Shopify: a key e-commerce platform

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In the world of electronic commercethe Shopify platform has established itself as a benchmark.

Offering a turnkey solution for entrepreneurs wishing to create their own online shop, it is based on a proprietary, fashionable model. saas.

In this article, our Shopify Web Agency and our Shopify SEO Agency we invite you to discover the definition of this solution, which appeals to many people every day, and which is easily referenced in Google.




What is Shopify?

Founded in 2006 by Tobias Lütke, Scott Lake and Daniel Weinand, Shopify is an international e-commerce platform which enables anyone wishing to sell products or services online to create their own shop quickly and easily. The strength of this solution lies in its ease of use and rich functionality, offering all the possibilities you need to develop and manage your online business.

SaaS mode: an advantage for users

With Shopify, we're talking about SaaS (Software as a Service) mode because it is available in hosted mode. This means it can be accessed from any web browser and does not need to be installed on the user's computer. Updates are automatic and transparent to the user, avoiding the traditional technical constraints associated with managing a website.

  • Availability The solution is available 24/7, so you can manage your online shop whenever you want.
  • Maintenance Shopify : Shopify takes care of server maintenance, so you don't have to worry about technical issues.
  • Security The platform is protected by an SSL certificate, ensuring maximum security for sensitive data such as customer payment details.

Shopify's main features

To meet the needs of e-merchants and help them develop their online business, Shopify offers a comprehensive range of products and services. comprehensive range of functions. Here are the main advantages of this platform:

Product and catalogue management

With Shopify, you can add and organise your products in just a few clicks, manage inventory in real time, customise product sheets and set up delivery options. The solution also allows you to create themed collections to facilitate the customer journey.

Customised design

Thanks to its intuitive visual editorWith Shopify, you can customise the look and feel of your online shop, even if you're new to web design. The platform offers several free & premium themes designed to suit different business sectors.

You can also incorporate the graphic charter your brand through the use of logos, colours and customised fonts.

Managing orders and invoicing

Shopify makes it easy to track orders, process payments and manage refunds. The platform allows you to accept different payment methods (credit card, PayPal, etc.) and offers an automated invoicing system for greater efficiency.

Integrated SEO and marketing tools

To attract traffic to your online shop, Shopify offers a wide range of features, including functionalities SEO and marketing. P

These include integrated blog management for publishing content, draft code, etc. HTML optimised, personalised URL & meta-descriptions, integration with social networks, a tool for creating promotional campaigns and a customer loyalty programme.

Shopify hosting: a secure proprietary model

By choosing Shopify, your site e-commerce will be hosted on the company's servers, which are also responsible for ensuring the security and performance of your online shop. This approach proprietary modelAlthough it may have some limitations in terms of access to the source code, it offers a number of advantages:

  • Increased security thanks to a robust, controlled infrastructure;
  • Optimised display speed to provide user experience remarkable;
  • Maximum reliability and availability to avoid service interruptions.

Shopify pricing: what are the prices?

To benefit from the platform's services, Shopify offers several monthly subscriptionspackages, with prices varying according to the features chosen. The packages include :

  1. the basic subscription, which offers access to a number of essential functions;
  2. a professional subscription, which gives you access to more advanced tools and a reduced commission rate on transactions;
  3. the "Advanced" package, reserved for the most demanding companies, giving access to all the options available.

Free or open-source alternative solutions

If Shopify's pricing is beyond your budget, or if you would like a less restrictive solution in terms of a proprietary model, there are free, open-source alternatives. These include :

    • WooCommerce (WordPress) for users already familiar with this content management platform;
    • PrestaShopa French e-commerce solution renowned for its rich functionality;
    • Magentodesigned for professionals and built around a large community of users.

All in all, Shopify is the ideal turnkey platform for people who want to get into e-commerce quickly..

Thanks to its SaaS mode and proprietary model, it is extremely easy to use, and offers a host of useful features to help you manage and develop your online shop effectively.

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