Understanding the SEO performance of mobile sites

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What is Mobile Site Performance? 

La mobile site performance is a crucial factor in the success of a websiteparticularly in the context of natural referencing (SEO).

In this article, we will discuss the importance of mobile site performance and the essential optimisations that need to be taken into account to guarantee a user experience and good ranking in search results.

Mobile site performance

1. Mobile user satisfaction

L'dissatisfaction can have a negative impact on your website, both in terms of reputation and search engine ranking. That's why it's vital to ensure that users have the best possible experience when they visit your site from a mobile device.

What are the main things to look out for?

  • La loading speed : A loading time that is too long considerably increases the bounce rate and reduces the quality of the user experience. To improve speed, we need to work on various aspects such as image optimisation, file minification and so on. CSS and JavaScript or the use of a content distribution network (CDN).
  • Le responsive design : An adaptive site is essential today, as it allows the site to be viewed on all types of screen. We recommend using a fluid grid and media queries to adjust the design according to screen size.
  • Navigation : Offering a clear, easy-to-use tree structure is essential on mobile. We need to ensure that menus are accessible and suitable for small screens, and that links are spaced far enough apart to avoid click errors.

2. SEO criteria impacted by mobile performance

Google attaches great importance to the experience of mobile users when determining the positioning of a site in its search results. Several factors are studied by the web giant to judge the quality of a site on mobile:

  • Mobile-first indexing : Google adopted a mobile-first approach several years ago. This means that it is now the mobile version of your site that is primarily indexed and evaluated for SEO purposes.
  • Speed Update : In July 2018, Google announced that the speed page-loading times on mobile phones now influence positions in search results.
  • The Core Web Vitals : These key quality indicators measure three fundamental aspects of the user experience: visual stability (CLS), interactive responses (FID) and loading speed (LCP). They are taken into account by Google to rank sites in its search results.

How can you optimise mobile performance for SEO?

To improve mobile site SEO performanceHere are a few best practices to bear in mind:

  1. Measure the performance of your site : Use tools such as Google PageSpeed InsightsLighthouse or GTMetrix to analyse overall performance and identify areas for optimisation.
  2. Optimising images : Reducing the weight of images (without sacrificing their quality) is a priority for speeding up page loading on mobile devices. You can compress images, use adapted formats, or set up a progressive loading system.
  3. Reduce the number of HTTP requests : Each CSS, JavaScript or image file requested by a page can slow down loading. It is therefore advisable to minimise the number of these requests by combining and minimising the files or by using the " lazy loading Use the "Load" button to load images only when necessary.
  4. Using a CDN : A content distribution network enables your site's files to be stored on several servers around the world, so that pages can be served more quickly to users who are far from your site. accommodation principal.
  5. Implementing the cache : The cache saves a temporary version of the elements on your site so that they can be loaded more quickly on subsequent visits. This can be set up at server level or via dedicated plugins.
  6. Optimising animations : Make sure that animations, transitions and other visual effects do not slow down the loading of your pages on mobile devices. You can use CSS animations rather than JavaScript, CSS sprites or the "will-change" method to prepare the browser for style changes.

In conclusion, optimising the performance of your mobile site is crucial to the success of your website and its natural referencing.

By providing a fluid and pleasant user experience on mobile, you will not only increase the satisfaction of your visitors, but also your chances of being well positioned in search engines such as Google.

Don't hesitate to check your site's performance regularly and take the necessary steps to constantly improve the experience for your mobile users.

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