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To remain competitive in the digital world, it is essential to maximise your online presence. An essential tool for achieving this is the Google Business Profilewhich enables businesses to optimise their visibility on Google Search and Maps.

In this article, our SEO Agency explains in detail what a Google Business Profile, its benefits and how to use it effectively to boost your company's profile.

Google Business Profile

What is the Google Business Profile?

The Google Business Profile is a free service offered by Google to businesses and professionals to help them manage their online presence on the American giant's platforms, in particular Google Search and Google Maps.

This profile contains the main information about a business, such as address, opening hours, contact details, customer reviews and photos.

This feature is particularly useful for local businesses, as it makes it easier for them to appear in Google's local results and thus be more visible in the search results. visible with a audience targeted.

The benefits of a Google Business Profile for your company

Improve your local visibility

The main advantage of a Google Business Profile is that it increases your company's visibility locally. When users carry out a local search on Google, businesses with a Google Business Profile are more likely to appear at the top of the results. This increases the likelihood of being contacted by potential customers.

Reinforcing your credibility

Another advantage of the Google Business Profile is that it allows customers to leave reviews of your business. These reviews are an excellent way of reinforcing your company's credibility and reputation with your target audience.

Interacting with customers

Thanks to the messaging functionality integrated into Google Business Profile, you can communicate directly with your customers and answer their questions in real time. This can help improve customer satisfaction and strengthen their loyalty to your company.

Share news and promotions

The Google Business Profile also allows you to publish news, photos and promotions to keep your customers and prospects up to date with what's new in your business. This type of content helps to keep Internet users interested in your company and encourages them to contact you.

Creating and optimising your Google Business Profile

Registration and verification

To get started, simply create a Google My Business account by following the registration steps. Once you've filled in all the necessary information about your business, you'll need to verify your profile, usually by receiving a postcard with a code to enter on the platform.

Profile optimisation

Once your account has been created and verified, it is essential to optimise it to get the most out of it. Here are a few tips to help you:

    • Fill in all the information Make sure you fill in every section of your profile with relevant, up-to-date information about your company (opening hours, contact details, description, links to your website, etc.). website or your social networks...).
    • Add professional photos A company's profile: Internet users appreciate being able to see a company's premises, products or services before contacting it. Companies that have added photos to their profile generally receive a higher number of views and greater visibility.
    • Collect customer reviews Google Business Profile: encourage your satisfied customers to leave a comment on your Google Business Profile. This can greatly improve the perception of your business and allow you to gather valuable feedback to improve your offering.
    • Update your profile regularly Google Business Profile: we recommend that you consult your Google Business Profile regularly to update it if necessary and interact with visitors (responding to reviews, questions, etc.).

Advanced features of Google Business Profile


As we mentioned earlier, you can activate the messaging functionality on your Google Business Profile to communicate directly with customers. Make sure you respond quickly and personally to show your commitment to customer service.


Google provides a tool for analysing the performance of your profile, called "Statistics". It allows you to track various indicators such as the number of views, clicks, telephone calls and the geographical origin of visitors. Statistics are essential for assessing the effectiveness of your profile and identifying areas for improvement.

Local advertising with Google Ads

If you want to maximise your company's visibility on Google even further, you can create local advertising campaigns with Google Ads. This will enable you to target Internet users carrying out specific searches in your sector of activity and your geographical area, so that you appear more frequently in local results.

In short, the Google Business Profile is an essential feature for all businesses wishing to optimise their online presence and boost their visibility with a target audience.

By providing complete and regularly updated information, adding attractive photosBy collecting customer reviews and interacting with Internet users, you can maximise your chances of being found and contacted by potential customers.

Don't hesitate to explore the advanced features such as messaging, statistics and local advertising to optimise your profile even further.

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