Understanding the importance of Featured videos in natural referencing

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Featured Video

In the field of natural referencingThere are various techniques for optimising the visibility of a website on search engines such as Google.

One of them is the use of featured videos. This article aims to explain what a featured video is in SEO and how it can benefit your natural referencing strategy.

Featured Video

1. Definition of a Featured Video in SEO

featured videoA Featured Video is a video that Google has judged to be relevant and useful in answering a search query. It therefore appears directly in the search results, at the top of the page in a dedicated insert, in the form of a miniature image with a title and description.

2. Google's criteria for selecting a featured video

For a video to be considered relevant and thus be highlighted by Google, a number of factors need to be taken into account:

  • Quality of content The video must provide useful and relevant information to Internet users;
  • Optimising title, description and tags These elements must be worked on to be consistent with the theme of the video and optimised for natural referencing;
  • Number of views and interactions The more popular a video is, the more likely it is to be selected by Google.

It is therefore crucial to work on these different aspects to maximise the chances of your video being highlighted in search results.

3. The benefits of a Featured Video for SEO

One of the main advantages of a featured video is that it allows you toincrease visibility of your website or your content on search engines. By appearing directly in the search results, it attracts the attention of Internet users and generates qualified traffic to your site.

What's more, the presence of a featured video can also contribute to improve brand image of your company, by showing that you are capable of providing quality content that meets the needs and expectations of Internet users.

4. How to create a featured video optimised for SEO

A. Choose a relevant, well researched subject

Before you even start creating your video, it's important to find a subject that interests Internet users and fits in with your theme. To do this, you can use keyword search or analyse current trends in your field of expertise.

B. Creating quality content

The quality of the content in your video is crucial to capturing the attention of Internet users and convincing Google to give it prominence. So make sure you provide relevant, clear and concise information, while adopting a dynamic and captivating tone.

C. Optimising the SEO elements of your video

To maximise the chances of your video being highlighted in search results, it is essential to optimise its various elements:

    • The title Use a catchy, relevant title containing your main keywords;
    • Description Write a detailed and informative description, including your targeted keywords;
    • The tags Don't hesitate to add tags that correspond to your theme and the associated search terms.

5. Choosing the publication platform

The choice of platform on which you publish your video is also important. YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world and is owned by Google, we recommend that you publish your video on this platform to increase your chances of seeing your video featured in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

6. The importance of promoting your featured video

Once your video is online and optimised, don't neglect the promotion stage. The number of views and interactions is a criterion that Google takes into account when selecting featured videos. So remember to share your video on your social networks, your website or in your newsletters to increase its visibility.

7. The ideal length of a featured video

There is no ideal length for a featured video, but it is generally recommended not to exceed 5 minutes. A short, effective video is more likely to attract the attention of Internet users and be appreciated by Google.

8. Alternatives to featured videos

You should be aware that there are also other content formats that can be highlighted by Google in search results, such as :

  • Articles from blog in "Featured" position Snippet " This is an extract from a blog article published directly in the search results, designed to provide a quick response to a user query;
  • Images optimised for search engine optimisation Some images can also be highlighted by Google in search results, provided they are properly optimised (title, description, alt tag, etc.).

It may therefore be worth exploring these different options alongside the featured videos.

9. Constantly evolving selection criteria for featured videos

It's important to note that Google's criteria for selecting featured videos can change over time, depending on algorithm changes and web trends. So it's important to keep abreast of new developments in SEO and adjust your strategy accordingly.

10. The impact of Featured Video on click-through rates

The appearance of a featured video in search results also has a positive impact on the click-through rate (CTR) of your content. Internet users are more likely to click on a video or content in first position that seems to respond effectively to their request.

In short, using featured videos can be a real asset to your natural referencing strategy, increasing the visibility of your website and generating qualified traffic. Don't hesitate to follow these tips to optimise your chances of seeing your videos highlighted in Google search results.

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