The meta description tag in SEO: understanding its importance

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Meta tag description: definition

In the world of natural search engine optimisation (SEO), knowing and mastering the different beacons is essential for improving the visibility of a website.

Among these beacons, the meta description plays an important role in the display of search engine results.

So we're going to look at the definition of this tag and how to use it wisely.

Meta description tag

Definition of the meta description tag

The meta descriptionoften referred to simply as "description", is part of the meta tags which are used to inform search engines such as Google on the content of a page. Its purpose is to provide a summary text which will help visitors decide whether or not to visit your page.

On a technical level, it is included in the "head" section of the code. HTML of a web page, in this form :


This tag must be used on each page of a website and include a unique text adapted to its content.

Role of the meta description tag in SEO

Even if the meta description tag has no direct impact on natural search engine optimisation in terms of results positioning, it nevertheless has a crucial function in terms of click-through rate (CTR). A good description will encourage visitors to consult your page rather than another.

Appropriate use of this tag is therefore all the more important for attracting visitors. traffic on your website. It should also be noted that search engine results generally display the title of the page and its meta description, which is why these two elements need to be worked on together.

How do I optimise the meta description tag?

To take advantage of this tag in SEO, you need to follow a few rules to improve the click-through rate on your pages:

  1. Do not neglect the title tag : Even before working on the meta description tag, you need to create a good, catchy and meaningful title. Internet users are more inclined to click on clear, punchy titles.
  2. Write a unique description for each page: each of your pages must offer different content and have its own meta description tag.
  3. Careful copywriting : the description must make visitors want to click on your link, while remaining faithful to the content of the page. Use simple language, without technical jargon, and arouse their interest and curiosity.
  4. Use keywords : without over-optimising, include a few keywords related to your page to make it easier for visitors and search engines to understand what it's about.
  5. Keep to a limited number of characters (155-160): Although there is no official limit, it is recommended not to exceed this range to avoid the description being truncated in search results.

Example of an optimised meta description tag

Let's take the example of a online shop who sells bicycles to find out how to put this advice into practice:


This text is 152 characters long: it therefore offers a attractive summary the content of the page while mentioning important elements such as the types of bikes on offer or special offers. This encourages visitors to click through to the site.

Find inspiration for your descriptions

If you're short of ideas for creating an effective description, take inspiration from successful examples on competitor sites or in other sectors. Also look at your own search behaviour: which links do you generally click on, and why?

Why don't some search engines always display the meta description tag?

Finally, it should be noted that search engines can sometimes do not display your descriptionpreferring to generate their own from the content of the page. However, this does not mean that you should not work on the meta description tag: the text you have written remains an important guide for the indexing scripts and can therefore guide the algorithm in its selection.

In short, a well-optimised meta description tag is essential for improving the visibility and attractiveness of your website in terms of SEO. By following a few simple rules, you can boost the click-through rate on your pages and increase traffic to your site!

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