Discover Ereferer: the essential platform for your Netlinking strategies

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Key player in the online link exchange market, Ereferer stands out as a Netlinking platform.

This multi-functional tool boosts the visibility and audience of websites. Ereferer does more than simply put clients and service providers in touch with each other. user experience complete and personalised.


Netlinking: an essential lever for optimising your natural referencing

Before understanding the benefits of Ereferer, we need to look at Netlinking. The aim of this technique is to increase the number of backlinks pointing to an website. These links, which are highly prized by search engines such as Google, help to improve positioning in search results. For example improved visibility on the web generally leads to a significant increase in traffic.

The different methods of netlinking

  • Exchange of reciprocal links : this method involves placing a link on each other's sites
  • Publication of guest articles: this approach favours the publication of relevant content on partner sites with one or more links to your site
  • Creating quality content: original, informative and attractive content is more likely to be shared by Internet users and thus generate natural backlinks
  • Listing in directories: A listing in a directory can be an additional source of inbound links.

The advantages of Ereferer: an innovative platform for an effective netlinking strategy

Ereferer is positioned as a platform that centralises the entire netlinking process. With this in mind, it offers a number of advantages to users wishing to develop their online presence:

A wide choice of partner service providers

Thanks to its exhaustive database of partner websites, Ereferer provides rapid access to a vast choice of service providers working in a variety of themes and sectors. The aim of this variety is to guarantee better match between the needs of each project and the skills available.

Competitive prices thanks to an auction system

To optimise the cost of its backlinking strategy, Ereferer offers a bidding system. Clients can receive different quotes for their backlink requests and select those that best meet their expectations and budget.

An intuitive interface for monitoring and measuring performance

Ereferer's user-friendly interface makes the platform a pleasure to use and makes it easy to manage your netlinking campaigns. What's more, Ereferer key performance indicators are displayed in real time, providing precise monitoring of the progress of operations.

Secure exchange of links and payments

Ereferer focuses on security to ensure a smooth user experience. Financial transactions are secured via an escrow system, while the transfer of links is verified by the platform itself before they are published.

Managing your Netlinking with Ereferer: what steps should you take?

Once registered on Ereferer, users benefit from all the features offered by the platform. Let's take a look at the main steps:

  1. Create a campaign : This involves defining the objectives and characteristics of the netlinking strategy (number of links required, maximum cost, theme of partner sites, etc.).
  2. Selecting service providers : based on pre-defined criteria, users can identify and contact service providers matching their needs
  3. Negotiating terms : the client defines, in agreement with the service providers, the terms of the collaboration (final price, payment terms, completion deadlines, etc.)
  4. Validate and monitor the creation of backlinks: Once the conditions have been established, each party is responsible for fulfilling its commitments. The Ereferer platform ensures that the service is provided in accordance with expectations.
  5. Evaluating results: At the end of the campaign, users can measure the impact of the netlinking strategy on their natural referencing and make any necessary adjustments for future operations.

And so, the Ereferer platform is an essential tool for obtaining quality inbound linksYou'll also benefit from a wide choice of partners and attractive prices.

Its user-friendly interface is an undeniable time-saver, allowing principals and service providers to concentrate on their core business. All in all, Ereferer makes it much easier to implement a Netlinking strategy successful.

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