Definition of an SEO freelancer

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What is an SEO freelancer?

In the world of the web, natural referencing has become a key factor in ensuring the visibility and competitiveness of websites.

Many professionals specialise in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and offer their services on a freelance basis.

But what exactly does the work of a SEO consultant freelance ?

How can they support companies in their development on the web? This article will introduce you to this expert profession and its various facets.

What is an SEO freelancer?

What is an SEO freelancer?

A freelance SEO, or independent SEO consultant, is a natural referencing professional who works on his own and offers his services to companies of all sizes. They help companies to improve their visibility on search engines such as Google by optimising their website and their content according to the search algorithms.

Typical profile of a freelance SEO consultant

Freelance SEO consultants are independent professionals who offer their expertise in SEO strategy to companies.

With significant experience in the digital world and a wide range of skills, they are called on to study, implement and monitor actions to improve a website's position on search engines.

The skills of an SEO consultant

To be effective in their work, SEO consultants need to master a number of different skills:

    • Analysis and audit : They must be able to carry out a complete and accurate diagnosis of a site and its competitive environment in order to understand its strengths and weaknesses in terms of referencing.

    • Strategy and planning : They must be able to draw up a coherent action plan tailored to the company's objectives, taking into account market constraints and online search trends.

    • Implementation : the consultant must be operational for the technical, editorial and promotional aspects of the natural referencing campaign, while ensuring compliance with the best practices of Google and the other search engines.

    • Monitoring and optimisation : They must be vigilant and adaptable, constantly adjusting their SEO strategy in line with the results obtained and changes in the market.

The different services offered by a freelance SEO

Depending on the needs encountered by the companies, a freelance SEO consultant can offer different types of services:

SEO audit and consultancy

This essential stage enables the expert to assess the current situation of a site on various criteria such as :

    • The architecture and structure of the site;
    • Le editorial content;
    • Technical aspects relating to the server and source code;
    • Popularity and backlinks;
    • External influences.

At the end of this analysis, the consultant is in a position to offer a series of recommendations and advice covering all the factors that can be optimised to improve the site's SEO performance.

Technical and editorial optimisation

The consultant then helps the company to implement the various improvement actions identified during the audit:

    • Techniques: This may include code corrections or changes to the HTML to better meet the requirements of search engines.

    • Editorials : Optimising editorial content is a key element of SEO, whether to make the site more attractive to users or to boost its positioning on certain strategic keywords. The consultant supports the work of web copywriters in producing content that is both appropriate and effective.

Netlinking strategy

Inbound links (or backlinks) pointing to a site are particularly important for search engines, as they are seen as a guarantee of quality and popularity.

The SEO consultant will therefore establish a strategy of netlinking to encourage the development of a network of partner sites.

Freelance SEO: how do you work with companies?

Depending on the needs and the context, freelance SEO consultants can work in several different ways:

One-off SEO assignment

As part of a one-off assignment, the consultant works on a specific problem, such as setting up a natural referencing campaign for the launch of a new site or optimising a specific page.

It then establishes a diagnosis, proposes corrective actions and monitors their implementation.

Long-term collaboration

Some customers may prefer to form a long-term relationship with their freelance SEO consultant, who becomes a true partner in the management of their search engine presence.
This collaboration means that we can benefit from regular, personalised monitoring to continually optimise the site's referencing.

In all cases, the choice of an SEO consultant should be based on a number of criteria, such as experience, business skills, the ability to work in accordance with the best practices promoted by Google (avoid using " black hat "The quality of the results obtained over the course of the assignments.

Why use an SEO freelancer rather than an agency?

There are several reasons why companies may prefer to work with a freelance SEO consultant:

  • Expertise : The individual is often specialised and experienced in his or her field and has a unique approach. By using a consultant, the company is assured of working directly with this expert without going through intermediaries.

  • Responsiveness and flexibility: As freelancers, we are often available to listen to our customers. They can adapt their services to specific needs and constraints.

  • The cost : SEO freelance rates can sometimes be more attractive than those offered by an agency, given the less costly structure of independent status.

But these advantages must also be set against the challenges of freelancing:

  • Workload management : freelancers sometimes have to juggle several simultaneous or consecutive assignments, which requires good organisation and priority management;

  • La training continues : To remain competitive, freelance SEO consultants need to keep abreast of technical and algorithmic developments in search engines, as well as market trends.

In short, the use of a SEO expert freelance offers real advantages for companies looking to improve their search engine positioning and increase their visibility on the web.

This independent professional offers a wide range of services tailored to the issues encountered and builds a relationship of trust with its customers to support them in their long-term development.

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