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Hn tags

Hn tags, also known as headers or titles, are a fundamental part of the HTML used to structure and organise the content of a web page.

Webmasters and content writers understand the importance of these tags not only for the visual appearance and hierarchy of content, but also to improve performance in terms of natural referencing.

In this article, we explain what Hn tags are, how they are used and their impact on SEO.

Hn tags

What is an Hn tag and what is it used for?

An Hn tag is an element of the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)tags, which are used to format and organise the content of a web page. These tags define the different levels of headings and subheadings in a text, marking them in descending order from <h1> à <h6>.

The role of Hn tags goes beyond simple visual formatting: they also help to structure and organise the content of a page.

They enable search engines to better understand and analyse the proposed content, and so index the page correctly while making it easier for web users to read.

The Hn tag hierarchy

In HTML, there are 6 levels of Hn tags:

    • <h1> the main title of the page (it must be unique)
    • <h2> level 2 headings, corresponding to the main sections of the content
    • <h3> level 3 titles, for sub-sections
    • <h4> à <h6> level 4 to 6 headings, used to define increasingly precise subdivisions within the various sections and subsections.

Why use Hn tags in your content?

The correct use of Hn tags offers a number of advantages from both a visual and a functional point of view. Here are 3 main reasons why you should incorporate these tags into your web copywriting :

  1. Improvinguser experience : Well-structured, hierarchical content makes it much easier for visitors to read and understand. By using Hn tags consistently, you can make your texts clearer and more attractive.

  2. Optimising natural referencing (SEO): Search engines such as Google attach great importance to the structure and quality of the content of a web page. Hn tags help to improve SEO by making it easier for search engines to index and understand your content. indexing robots.

  3. Make your writing more relevant: By assigning a clear hierarchical order to your headings and sub-headings, you highlight the most important information for readers and search engines alike.

How do I use Hn tags in an article?

To take full advantage of Hn tags for your content, it is important to follow a few rules and best practices:

Check the consistency of your structure

Make sure your text is logically organised, with a single main heading <h1>followed by level 2 titles (<h2>) for main sections, then lower levels for sub-sections and other content subdivisions. You should also avoid skipping levels (for example, going directly from a <h2> to a <h4> without <h3> intermediate).

Opt for informative and relevant headlines

Your titles should be sufficiently explicit to enable users and search engines to immediately understand the subject they are addressing. You should also ensure that your titles are in line with the corresponding content.

Include strategic keywords in your titles

Hn tags are an excellent place to use keywords to improve your SEO. However, don't forget that the quality and relevance of your content comes first: a title packed with keywords but with little information or that is difficult to understand is likely to do more harm than good!

To sum up: Hn tags, an asset for your SEO

Hn tags play a crucial role in the organisation and structuring of your content, as well as making a major contribution to its optimisation for natural referencing.

By using these tags consistently and strategically, you not only improve the user experience on your website but also its visibility on search engines.

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