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Linkable Assets

The world of SEO is vast and complex.

To optimise the visibility of their websiteIn order to succeed, marketing professionals and business owners have to rely on a variety of methods and techniques.

These include linkable assets. But what exactly are linkable assets?

Read on to find out what linkable assets are in SEO and why they are essential to the success of your SEO strategy.

Linkable Assets

What you need to know about linkable assets

Linkable assets are content elements on a website that generate links to other websites. backlinks (inbound links) thanks to their quality, relevance and originality. They encourage other websites to voluntarily create links to yours, which improves your ranking in search engines such as Google. In short, the more quality linkable assets you have, the better your reputation and organic ranking will be.

Types of linkable assets

There are different types of linkable assets, but here are the most common:

    • Infographics : Illustrated with informative and engaging data, they are often likely to be shared by other sites.
    • Feature articles : s aim is to cover a subject in depth, they are generally a valuable resource for readers and attract the attention of similar sites.
    • Lists or rankings : they offer documented information in a form that is easy to digest and appealing to web users. These elements are often taken up by other blogs and media.
    • Tutorials or guides : Informing and guiding readers through a specific task, this practical content can be widely shared on social networks and forums.
    • Free online tools : By offering users an accessible and useful feature, your site becomes a benchmark in its field of expertise.

Why are linkable assets essential for SEO?

As well as increasing your online visibility and brand awareness, linkable assets offer a number of advantages for your SEO strategy:

Improving your backlink profile

Linkable assets naturally encourage the sharing and creation of inbound links to your site. A diversified, high-quality backlink profile is essential for increasing the level of trust that search engines have in your website and thus improving your organic positioning.

Leveraging your expertise

By producing innovative and informative content, you show your visitors that you are a reliable and credible source of information. This encourages visitors to share your linkable assets and, consequently, to promote your website to their own network.

Increased traffic

The more inbound links you have to your site thanks to linkable assets, the more you can benefit from an influx of traffic from visitors interested in what you have to offer. This audience then unleashes the potential for commitment conversions and additional sales for your company.

How do you create quality linkable assets?

To reap the benefits offered by linkable assets, it is vital to take care of the crucial step of creating attractive content:

1. Competitive analysis

Look at what other players in your niche are doing to identify the content that generates the most shares and backlinks. This may give you some ideas for developing your own linkable assets.

2. Define clear objectives

Before creating a linkable asset, determine its main purpose (informative, educational) and the desired call to action (sharing on social networks, subscribing to a newsletter, etc.).

3. Providing added value

Your linkable assets must provide a relevant response to the needs or questions of your target audience. They must stand out from the crowd by offering a unique approach or shedding new light on a subject.

4. Careful design and ergonomics

A linkable asset must be aesthetically appealing and easy to read and understand to maximise its potential for sharing and creating inbound links.

5. Use reliable sources

Some content, such as feature articles and infographics, requires the use of data from credible sources. Make sure you check these before including them in your own linkable assets.

6. Developing catchy headlines

A good headline encourages visitors to click on a link and is therefore an essential element of linkable assets. Depending on your sector of activity, they should be informative, amusing or intriguing.

7. Promoting linkable assets

Even though linkable assets are designed to generate natural backlinks, you should still promote them via your social networks, newsletters or relationships with other specialist sites. This will increase their visibility and effectiveness tenfold.

8. Regular updates

To maintain their relevance and appeal, remember to update your linkable assets as soon as necessary, especially if they include figures that are likely to change rapidly.

9. Monitoring and experimentation

Make a SEO monitoring You can also check out the latest trends in linkable assets on a regular basis, and don't hesitate to try out different approaches to find out which ones work best for your website.

10. Performance measurement

Finally, it is important to assess the effectiveness of your linkable assets through key indicators such as the number of backlinks generated, the traffic resulting from these incoming links and the conversions achieved thanks to this quality content.

In short, linkable assets are powerful levers for improving the visibility of your website on search engines, such as GoogleThis will enable you to increase your online reputation and attract more visitors interested in your products or services. By following the advice given above, you will have the keys to creating attractive content that is conducive to the generation of natural backlinks.

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