Google Analytics 4: your new tool for analysing web traffic

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Google Analytics 4

To keep pace with market and technological developments, Google has launched a new version of its popular traffic analysis tool.

To highlight its key features, we invite you to discover Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in 10 points.

This new version offers a more efficient and flexible way of studying your user and performance data.

Google Analytics 4

Understanding the fundamentals of GA4

A tool designed for the future

The result of the merger between App + Web and Universal Analytics, this new version is designed to be a major upgrade to Google Analytics. Designed to meet the current and future needs of businesses, GA4 takes a user-centric approach rather than a device-centric one, which means you'll get a more accurate view of your customers' behaviour. audience.

A simplified interface

Gone are the overly complex twists and turns of the previous version, GA4
focuses on simplicity with a clean, intuitive interface. To make navigation easier, the left-hand sidebar is organised into three main sections: Acquisition, Engagement and Monetisation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) compatibility

Now integrated into Google Analytics 4, AI plays an essential role in detecting trends and automating results. This means faster, more efficient data processingYou'll be able to make the right decisions for your business quickly.

Spotlight on new features

Data modelling to compensate for the loss of cookies

With the gradual disappearance of third-party cookies, GA4 now relies on an innovative technology: data modelling based on machine learning. This function should enable companies to make a detailed assessment of a user's journey without compromising their privacy.

Approach centred on the user, not the device

Unlike Universal Analytics, which counted sessions per device, GA4 now refers to the number of users. An approach based onuser experience (UX) to paint a more realistic picture of web traffic.

Intelligent predictive insights

Playing the artificial intelligence card to the full, GA4 offers an exciting new feature: predictive insights. By anticipating users' future behaviour, they can help companies adapt their marketing communications in real time.

New event-driven measures

In GA4, events are king. Whether it's clicks, scrolls or any other user action, statistics are now a key part of the user experience. focused on these key elementsto give you a better understanding of performance and interaction with your website.

How can you benefit from GA4?

Easily upgrade from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

Migration from Universal Analytics to GA4 is quick and easy, thanks in particular to the creation of a new GA4 property parallel to your Universal property. This is a crucial step in ensuring the security of your data while continuing to track your usual metrics.

Benefit from enhanced reports to refine your marketing strategies

With its new event-driven and user experience (UX) functionalities, GA4 compiles unprecedented data that you can use to optimise your marketing campaigns. Analyse your customers' journeys in more detail to understand their needs and adapt your offering accordingly.

Take advantage of intelligent predictive insights to anticipate your actions

The key to success in digital marketing often lies in the ability to make the right decisions quickly. Thanks to the predictive insights offered by GA4, you'll be able to anticipate trends and judiciously guide your actions, in order to meet or exceed your business objectives.

Conclusion: a tool to better respond to digital challenges

In short, Google Analytics 4 is a new ally of choice for improving your online performance. With its focus on user experience and events, GA4 revolutionises the way you look at web traffic and related data.

N.B.: Although we strongly encourage the adoption of Google Analytics 4, it is important to note that this new version is still in the development phase. Features may be added or modified in the future.

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