The SEO consultant: the natural referencing specialist

SEO consultant: Who is he? What is their role?

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In the digital age, visibility on search engines has become a crucial issue for any company wishing to be competitive.

The SEO consultant then appeared as a real ally to optimise this visibility and ensure a good position on the results pages. But what does this job actually involve?

What is natural referencing? Discover the many facets of this web professional in this article.

SEO Consultant

1 What is an SEO consultant?

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultant is an expert in the field of natural referencing. Their main objective is to help companies improve their online presence, particularly through their websites and other digital media. Thanks to their expertise, SEO consultants are able to identify the action levers that need to be put in place in order to boost their clients' pages to the top of search engine rankings, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Why use an SEO consultant?

With the explosion of the Internet, competition on search engines is tougher than ever. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it's vital to keep up with the latest trends and incorporate the best practices in natural referencing, which are constantly evolving. An SEO expert can provide companies with the benefit of their in-depth, up-to-date knowledge, as well as a proven methodology for improving their online visibility.

In addition, the SEO expert is able to diagnose the factors that are preventing a site from being properly indexed by the search engines. The exhaustive analysis he carries out helps to identify the points that need to be corrected, while providing figures on the state of natural referencing and the prospects for its development.

2. The skills required to become an SEO consultant

To work in this profession, you need certain technical and analytical skills, such as :

  • Mastery of research and data analysis tools (Google Analytics, Search ConsoleSEMrush...)
  • In-depth knowledge of HTML and CSS to optimise a site's source code
  • An understanding of best practice in design and ergonomics
  • Good writing skills and a solid web culture to adapt content to the specificities of SEO
  • Expertise in social networks and other digital communication tools to generate qualified traffic

3. The different stages of an SEO assignment


SEO consultants generally begin their work with a full audit of the site, to identify its strengths and weaknesses in terms of natural referencing. The audit also helps to identify priority areas for improvement and to draw up a strategic roadmap.

Technical optimisation

Next, the consultant works on the technical optimisation of the site: improving the source code, optimising the meta tagssetting up a sitemapetc. All these steps help to make the site more understandable and accessible to search engines.

Copywriting and content optimisation

Another important aspect is writing and optimising the site's editorial content so that it is attractive and relevant to Internet users, while meeting the requirements of search engine algorithms. This includes the judicious use of keywords, the structuring of paragraphs and the highlighting of important elements.

Link acquisition

Finally, the SEO consultant implements backlink acquisition strategies to increase the popularity and credibility of the site in the eyes of the search engines. They can, for example, set up partnerships with other sites, take part in events or encourage users to share content on social networks.

4. The different levels of intervention

The SEO consultant can intervene at several levels:

  • At local level to help a company position itself in its region or town using specific local referencing techniques (Google My Business, geolocation, etc.).
  • At national level to improve a site's positioning throughout the country by targeting the main keywords relevant to its sector of activity
  • At international level developing the visibility of a brand or website throughout the world, often requiring a multilingual approach and an understanding of the particularities of each culture

5. Working in collaboration with other webmarketing players

To carry out an SEO assignment successfully, it is important for the consultant to work closely with other digital marketing professionals, such as :

  • Webmasters and web developers who are responsible for website maintenance, design and programming
  • The writers : that produce quality content optimised for natural referencing
  • Online advertising experts (SEA) who manage advertising campaigns on Google Ads and other paid referencing
  • Community managers social networks and encourage internet users to get involved with the brand or site

6. Ongoing training to keep pace with developments in SEO

The profession of SEO consultant is constantly evolving and it is essential to keep abreast of the latest trends, algorithmic updates and new practices in SEO. Numerous online training courses, conferences, webinars and specialist blogs enable you to continue to develop your skills and expertise in this field.

7. Typical profile of an SEO consultant

SEO consultants are often passionate about the web and IT, curious, methodical and organised. They also have an analytical mind, a good ability to synthesise information and communication skills to pass on their conclusions and recommendations to their clients or colleagues.

8. Specific training courses for SEO consultants

There are several recognised training courses and certifications in the world of natural referencing, such as :

  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) certification
  • Certifications awarded by leading business schools and universities
  • Online training courses offered by specialist organisations such as MOZ, SEMrush or Yoast

9. The choice between independence and salaried employment

Some SEO consultants prefer to work as freelancers, enjoying greater flexibility in the organisation of their work and the selection of their assignments. Others choose to join a web agency or a marketing department within a company, benefiting from technical and human support to bring their projects to fruition.

10. Career development prospects

There are several possible career paths for SEO consultants:

  • Set up your own SEO agency and recruit a team of experts
  • Become an SEO project manager and manage global SEO strategies for large companies
  • Specialise in a specific sector (e-commerce, tourism, real estate...) or on specific platforms (Amazon, YouTube...)
  • Passing on your knowledge as an SEO trainer or teacher

The growing importance of natural referencing in the world of digital marketing means that the profession of SEO consultant continues to develop and to offer numerous professional opportunities.

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