Understanding Evergreen Content Strategy in SEO: 10 key points

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Evergreen Content Strategy

In the world of search engine optimisation, the evergreen content strategy is an approach that is increasingly used to optimise the visibility of a site. website.

This involves creating and publishing what is known as "timeless" content, which is of interest to Internet users over a long period.

They offer sustainable traffic potential, while helping to improve the authority and relevance of a page or site.

Here are the 10 key points to understand the importance of this strategy in SEO.

Evergreen Content

1. What is evergreen content?

L'evergreen contentPerennial content refers to a type of content that retains its interest and value over time. Unlike news articles or ephemeral trends, this content remains relevant for several months or even years after it is published. It generally deals with universal and enduring subjects in a given sector of activity.

2. Why opt for an evergreen content strategy?

The advantages of such a strategy are numerous:

  • Sustainable traffic : Timeless content naturally attracts visitors over the long term, because it responds to constant issues.
  • Less effort to update : The website requires less maintenanceThis is because timeless content does not need to be constantly refreshed.
  • Best authority : Long-term content helps to establish a site's reputation and expertise in its field, by offering information that is always relevant to Internet users.

3. How do you identify evergreen subjects?

To determine which subjects to cover in your timeless content strategy, you need to analyse the needs and questions most frequently asked by web users in your sector. There are several ways of doing this:

  • Brainstorm with your staff to list the key issues.
  • Use tools to keyword search to identify the most popular queries on search engines
  • Analyse the forums, blogs and social networks where your target audience is evolving

4. Choosing the right format for evergreen content

Several types of format are particularly well suited to long-lasting content:

  1. Practical guides, which provide a concrete response to a specific issue
  2. Tutorials and tutorials explaining how to perform an action or use a product
  3. Product/service tests and comparisons, enabling consumers to make an informed choice
  4. Discovery" or "initiation" articles, which present the basics of a theme or subject

5. Adapting your writing style

Timeless content should be written in clear, accessible language. It's important to avoid technical jargon and complex wording that could put readers off. Short, concise sentences are also preferable, as is an airy layout with bulleted or numbered lists, paragraphs and headings.

6. Structuring content using HTML tags

Optimising your timeless content for SEO also means using the HTML tags. Headings (H1, H2, H3) are used to structure information, while the <p> and <strong> are used to define paragraphs and highlight certain important parts of the text.

7. Working with keywords

Once the subjects of interest have been identified, they need to be associated with the most relevant keywords. These terms must be integrated naturally into the content, without over-optimisation, to provide a pleasant reading experience for web users while improving the website's visibility on search engines.

8. Develop content over time

Even if the aim of the evergreen content strategy is to publish content that lasts, this does not mean that it should be left to stagnate. It's important to check regularly that the information available is still accurate and relevant. If there are significant changes in your sector, you will need to update certain elements to guarantee the performance of your articles.

9. Promoting and sharing evergreen content

Make sure you showcase your timeless content on your website and social networks to attract as many visitors as possible. You could also consider using content marketingsuch as newslettersor identify influential partners in your field to promote your articles.

10. Measuring evergreen content performance

It is essential to monitor the results of your sustainable content strategy on a regular basis. Analyse the data relating to visits, time spent on pages, shares on social networks or even backlinks obtained from these articles. These analyses will enable you to adjust your approach and better target the most promising subjects for your business. audience.

In short, the evergreen content strategy is an effective method for attracting sustainable traffic and improving the visibility of a website.

It is based on the creation of relevant, timeless content that responds to the issues and expectations of Internet users over the long term. To be successful, this strategy requires in-depth reflection on the subjects to be covered, a good knowledge of the associated keywords, as well as regular promotion and performance analysis.

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