Understanding the concept of Query Deserves Freshness (QDF) in 10 points

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What does Query Deserves Freshness (QDF) mean?

Query Deserves Freshness, also known by the acronym QDF, is an important concept in SEO and search engines.

To fully understand how it works and why it is a key element in a successful SEO strategy, here's a detailed 10-point overview.

Query Deserves Freshness

1. The definition of Query Deserves Freshness

QDF is a function built into the Google which can be used to assess the relevance of content in terms of its freshness. This function analyses the frequency with which a subject is searched for or mentioned on the web, and adjusts the ranking of search results to favour recent content.

2. The importance of freshness for Google

With a view to offering its users the most relevant results possible, Google places a certain importance on the novelty of the information present on indexed pages. The idea behind this is that recent content will generally be more up to date and therefore potentially more useful in responding to users' queries.

3. Types of requests concerned by QDF

News and events

Queries relating to news and recent events are strongly impacted by QDF. For example, when a user is looking for information on an election, a festival or a recent news item, Google will give priority to content published in the last few hours or days.

Popular trends and topics

Similarly, when Google detects that a trend is emerging on the web, it may decide to apply the QDF function to ensure that the results displayed take account of this new development. This can apply to a wide variety of themes: technology, fashion, food, travel, etc.

4. How does Google measure freshness?

To determine whether content is recent, Google relies on two main factors:

  1. The publication date Google takes into account the date on which the content was first published. The more recent the date, the fresher the content will be considered to be.
  2. Update history Google also analyses the history of changes made to content. If a page has been regularly updated since its creation, it will be considered more "fresh" by the algorithm.

5. The impact of the QDF on the ranking of results

When Google deems that a query deserves freshness, it temporarily changes the order in which search results are displayed to give more visibility to recent content. This modification is not permanent: once the QDF function is no longer applied to a query, the ranking returns to its initial state.

6. The limits of Query Deserves Freshness

It is important to note that QDF does not apply to all searches and that it can have undesirable effects when it is overused. Systematically favouring recent content over older, quality content could penalise certain sites that offer articles or resources that are still relevant despite their age.

7. The difference between freshness and quality

The QDF is a key factor in natural referencing, but it is important to distinguish between the freshness the content of its quality. A recent article will not necessarily be better than one from a few months or years ago if the latter provides more useful and relevant information on the subject in question.

8. How do you optimise your pages for Query Deserves Freshness?

Here are a few tips to improve the freshness of your pages and take advantage of QDF :

  • Update your content regularlyby adding new information or deleting out-of-date information.
  • Publish frequently articles on topical issues and current trends.
  • Clearly indicate the publication date of your articles or pages, so that Google can take them into account when assessing freshness.

9. Query Deserves Freshness and local SEO

QDF can also be applied to local researchFor example, by focusing on recent reviews or comments about a business or service in the geographical area concerned. It is therefore important to take this local dimension into account when optimising the freshness of your content.

10. The evolution of Query Deserves Freshness

Over the years, Google has adjusted its algorithm and the way in which Query Deserves Freshness is applied. Based on feedback from users and analysis of web trends, it is highly likely that the concept of QDF will continue to evolve to offer even greater relevance and usefulness to web users in their search for information.

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