format and HTML format. The XML format is preferred by search engines because it is more structured and easier for robots to analyse crawler.

This type of Sitemap is primarily intended to be read and used by search engines to quickly index all the URLs on a site.

Le HTML formatis more oriented towards theuser experience. It is used to simplify and organise site navigation for visitors.

This type of file can also be taken into account by search engines when indexing pages, but it is less precise and optimal than the XML format.

So what is the role of a Sitemap?

The main role of a Sitemap is to help search engines better understand the structure of a website to help them efficiently index all pages in their search results. Here are some key benefits of a Sitemap:

  • Improved visibility : By providing search engines with a detailed map of all the pages on your site, you increase the chances of them being discovered and indexed quickly.

  • Page prioritisation : Sitemaps allow you to indicate the relative importance of each page on your site, which helps search engines prioritise their indexing and updating.

  • Easy to update : When you update or modify existing pages, or add new sections to your site, a Sitemap makes it easier for crawlers to discover these changes.

  • Cross-platform compatibility : Sitemaps are compatible with all the major search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahooto boost your overall SEO optimisation.

An essential tool for large sites

For small sites with few pages, a Sitemap may not be absolutely necessary. However, it becomes crucial for large sites or sites that regularly evolve in terms of content.

The larger and more complex a website, the more difficult it will be for search engines to find and index all the relevant pages. A Sitemap therefore becomes essential to ensure complete and effective indexing of the entire site.

How do I create and submit a Sitemap?

The first step in creating a Sitemap is to draw up a list of the URLs you wish to include in this file. This list should reflect the structure of your website, prioritise the important pages and indicate to crawlers which pages are updated frequently.

Tools for generating an XML Sitemap

It is possible to create a Sitemap manually if you have programming skills and a thorough understanding of the XML format. However, there are many free online tools which can automatically generate an XML Sitemap for your site:

    • : A free sitemap generator that also provides support for video and image sitemaps.
    • Screaming Frog SEO Spider : Paid SEO analysis software with the ability to generate XML Sitemaps and submit them directly to search engines.

Submitting a Sitemap to search engines

Once you have created your Sitemap in XML format, you will need toadd to the root of your websitefile, generally in the public_html folder. You can also add the location of your Sitemap to your robots.txt file to make things easier for the crawler robots.

To submit your Sitemap to Google, you need to use the tool Google Search Console which allows you to index your site quickly and manage it efficiently. For Bing or Yahoo!, you can use the following tools Bing Webmaster Tools or Yahoo Site Explorer.

Sitemap role: in brief

In short, the Sitemap is an essential tool in the world of SEO, helping search engines to navigate and index your website efficiently.

Given the important role of the Sitemap in improving your online visibility, it is crucial to take the time to create and submit this file to the main search engines to ensure that your pages rank higher in the organic results.

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